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BABYMETAL – Death (デス – Desu!)

Time for another adventure in BABYMETAL music. This time, I’m going off the beaten path by sharing one of the limited edition songs from BABYMETAL called Death. This one is pure death metal, or as pure as an idol-metal group can get.  First up, here’s the song from the LE single.     Up until

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BABYMETAL – いいね!(Iine!) – Idol Pop +Death Metal + Hip-hop + Happy Trance/Hardcore

My latest share from the heavy metal/idol Japanese group BABYMETAL is a song called Iine!, which is a rather interesting number.  This one has more pop elements in it, though that death metal element is there too. *lol*  Take a listen.   Oddly enough, around the 1:32 minute mark, BABYMETAL suddenly goes pure hip-hop on

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BABYMETAL – Megitsune (Merging heavy metal, idol, and traditional Japanese music in a single song.)

I recently mentioned BABYMETAL, an idol group that blends heavy metal with expected pop idol elements.  The result is actually quite good, so much so that yours truly actually got an iTunes account just to score their music. ^_^ For this post, I wanted to talk about the song Megitsune, which means “female fox”. When

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What Happens When Heavy Metal Meets "Kawai" Idols? BABYMETAL!

BABYMETAL! One of the the cool things about Japan is their willingness to experiment with new things and the spirit of innovation found there.  That’s what happened when a producer at Amuse, Inc. when he decided to combine idol music with heavy metal music. That innovative idea gave birth to the metal-idol trio known as

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