KILL la KILL- 05 ("My school uniform is my best friend!")

キルラキル ep. 05


A man named KINAGASE Tsumugu is targeting Ryuuko for assassination when he’s interrupted by the Gardening Club and their leader, YAGURUMA Kusanosuke. Despite not wearing any special clothing, Tsumugu defeats the Gardening Club and their goku robes. Sometime later, Ryuuko easily defeats the Biology Club to save Mako, leading Senketsu to say that she’s getting too cocky. Mako pulls out a big lunch but is put to sleep by Tsumugu. Tsumugu quickly overcomes Ryuuko before she can make Senketsu transform. He demands she strip off the uniform, but she refuses to give into this pervert. Before Tsumugu can follow through, he’s hit with a needle and leaves, promising to return. The needle was from Mikisugi-sensei, whom Tsumugu owes a debt to. However, Tsumugu refuses to honor Mikisugi’s request to leave Ryuuko alone, citing the danger from Senketsu.

Meanwhile, Satsuki gets a briefing on the threat from Tsumugu, where she allows Nonon to deal with the matter. At Mako’s home that night, Ryuuko isn’t that hungry and the next morning, the family spies on her as she talks to Senketsu, unable to hear the uniform speak. At school, Ryuuko waits for Tsumugu, who attacks. At the same time, Nonon has dispatched Kusanosuke’s Gardening Club and other small clubs to join the battle. While Ryuuko is easily able to withstand Tsumugu’s attacks, the various clubs get wiped out in the process. Finally, Tsumugu’s needles, which easily handle goku robes, finally overcome Senketsu. Mako comes in to defend Ryuuko and her friend “Senketsu-chan”, explaining how Ryuuko is the type to befriend even clothing. Tsumugu gets a shock when he hears Senketsu threaten him and defend Ryuuko. Nonon arrives with her band, but Tsumugu escapes with Ryuuko and company. However, this encounter provided Satsuki with valuable information.


I like the appearance of Tsumugu in this episode. While he may have some specialized equipment, it is nice seeing someone who’s a good fighter, but also can overcome the goku robe advantages.  Plus, there was something humorous in having him always telling people two things.

He also brought in a backstory element with Mikisugi-sensei, so it will be interesting to see that play out.

I have to say that I also like this friendship that Ryuuko has formed with Senketsu. Obviously, there’s the humor aspect with Senketsu remarking on Ryuuko’s weight and need to lose some around the middle.

Nonon gets her turn at the plate, and shows some strategic thinking. No doubt, she would have preferred snagging both Tsumugu and Ryuuko rather than have them slip through her fingers, but as long as Satsuki got the data she wanted, I guess Nonon isn’t going to be in the dog house.

Then there’s Mako, whom despite always being captured and becoming the damsel in distress, on top of her comical elements, is turning out to be the bravest person on screen.  She’s not afraid to stand up to anyone, more so in defense of her friend Ryuuko. As such, Mako deserves the title of “Her Awesomeness”. ^_^

Beyond that, not a whole lot comes to my mind for me to remark on. The episode was very entertaining, funny at times, and also move the plot forward somewhat. So no complains, just not a lot to say.

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4 Responses to “KILL la KILL- 05 ("My school uniform is my best friend!")”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mako is getting more and more suspicious every episode, . I was kind of expecting every episode to feature a club leader that Ryuuko has to fight. I am glad that it is not turning out that way and I’m enjoying every second of every episode so far.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:


      *LOL* The ultimate spy/plant, eh?

      >I was kind of expecting every episode to feature a club leader that Ryuuko has to fight. I am glad that it is not turning out that way and I’m enjoying every second of every episode so far.

      Yeah, so was I. Thus far, things keep changing up, which is good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I laughed when I saw you link, but then I remembered these are the same guys gave us Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt’s ending, in particular the last five minutes.

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