KILL la KILL- 06 (Eyes? We don’t need no stinking eyes!)

キルラキル ep. 06


Ryuuko discovers Mikisugi-sensei’s link with Tsumugu and lets him know her displeasure about this. At Honnouji Academy, IORI Shirou accepts a shipment of seimeiseni thread for the sewing club to make into uniforms as Inumuta and Izu observe. Izu wants a special uniform made so that he can battle Ryuuko, so he goes to see Satsuki to get permission to do this. She reminds him of how easily she defeated him and his “army” in middle school, after which she drafted him to Honnouji. She gives her blessing after reminding him of the price of failure. Izu issues a challenge to Ryuuko, who’s amused by it. Uzu transforms into a mecha-like uniform, whereupon in front of the student body, he proceeds to give Ryuuko a beating. Ryuuko realizes she has to blind Uzu to overcome his special ability, which she does with bits of Senketsu, after which she utterly defeats him, taking his seimeiseni threads.

Satsuki has to take a trip to deal with her mother while Uzu takes punishment from Ira. Afterward, Uzu visits Shirou with a special request. When Satsuki returns, Uzu is waiting for her on his hands and knees, begging for another chance. Satsuki is dismissive at first, but when she looks him in the face, she changes her mind. As such, Uzu issues a second challenge to Ryuuko, who accepts. She is amused that Satsuki would give a defeated person a second chance. Ryuuko does the same blinding maneuver on Uzu, but it doesn’t work. Satsuki reveals why she gave Uzu a second chance — his resolve by having his eyelids sewn shut. As such, Uzu now “sees” with his remaining senses and beats Ryuuko soundly. His uniform cannot keep up with his new power, allowing the defeated Ryuuko to escape. However, Satsuki assures Uzu that this was no disgrace. He thanks Satsuki for giving him a fresh start, but declines her tea invitation since he can no longer handle hot beverages.


While this episode had many of the trappings of previous episodes when it came to action and comedy, this one also did a nice job of plot and character development.

I liked the flashback showing the middle school Satsuki with Nonon, Ira, and Inumuta. It made me want to see how Satsuki recruited those other three of her Elite Four members. I also want to see more behind what drives her.

I also liked seeing how seeing how Uzu was the leader of some gang faction in the Kanto area. Clearly, he was quite powerful to lead such a large group of 500 guys, but the scene was mostly dedicated to Satsuki, since she defeated his men just with the pressure of her ki, and she defeated him without even unsheathing her sword.  I figure she must have been there with the express purpose of drafting Uzu to her cause.

That being said, I wonder if Satsuki has stagnated. When she attacked Uzu with her broken teacup as a means of testing him, he not only easily blocked it, but remarked that it was the same movement she made during their initial meeting, leading him to assume she was just holding back. Having taken control of Honnouji Academy and relying on the Goku Robe uniforms may have led Satsuki to get a bit soft and act like a spoiled ojousama enjoying her luxurious life.

Then there’s Satsuki’s mother, Ragyo. Interesting that Ragyo refers to Junketsu as Satsuki’s “wedding dress.” I guess that REVOCS is the name of Ragyo’s company.

As to Ryuuko, she gets cocky, which does add to the humor of things, but this episode was a good reminder to her of how dangerous it is to underestimate one’s opponent.

On the humor side, I couldn’t help but laugh at the means by which Mako’s little brother, Mataro, acquired the intelligence for Ryuuko to link Tsumugu with Mikisugi. An enterprising lad to be sure.

I will also admit that I did chuckle at Mikisugi’s antics with Ryuuko and his failed attempt to get her to believe the name of his organization is Nudist Beach, complete with English pronunciation.

In the end, a very enjoyable episode due to plot development, but also some character work done for Satsuki and Uzu.

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3 Responses to “KILL la KILL- 06 (Eyes? We don’t need no stinking eyes!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know it’s a bit late but regarding Satsuki becoming weaker. Me and my friend theorized that it’s because of Junketsu. Satsuki herself said that wearing it is taxing on her, it might be more taxing than she lets on. Junketsu seems to be different from Senketsu, it doesn’t cooperate with it’s user but is actively trying to devour said user.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Actually, I hadn’t considered this, but I like the theory here. Thanks for sharing it. ^_^

    • Anonymous says:

      From what we’ve seen of Goku Uniforms and Kamuis, Senketsu seems to be unique. The other outfits (like that 5 Star uniform they were testing or the woman from the mohawk’s flashback) try to take over or drive the people berserker. Senketsu is different, Ryuuko being able to use it is one thing but even the Trap Developer girl was able to use Senketsu without any drawbacks.
      Me and my friend’s theory is that Senketsu either has the soul of Ryuuko’s father inside it OR was lobotomised by Professor Matoi and made more… compatible with humans. Once he collects lots of life fibers he’ll regain his “old self” and will perform Face Heel Turn on Ryuuko (or not if Power of Friendship will have any say in that)

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