Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 93 Review (Otaku with a harem problem.)

げんしけん: 二代目Chapter 93 
Genshiken Nidaime chapter 93 Manga Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Madarame recalls how at New Year’s, none of the girls came to visit. He remembers how Tanaka, Kugayama, and Kuchiki had hung out at his place, reading their doujinshi loot, and discussing Madarame’s apparent harem.

Madarame is brought back to the present when Rika and Yajima stop by for a New Year’s visit to see how he’s doing and to make a report on things since the others are away on holiday. Rika tells him that Angela went back home. Sue was supposed to go back to America as well, but ended up attaching herself to Ogiue when she went home. Kenji (Hato) returns to his home to collect his thoughts. Keiko says she might go out with Madarame if he goes beyond begging her (yakidogeza). Regardless, because they feel guilty about backing Madarame into a corner, everyone has decided to back off for now.

Rika wants to know whom Madarame has chosen, but because he doesn’t want to choose, Rika asks if he wants a harem. Madarame explains that after a lifetime of not being popular, suddenly having girls interested in him is something he can’t comprehend. Yajima understand where Madarame is coming from while Rika asks if Madarame would like her to decide for him. Her choice is Keiko, since Keiko is the most like Saki, right down to the fact that she’s the one whom Madarame is most comfortable around, as evidenced by how he has no trouble talking (arguing) with her.

Madarame tells Rika he’s surprised she didn’t suggest Hato, considering her fujoshi ways. She says she’d support him if he decides to go for Madarame, more so if Madarame is OK with it., However, she says it is up to him, asking Yajima to back her up.

Kenji is back home, taking the snow of the roof of his parent’s home when his brother drives up with Kaminaga. Her hair is now black and she asks him to call her “neesan”, meaning “sister-in-law”.


Bwah!ha!ha!ha!ha! Madarame becomes the target of his angry otaku friends because three girls and a part-time trap are in love with him. Well, Tanaka wasn’t, but Kugayama and Kuchiki were. Jealous so-and-so’s. ^_~

(I’m glad Kugayama had a part to play in this chapter.)

Figures that Kio-sensei would cop-out and not have any of the girls or Kenji pay Madarame a visit. It was interesting to choose the usually annoying Rika to pop by as well as Yajima. Rika wasn’t annoying here as she laid out what all happened.

The most interesting element in the chapter was how Kio-sensei elevated Keiko up. In all of this shipping discussions I’ve seen, Keiko is usually put at the bottom of the list, which Madarame even mentions as her being the last choice one would expect. The element that has never come up in the discussions is how Keiko is the closest in to Saki in terms of how Madarame acts around her. That does make Keiko more interesting on the choice selection list, and should Kio-sensei hook Madarame up with her, he has his explanation as to why it would work for all those Saki shippers.

Me, I’m still a Sue shipper. Her forcing herself on Ogiue is just another form of hiding and running away.

As to Kenji, having Kaminaga return to the story means we should see resolution there, and whether Kenji has feelings for her or not. (I suspect he does, but what do I know?)

Beyond that, I’m not finding a whole lot to discuss. I hope I can read chapter 94 soon.

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2 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 93 Review (Otaku with a harem problem.)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen it already, but the translated chapter 94 has already been released, and yes, it does focus on Hato and his feelings. What really makes me glad is the appearance of a certain person (whose identity I’m sure you can guess).

    Regarding the pairings, I’m with you on the Sue shipping.

    Best regards!

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