KILL la KILL- 11 (Continue to expect the unexpected!)

キルラキル ep. 11


Ryuuko gets the better on Nonon and decides to go right after Satsuki, but Nonon recovers and prevents Ryuuko from getting to her. Ryuuko appears to have defeated Nonon after their next clash, but as Satsuki notes, Ryuuko has underestimated Nonon. Ira is pleased when Nonon returns for an encore, causing Senketsu to have difficulty communing with Ryuuko and cannot overcome the noise. Ryuuko focuses on communing solely with Senketsu and drowning out Nonon.With Senketsu now able to hear Ryuuko, she turns Nonon’s attack back on Nonon, eventually defeating her. Nonon heads to the stands with Ira, Mako, and Houka. Meanwhile, Satsuki’s Mom heads out after revealing she’s aware of certain things going on.

Uzu comes down to fight Ryuuko, but a blonde girl without a Goku uniform gets in the way, easily stopping Uzu, who ignores Satsuki’s urgent warning to get out of there, and defeats him with a single finger by severing his “nexus thread”, shocking the other Elite members. The girl, HARIME Nui (Grand Couturier), causes concern to Mikisugi-sensei and Tsumugu. Nui makes a show of getting permission from “Satsuki-sama” to fight Ryuuko, which Ryuuko has no problem with. Satsuki has to sit, where her butler serves her tea. She realizes her mother is involved in this and that it is in Ryuuko’s hands now. Ryuuko is surprised by Nui, but when Nui pulls out a scissor sword and confesses to killing Ryuuko’s father, Ryuuko loses it.


Heh! I had thought that Ryuuko and Satsuki would end up on the same side. That’s not there just yet, but clearly, Satsuki is relying on Ryuuko to deal with a Nui.  More on this in a bit.

I rather enjoyed how untroubled Satsuki was when Ryuuko went after her. She didn’t really show any emotion to anything Nonon did, but either she felt that her Kamui would protect her, or that there was no way that Nonon would fail to intervene. I prefer to see it as the later one since Satsuki clearly understood Nonon.  I did like that Ryuuko went after Satsuki when the window opened. ^_^

The use of the encore as a means of Nonon not being defeated made me laugh. Again, these unexpected elements is one of the things I like about this series.

Again, Nudist Beach’s fear of Senketsu is not making a lot of sense due to a lack of information. Yes, Ryuuko and Senketsu are getting more powerful as they come up with strategies to overcome situations, but that’s apparently a bad thing to Nudist Beach. Maybe we’ll find out why down the road.

I also laughed at Uzu’s fight with Ryuuko being thwarted a second time. If what I suspect is true, I doubt Ryuuko and Uzu will ever square off again in a serious way as they have in their previous encounters.

This brings me back to Nui. At the moment, I have no reason to believe that she’s not telling the truth about being the one to kill Ryuuko’s father. She has the scissor sword, easily confesses to the crime, and is so skilled, the 3-star Goku robes are nothing to her. Indeed, Nui is so strong, she doesn’t wear anything but her cutesie, idol outfit.

I’d previously speculated that maybe Nudist Beach would be the ultimate villains in this series and that still may be the case. However, at the moment, I think that the army Satsuki is trying to raise is for use against her family, specifically her mother. I base this on Nui being tied to Satsuki’s mother, and Satsuki having the negative reaction to Nui, as if she could thwart Satsuki’s plans.

Anyway, the unexpected elements here are fun, and the plot keeps me interested as well. Looking forward to more.

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9 Responses to “KILL la KILL- 11 (Continue to expect the unexpected!)”

  1. mick drmalz says:

    I’m not really that fond of this anime but I do like the fact that it truly is unpredictable. It’s so strange that a normal person’s mind cannot begin to think about it’s future. Nice Kill la Kill review though!

  2. Unknown says:

    Regarding Sanageyama, that guy is Kill La Kill’s Viral so being hit with all kinds of misfortune is kind of in his job description.
    As for Nui, while I initially believed that she is definitely the Scissor Woman and Killer of Isshin I got my doubts thanks to a suggestion from a friend. There is that one line said by Nui “I pulled it out of your dad”. As if he was already impaled by the blade when she arrived. It might be that Ryuuko was wrong from the start and the Scissor Woman wasn’t actually the culprit. Of course those are just crazy speculations.
    As for Nudist Beach seeing Senketsu as a threat there is one little detail we might be missing. Neither Stripper-sensei nor Pervert Club President know that Senketsu can talk. Senketsu said it himself, only Ryuuko can hear him. Those guys are oblivious to the kind of relationship Ryuuko and Senketsu have. Their perception of Kamuis and Goku uniforms is coloured by their experiences so far (like the one with Tsumugu’s Flashback Woman).

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Interesting theories. It will be interesting to see where things end up going. ^_^

    • Setsuyume says:

      1- Hahahahaha! I started watching this anime out of curiosity, and got hooked! Thx for your post here! lol

      2- “I took it from you father”… maybe, just maybe, the scissor was made by Ryuko’s father, and Nui stole it? On the other hand, why is her scissor a different color? In Ryuko’s flashback, it clearly is RED! Maybe Nui just lied to get Ryugo berserk?

      3- In short, despite the echi, a great anime overall (and Nonom is ubercute! Her voice and character…lol)

      P.S. No way the Elite Four will stop here! From Satsuki’s dialogue with that blonde scientist, their robes will get corrections!

      P.S.2. “Inseparable like day and night” *plays with her hair* The others reactions were awesome!

    • Unknown says:

      2. Yeah there is a lot of inconsistencies with Ryuuko’s memories. In some flashbacks the blade is red, in others blue. Also the “Scissor Woman” is different depending on whether you look at the flashback from 1st episode and the recent one. Not sure if it’s some sort of weird mistake or the authors are messing with us.
      But yeah that’s the most logical reason for Nui’s behaviour (regardless if she Is or Is Not the Scissor Woman), she wanted to see how Ryuuko fights and how good is her Kamui. Pissing her off was the easiest way.
      Also about the Scissors I’m almost completely sure that they were made by Isshin, it’s a weapon much more suited for Nudist Beach guys than Revocs guys. It’s possible that it was a weapon designed to compliment Senketsu.

      AstroNerdBoy mentioned it but it’s quite clear that Satsuki prepares an army she wants to use against her mother and Revocs. Ryuuko is, in a way, a one-person live-fire testing. She is easily the most powerful opponent Satsuki has at this point, someone perfect to test your weapons and tactics against. She pretty much set it all up in the third episode after her fight with Ryuuko. She told Ryuuko to fight her way through her army and thanks to that she could manipulate Ryuuko to cleanse her army of weaklings and to test various weapons and uniforms she produced.
      So long story short, I’m really hoping for a Team Ryuuko and Team Satsuki alliance. It would be like Gurren-dan and Lord Genome allying to fight Anti-Spiral XD

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      >Hahahahaha! I started watching this anime out of curiosity, and got hooked! Thx for your post here! lol

      You’re welcome. And thanks for the comments. ^_^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      >She is easily the most powerful opponent Satsuki has at this point, someone perfect to test your weapons and tactics against.

      That’s an excellent point there. And what better way to test the Elite Four?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chances are the constant evolution of kamui is putting a huge burden on ryuko due to the fact that her blood is the fuel for senketsu to transform.

    Chances r ryuko will be like shimon and defy all logic and come out on top

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