Ah! My Goddess Chapter 302 Manga Review (“Oh, mate, the missus and the ex.”)

Oh My Goddess! Manga/ああっ女神さまっ
Ah! My Goddess chapter 302

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ah! My Goddess Chapter 302Keiichi thanks his bike, then thanks Belldandy for trusting him in the race. Belldandy thanks him for working so hard. Their moment is interrupted when the Lake Goddess congratulates him. Keiichi thanks her for her role in his success. She tells him that not giving up is the true miracle, and as such, she thanks them for their part in her life.

Tyr (Gate) awards Keiichi a medal for winning. Tyr tells him that he can use the power of the miracle to become a god. Belldandy finds this hard to believe, but since they are in a spiritual realm, Tyr says it is possible. Belldandy briefly considers this possibility, but Keiichi takes her hand and declines the offer. Tyr asks if Keiichi is fine with this since he wanted to be with Belldandy always. Keiichi says that despite not being a looker, Belldandy fell for him and that he likes her. After experiencing life through the eyes of the Lake Goddess and the Bard, Keiichi wants to experience a life like that with Belldandy.

The Lake Goddess is touched by this and Tyr says Keiichi passed yet another test. With that, Tyr asks Keiichi to take care of his daughter, then summons the door to return the pair to Earth, Keiichi’s medal being required to open it.  Before doing so, Keiichi asks why Tyr felt the need to hack into Gate rather than just coming himself. The Lake Goddess is also curious about that. Tyr didn’t want “them” to meet.

On Earth, Skuld reads a manga magazine while Hild, Urd, and Ansuz play a card game. Ansuz is winning and teases Urd about being too accustomed to Earth. Hild says that the fact that Ansuz remembers the rules of this card game means she’s just as bad. Ansuz says that Urd is a lot like Tyr, leading Urd to ask her mother how she was able to conceive a child with Tyr since the two failed the Judgement Gate’s test and broke up. Hild says that she broke the rules by casing a spell on herself that caused heaven and hell to break.


The wrap up of Tyr’s test of Keiichi went pretty much by the numbers. What I mean is that once again, Belldandy and Keiichi have potential kiss interrupted. Tyr throws out one final, but small, test in offering godship to Keiichi, thus allowing him to possibly be with Belldandy for eternity. I wouldn’t have predicted that specific thing, but it is like Tyr to do one more thing to derail Keiichi.

The setup used to bridge this part of the story with the “meanwhile on Earth” element was humorous as Tyr had a very good reason for wanting to hack into Gate rather than be there in person.

It was amusing having Tyr’s ex and the current Mrs. playing a game together with Urd, the child of the ex. I couldn’t help but think of Mickey Smith’s joke to the Doctor in the Doctor Who episode School Reunion, where the Doctor’s present female companion meets one of the past female companions.

Oh, mate, the missus and the ex. Welcome to every man’s worst nightmare!

Ansuz and Hild get along well, as evidenced by their friendly card game. Ansuz’s getting winning hands repeatedly was humorously symbolic of her ultimately winning Tyr over Hild.

That said, I am curious to know what Tyr did in order to be with Hild so that Urd could be conceived and born. I’m guessing that will be explored next chapter.

Update: Bad translation I read. In fact, it was Hild who cast the spell.

As an aside, what the smeg happened to Peorth and Lind? Seriously, after going off with Chibi-Hild before Keiichi and the others went to save Hild’s butt, the two just bloody disappear. I would have thought they’d be hanging out at the Morisato residence with the others to await news of what happens with Keiichi and Belldandy.  I’m kinda disappointed.

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  1. Ether101 says:

    They’re still in Hell.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Peorth and Lind?

      • ether101 says:

        Urd, Hild, Skuld and Ansuz are hanging out in the thrown room waiting for Keiichi and Belldandy to return from the Judgement gate.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Ah. Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’d forgotten, mainly because of Skuld reading a manga and how things looked in general. ^_^; I guess I need more sleep. ^_~ Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Testing…looks like it is working.

  3. Ace Falcons says:

    I’ve seen all the AMG anime works, and read a few notable AMG mangas, especially from volume 200’ish to 302, and the only logical route for the two main characters to progress and evolve towards more interesting storyline arc’s is 1) they have to get married, or it’s just stretching a dead story to utter boredom, even to the long time AMG fans. 2)Eventually, either Tyr or something that compells heaven to have to make Keiichi a mortal2god being transformation to make more interesting developements to write about, otherwise it’s same-o’-same-o’s dredge on till the AMG corpse stinks up and kills off more and more long time fans. Why do I say this? Because I’ve read almost all of AMG fanfics from many fanfics’ authors, and the ones that took the leap in evolving Keiichi Morisato into a god captures my interests because they made an interesting arc of a human-to-god very interesting reads. The writing styles of these authors and their writing skil levels diversed from each other quite a bit, but each of their imagination on such an arc of making a goddess/mortal ‘arc’ to goddess/mortalTurnsImmortal give so much more ‘possibilities’ to bring AMG to the (next level). Kosuke Fujishima needs to recognize this, if not already, simply because the logic of having two characters’ love devotion history to each other is so well known in heaven and earth that it’s just incredulous to believe that Belldandy and Keiichi would not want to be together beyond a mortal lifespan. How can such a ‘goddess’, loving a mortal so much to rather lose her immortality to be with such a mortal she loves not want her lover to be with her beyond his mortal life? If so, does that mean Belldandy loves Keiichi like a master loves a pet? I don’t think so, so there’s just no other more interesting way than to eventually come to term with making “AMG” evolving mr. K1 Morisato into a hybrid god. Why would Keiichi Morisato want Belldandy, his life’s bestfriend and love to be alone for all eternity missing him once his mortal life is over? That’s totally illogical for what their ‘love’ is all about to all the fans that kept up with their AMG anime/manga.
    Btw, my favorite fanfic writers for such story arc of Bell&K1 is from pierre15208, ironrod… ,and shinoshi… Their writing styles and level may differ, but all their imaginations are very wonderful to read to me.

    Oh, my point was/is that unless Kosuke Fujishima-sensei comes to bring Bell&K1 through a ‘surface world’ and/or heaven world marriage/married status to make it even in mortal terms ‘logical’ progression inorder for readers/fans to believe their ‘love relationship’ is true in even a normal maturing growth, otherwise AMG should just end it there for Mr. Fujishima to go work on something else. Otherwise, I’ll just not see it logical to keep up with his AMG work. And if he does make the famous AMG couple go through and pass that next level via holymatrimony phase and beyond to introduce challenges of marriage/family, etc.., he’ll also have to bring Keiichi through the next interesting phase of godhood because there’s so much more things to keep AMG livelier than just playing house with a goddess/mortal couple. Been there, done that in “Bewiched”, “I Dream of Jeanie”, and “The Nanny”..etc..etc…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      the only logical route for the two main characters to progress and evolve towards more interesting storyline arc’s is 1) they have to get married, or it’s just stretching a dead story to utter boredom, even to the long time AMG fans.

      And if it is the second choice, there may well be massive book burnings of the manga. ^_^;;;;

      As to Keiichi’s and Belldandy’s romance, while Fujishima-sensei may go any number of routes, one of the traditional routes is when the immortal sacrifices their immortality in order to spend their few mortal days with the mortal they love.

      Of course, seeing how the Goddess of the Lake recovered from her time with a mortal (where she nearly lost her mind from grief to helping Keiichi and Belldandy without interfering), then it is possible that Fujishima-sensei might have Belldandy and Keiichi go that route, where after Keiichi’s death, Belldandy never loves another mortal, but remains on Earth to help those who need help in the name of Keiichi. Just a thought of how it could go.

      I’m hoping for a good end, whatever that may be.

      Which reminds me, I haven’t looked for a new chapter in a while. ^_^;;;

      • Ace Falcons says:

        Ok, just read the latest AMG release, and I won’t say what episode # to spoil for new readers, but it goes to show that there’s no other way for AMG to mature other than at least take the option #1 route that I mentioned from previous post(FPP).

        And as for route #2, that has been ‘hinted’, too, otherwise the mortal/immortal storyline arc would surely run dried of ideas to fill and holding to that arc status-quo’s will never let AMG mature naturally as it should. Why shouldn’t it go that way eventually for a lot of fans that want to see progression of AMG?
        Because I’m guessing you’ve not even read those 3 random fanfic fans/authors I mentioned to see that arc, which to me is very exciting and opens many writing possibilities. Such diversed fans can write so well with their imaginations on that ‘arc’ of route #2(FPP). One of the mentioned author severely needed a spell/grammar check, but that 1of3 authors mentioned wrote well by his/her very interesting imagination well for me to be willing to ignore that ‘1st draft’ reads. The other 2 authors writing skills and imagination on that #2arc did superbly imho.
        See, you have to understand that how the main male character of AMG was written by Kosuke Fujishima-sensei himself had given hint on the fact that our Keiichi Morisato is a very unique human/mortal(however you want to prefered) in that he’s a ‘friend of nature’, and who created K1 that way to be the one there to meet a little honey-blond child-goddess? Exactly.

        Yes, K1 is always a represented of ‘us’ human/mortal to that ff’s genre that you suggested wanted Keiichi’s pride as a representative of the mortal/human race wanting to stay mortal, but he would have to represent both, as both mortal/immortal to bridge that gap/plane/divide that exists between even if he’s shown he often has distaste for gods/demons interference in human lives. But nontheless he somehow naturally take it astride and accepts the goddesses/demons influences in his life, no matter with his permission or not. But still, he’s a representative of that earth/heaven ‘bridge’, so to speak. Heck, he’s been written as SO throughout the works of Mr. K.F. in his AMG’s, and none can deny that fact by Mr. K.F.’s writings.

        The nature of demon world is to influence more humans towards more contracts with the underworld realm and not lose their influences on mortals to the heaven’s influences via goddesses. That’s Hild duty as the ruler of the demon world to the very end, however long her term is as ‘Daimakaicho’. And she can’t be using the same easily-foiled schemes as she used before on the famous AMG couple through out the whole manga/anime series, or else she’s no better than mara’s on that respect as a bungling idiot. No, it goes to reasons and natural-(believable-to-readers)-orders that there will be times when it gets more challenging and difficult for Keiichi to keep up with the goddesses and demons to try and protect them at his mortal level. Yes, you know even if he’s not wanting that #2 course, of course, he knows inevitably he has to ‘step up the plate’ to be a better ‘protector’ for Belldandy because she will be his life’s mate, and he certainly cannot perform that task at his current capacity as just a boyfriend. There’s just too many unfair limits burden on him to perform that Bell’s helper/protector in the natural progression of the AMG arc its on.
        And you cannot elude to the fact that just because of his pride as ‘human’ to not wanting to have anything to do with the business of gods and demons he knows that by his own wish and words to have made it all happened, he has to own-up on the fact that he can’t be selfish and let the one that he loves most that loves him over all else become an eternal widows. That’s the bottom line, and ‘Tyr’ has indicated so by… no, I’ll stop here.

        The point of this one is this. I took it to heart from reading the AMG menga/watching allt he AMG anime series/x’tra’s/movie that the ‘love’ of Bell&K1 is predestined, set-in-motion, etc.. before K1 was born, because the wheels of fate( which is Belldandy’s destiny as goddess of the present is) must turn forward and you have to see that K1 was already born for he role he played. Why would you chance the godess of the ‘present’ to be destroyed as a child, if that mortal Keiichi Morisato had not ‘volunteer’ to have his memory erase for the sake of saving his special friend? The task and role of the goddess of the present is very lonely in her fate, so why not have a lifelong(how long?) companion that has a soul that’s knitted with hers to bring cheers to her? He’s a mortal, but not a ‘pet’ to Belldandy, so why would that mortal want to see his beloved goddess companion eternally sad widow by his embracing pride of staying as ‘mortal’ to live up that short lifespan and disappear? That doesn’t make sense if anyone of us are in Keiichi’s shoes, and if you and any readers holds to that convictions of insisting that K1 stays true to his mortal half it’s been illogical and unreasonable in reality sense, imho. No, K1 would not want immotality for arrogants, but he’ll concede to it eventually because he doesn’t want his beloved heart broken and sad of missing him if he refuse. He can refuse now while still in his prime as a mortal, but his own heart wanting Belldandy to be forever happy will bring him to face that #2 later on. Passing through the Judgement Gate successfully to leave your beloved an eternal widow? I don’t think so…. and K.F. must know it all along? 😉

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Ok, just read the latest AMG release, and I won’t say what episode # to spoil for new readers, but it goes to show that there’s no other way for AMG to mature other than at least take the option #1 route that I mentioned from previous post(FPP).

          Smeg. I didn’t know a chapter was out (well, other than what has come out in Japan every month). ^_^; I need to read that.

          As to the other (and thanks for writing BTW — interesting stuff there ^_^), I’m not sure how much thought Fujishima-sensei put into this manga beyond whatever current storyarc he is working on. I say this because his writing style has been pretty much, “Whatever I want is whatever I want, and I’m not going to worry a great deal about how this conflicts with previous stuff.” Nevertheless, for this current arc, I figure he does have something specific in mind regarding Keiichi and Belldandy. ^_^

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