KILL la KILL Episode 14 (American Football Corps vs. Japanese School Regulations)

キルラキル ep. 14 SPOILER Review
KILL la KILL episode 14


KILL la KILL episode 14Ryuuko wakens from a nightmare where Senkentsu was destroyed. Mikisugi reveals that the core and consciousness of Senketsu remains. Ryuuko decides to gather the pieces of Senketsu, which have been distributed to Saktsuki’s armies, as Mikisugi abandons his undercover role as teacher at Honnouji Gakuin. Ira leads forces against Kobe, where despite Kobe’s use of American high school football gear, they are mostly defeated. At the last moment, Ryuuko rides in, stripping Ira’s troops of their Senketsu patch, then leaves. Nonon leads forces against Kyoto, and has a tough time initially until Houka provides assistance, allowing her to mostly defeat them.  Again, Ryuuko rides in, strips Nonon’s troops of their pieces of Senketsu, then heads off to Osaka.

KILL la KILL episode 14Uzu leads forces to Osaka, where he discovers the president of Naiwa Kinman High School, TAKARADA Kaneo, is a tough opponent, thanks to the massive amounts of money he has.  Mako, who’s part of the support troops in this mission, decides that since she’s in Osaka, she has to try the takoyaki and other awesome foods here. She has no money, but since Kaneo’s troops shoot money, she has one shoot her so she can spend. Mako is eventually caught by Uzu’s troops, but Ryuuko arrives to rescue her and to retrieve the Senketsu patches. Meanwhile, Satsuki arrives to assist Uzu as Senketsu says they have all the pieces, save for one which Satsuki has. Since Ryuuko as gotten stronger without Senketsu’s transformative abilities, Ryuuko decides to go after Satsuki.


For the most part, this was a fairly boring episode, with the brightest part being Mako’s awesomeness at getting shot with money, just so she could go on a delicious food buying spree. ^_^

x01 Mako-chan awesomeness

Despite being boring, there were some small elements of interest. I did get a kick out of what I take is Trigger’s disrespect of American football players. Naturally, no American gaijin football anything, with all of its manly machoness and braggadocio, has a chance when put to the fires of strict Japanese school regulations. *lol*

KILL la KILL episode 14

I also got a kick out of Kobe Beef being used as a defense mechanism.

KILL la KILL episode 14

I liked how Uzu, who’s the most powerful of the Elite Four, needed to be reinforced by Satsuki herself.  It could be interesting seeing her fight along side Uzu.

KILL la KILL episode 14

Speaking of Satsuki, so far, I think things are still on for her to be allies with Ryuuko. She was not pleased with Ryuuko’s defeat at Nui’s hand last episode, but I think that it was Satsuki who covered by Ryuuko with the sheet. I have the feeling that Satsuki is again challenging Ryuuko. If Ryuuko gathers the Senketsu pieces, which she has, then that would prove that Ryuuko has gotten stronger without the boost that Senketsu provides.  A stronger Ryuuko is what Satsuki apparently desires.

KILL la KILL episode 14

Plus, I notice that none of the Elite Four have their new Goku uniforms.  So, who better to remake Senketsu than the folks who will be ultimately making the Elite Four’s new Goku uniforms?

KILL la KILL episode 14

Mikisugi leaving his job at the school was pretty funny too, especially Matarou’s response to it. ^_^

KILL la KILL episode 14

Mostly a boring episode though, but Mako was awesome, so that was enough for this time.

KILL la KILL episode 14

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4 Responses to “KILL la KILL Episode 14 (American Football Corps vs. Japanese School Regulations)”

  1. Ochan30 says:

    I think this episode just was set up for upcoming events in the series. As mentioned on Twitter I’m glad they did NOT do a full blown “Reassembling Senketsu” arc as I felt I lot of anime shows in the Shonen/action genre tend to go that route. I’m not disappointed in this episode but it seemed to act as purely a transitioning point.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m not disappointed in this episode but it seemed to act as purely a transitioning point.

      Yeah, that’s my feeling too, that this is the transition, both for Ryuuko as a character, and for the story as a whole, especially with Mikisugi leaving his teaching post.

      I too am glad this wasn’t a full blown arc, ’cause mindless action stuff bores me. I think that’s why much of this episode bored me as it was mostly mindless action stuff, even if it was in a parody aspect.

  2. Char says:

    So no one wants to talk about how the army football players were all black? No one? Did it strike any one as just a little weird that the only black persons we see in kill la kill are Football Players? ok.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t pay that much attention to skin color, but the two main football players were light skinned. Assuming there was something there, blame the Japanese, but I don’t think anything was meant by it.

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