Ah! My Goddess Chapter 304 Manga Review (Time to get ready for a wedding.)

Oh My Goddess! Manga/ああっ女神さまっ
Ah! My Goddess chapter 304

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ah! My Goddess Chapter 304Keiichi and Belldandy return to where Urd, Skuld, Ansuz, and Hild are. Skuld isn’t that thrilled with Keiichi, but she is glad he returned safely since his loss would sadden her “oneesama.” Hild can sense Tyr’s essence on Keiichi so she embraces him, causing Belldandy to start a jealousy storm. Hild cuts that off by embracing her as well, causing Ansuz to stop Hild from messing with her daughter.

Ansuz summons her staff, then as her roll as Interspecies Intimacy Inquisitor, she goes through the ritual of accepting Belldandy’s and Keiichi’s vows. The others congratulate them, after which Ansuz gives Belldandy a gift, transforming her garments into a wedding dress. Skuld, Urd, and Hild like what they see, so Ansuz transforms Keiichi’s clothing into a traditional Japanese wedding attire of a haori and hakama.  Urd thinks changing the haori into a tuxedo jacket with tails works best, so she makes that modification. Hild adds samurai ceremonial elements to Keiichi’s top.

Mother and daughter are laughing at their work, planning to change Keiichi’s hair into a samurai topknot and add some glasses to the mix when Hagall, who’s been quietly observing all this time, asks them if they have time to goof off like this. Keiichi looks at his watch and panics since they only have 18 minutes to leave and it took them 25 minutes to get in.  Belldandy assures him it is OK as Glühendes Herz arrives, obtaining permission from Hild to take them out of the underworld.  Hild asks if the “broom” can make it in time, so Glühendes Herz assures her it can be done considering Skuld’s upgrades.


So, we start winding things down with Keiichi and Belldandy now in wedding attire.

Ah! My Goddess Chapter 304

I’d forgotten that they have to get out of hell by a certain amount of time. That’s the problem with these very long running arcs that have chapters released on a monthly basis.  How far back was it when this element was established? I can’t even remember (and I dare not take the time to look due to other things that need doing).

Now that things are winding down, Fujishima-sensei continues his farewell tour checklist by having one last jealousy storm from Belldandy and one last jealousy outburst from Skuld. And of course, we get one last upgrade magic moment from Skuld.

I enjoyed seeing Urd and Hild having their fun with Keiichi’s wardrobe.

Otherwise, not a lot to say about this chapter. It was mainly to set up Keiichi’s and Belldandy’s wedding (assuming they aren’t already married based on Ansuz’s actions), and the race to get back to Earth. So now that Glühendes Herz has been upgraded to a four seater, I’d guess that the next chapter will see a race to Earth with them making out by the skin of their teeth.

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