Spotted Flower Chapter 10 Manga Review (“…the taste just never leaves your mouth.”)

Spotted Flower Chapter 10 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 10 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Spotted Flower Chapter 10 Manga ReviewNOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, I will call the “not Saki” woman “Oku-san” (a term for a wife) and I’ll refer to the “not Madarame” guy as “Dannasan” (a term for a husband).

With Danna-san’s hand broken, he makes a request for oral quality time with his wife. She refuses, citing the fact that it would only do something for him. Further, she lists the various problems she has with performing this marital deed with her husband, including the discomfort it causes her on various levels. After she mentions the aftertaste in her mouth after bringing him to his full, he points out that he was never brought to full with her mouth. Further, he reminds her that early in their marriage, she was the one who offered to do this for him. She acknowledges this, but then states that she did that because she thought he’d enjoy it. He tells her that because she was giving off a vibe that she didn’t like it, he didn’t get into it, but he really wants her to do this.

Hearing this, she agrees to do the deed again if he promises to couple with her. He agrees, so she offers ten seconds of performing the act. After intense negotiations, they agree to three minutes of performing the act. After getting him to turn off the lights, she tells him to count the minutes because if they go one second over, she’ll never do this wifely act for him again. He agrees, not knowing that she has already decided that she’d probably give him an extension once she got warmed up.

However, the act of simply exhaling on his causes him to be brought to his full immediately, where he barely gets to the tissues in time. Oku-san becomes suspicious by this, and though a part of her is glad that she won’t have to do the deed, she’s not happy to see his “bat” being packed away. She wants her turn, but he says that’s not possible. She says that the guys in the ero games do it over and over. He reminds her that those acts are just fiction, then asks how she knows about that.


Man, this chapter was outrageously funny, and very ecchi in nature. I’ve been trying to be very careful to keep things as clean as possible. Not an easy task to be sure. ^_^;

Spotted Flower Chapter 10 Manga Review

Anyway, the humor of this chapter comes from the very stark reality of a woman performing oral gratification for her male companion. While porn may mess with a man’s brain, it can also give a distorted view of what women like and don’t like. Whether it is live-action porn, or hentai doujinshi/manga/games/anime, the general idea conveyed is that women either enjoy performing this act, or don’t mind. In reality, many really would rather not do such a thing, but do because guys enjoy it.

This chapter makes the effort of pointing this out. Early on, Oku-san is being seductive in making the offer to do it because she figures that Danna-san would enjoy it, which obviously he would. Oku-san obviously had done this act for her earlier boyfriend (or boyfriends), and never enjoyed it. After all, saying that “the taste just never leaves your mouth” (which is a very funny line to me) is not a statement of enjoyment.

The other humorous element this chapter brought up was the ability for guys to be able to have “multiple times at bat” in a short period of time. In hentai, it is very true that the males there “machine gun them off over and over again.”  I figure that many guys would love to be able to do the machine gun thing, but reality is not so kind.

Basically, there’s fiction, and there’s reality, and rarely do the two match.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really don’t understand Danna-san.  Seriously, he marries someone he found hot and such, but just because she’s pregnant, he’d rather seek the false comfort of the 2D world. His broken hand prevents him from fully enjoying his 2D comforts, so he wants the missus to do something for him. When she agrees and he reaches his full in a mere moment, he’s apparently not willing to do anything for her and try to get his bat back for another moment at the plate. It isn’t that difficult to do, and he’s young enough to have a decent enough recovery time, but he’s reluctant to do squat.

I’m not sure why he married her, but then again, I’m not sure why she married him. Their relationship, as it stands now, is heading for divorce. This is why Saki and Madarame wouldn’t work in Genshiken. There, Kousaka puts in an effort from everything we know. As developed by Kio-sensei, Madarame wouldn’t put in the effort for absolutely silly reasons.

Anyway, despite the ecchi nature of the chapter (and the manga in general), I do like it and I loved the frankness of this chapter, which is what made it so darn funny. I’m told by Spore that the next chapter is a good one. I’m looking forward to it.

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