Spotted Flower Chapter 11 Manga Review (Just how do traps give birth?)

Spotted Flower Chapter 11 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 11 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Spotted Flower Chapter 11 Manga ReviewNOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, I will call the “not Saki” woman “Oku-san” (a term for a wife) and I’ll refer to the “not Madarame” guy as “Dannasan” (a term for a husband).

Oku-san tells Danna-san that they need to decide if he’s going to be in the delivery room with her or not. If so, they have to attend a seminar, but she’s not forcing him to be with her. He’s a little too happy at being given a pass, so she makes a remark about how she thought it would be too much for him. He stammers at this, so she decides they could do a practice run. She lays on the couch and removes her pants and panties, but he has no reaction and refuses to answer her question about the situation.

She checks his midsection, but there’s no reaction there. She figures it is because of her belly, but he tells her it is because there’s another human being inside her. She remembers his trap game where the traps became pregnant and there were sex scenes after the traps became pregnant. Danna-san says that those scenes did nothing for him.

This leads Oku-san to ask how the traps give birth. After all, traps have no female parts, meaning they can only give birth through their rear. Danna-san doesn’t want to think too deeply about that, but says that he figures traps give birth by caesarean. She continues, saying that a trap giving birth is no different from them taking a dump.

The more she talks about it, the more Danna-san is upset by this and tells her that he’s starting to think he can’t stand in the delivery room with her. She’s mildly amused by this, and pulling down her top, she says she’s a little embarrassed thinking about it, thus they should call it off. That causes Danna-san to say he’s going to watch, which causes her to become more embarrassed and tell him to not look. He tells her he’s going to look.


*lol* This chapter was wrongly funny, and enlightening at the same time.

First the funny. Frankly, I cannot even remotely begin to fathom the appeal of traps. But then I am only interested in proper girls.  That being said, the notion of traps getting pregnant is whacked enough without the idea of them giving birth. The way Oku-san thought about it and then discussed it was just so wrong, but oh so funny.

Spotted Flower Chapter 11 Manga Review

On the enlightening side, this chapter said a lot without saying a lot. I’ve long wondered about Danna-san’s lack of interest in spending marital time with his wife after she became pregnant. After all, many hentai games/doujinshi/manga/anime feature pregnant sex, so it is an otaku fetish.

However, Danna-san isn’t into all that, and his reason was quite reasonable. There’s a human being growing in his wife’s womb, therefore he has a difficult time wanting to do anything sexual as long as there’s an occupant inside. That made sense to me, especially since he’s the father of the child.

Another enlightening moment is Danna-san’s change of attitude after his wife became more demure. I realized that even more than the fact that he’s turned off by having sex with his wife while she’s with child, he’s turned off by her aggressive behavior. I thought about the last chapter when there was a flashback right after they got married, and he’s as nervous as can be over her aggressive behavior. He wants a demure wife, which is why once she became demure, he was suddenly interested in watching her and looking at her. That desire increased with her increased embarrassment.

So now I have an understanding of Danna-san that I didn’t have before, and I like that. What I don’t understand still is how these two got together. I hope Kio-sensei explores that down the road.

So as I said, a funny and enlightening chapter. I’m looking forward to more, whenever it comes.

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2 Responses to “Spotted Flower Chapter 11 Manga Review (Just how do traps give birth?)”

  1. Lan says:

    Another funny chapter. I do like this series.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hard to believe that a tankoubon has already been released. I wouldn’t have thought there would be enough pages. I’m kinda tempted to get it. Maybe if I get converted from contractor to regular employee, I’ll splurge.

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