Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 457 Manga Review (“Found you!”)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 457 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 457Hayate comes to realize his mistake, so he tells Yukihi that Hina is in the hotel, where Maria is looking after her. He then thanks Fumi for her helping him see the light and encourages her to save other people. Hayate’s change of attitude cause Yukiji and Fumi to both be unsure about Hayate.

After seeing them off, Kotetsu shows up.  Kotetsu is stunned when he asks for a kiss, but doesn’t get a beating. In fact, Hayate apologizes for his behavior.

Souya shows up, so Hayate gets Souya and Kotetsu to mind the restaurant as he goes to find Ikusa.

At the hotel, Isumi and Yukiji visit Hina. Isumi says that Hina has been possessed by an evil spirit. She explains that Hina’s cold-like symptoms are the result of this possession, but it won’t be easy to cure her. However, Isumi knows a way to quickly cure Hina by giving passing the possession from Hina to someone else.

Meanwhile, Hayate finds Ikusa, telling him that he’s no longer after Ikusa’s pouch. Ikusa asks if Hayate has given up, which Hayate says he hasn’t. However, he has figured out that because Ikusa helps people, in the end, he’ll give Hayate the pouch no matter what. When Ikusa asks why Hayate thinks this, Hayate explains that he hadn’t resolved certain issues and wanted to help Nagi, but had lost his way until all of the nutty things other people were saying got him back on track. Ikusa says that although he has abandoned his past, he’d be proud to have a brother who survived the mess Hayate did.


Har! I’d been thinking Kotetsu would show back up, and sure enough, he did. I couldn’t help but chuckle at Kotetsu not being pleased at having to work with Souya.

Isumi gets her moment of awesomeness, though on a limited scale. Her solution for rapidly healing Hina made me laugh.  I will say that I’m surprised that Hata-sensei is apparently starting to deal with Hina’s possession so soon.

Fumi doesn’t get to be awesome, but I hope we see more of her before this arc is over.

I really liked that Ruka got a flashback mention. Reader utkarshray mentioned that it would be funny if Ruka returned, and in a way, she did. If she shows up next week, I will laugh, but somehow, I don’t think she will. But I could be very wrong.

Finally, Hayate and Ikusa come to terms, so the arc will probably end soon.

As to whom the person is who said “found you” at the end of the chapter, it is impossible to say. As I said, it would be amusing if Ruka returned, but there’s no telling whom this person is.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 457

Regardless, this was a pretty fun chapter. I’m looking forward to seeing this arc wind down and our getting a step closer to getting Nagi back into the mansion.

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2 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 457 Manga Review (“Found you!”)”

  1. Betting on it being Ruka myself as that would consolidate my theory on how Hayate could still win this competition. My second guess would be Sakuya (the “found youuuu!” seems perky enough to be her. Isumi’s already here anyway. She might have brought Machina along as well. Lastly it could just be Nagi and company back in full force this time.) Also, I’ll be doubly amused if none of my guesses turn out right and it happens to be Sonia, Housen or some other obscure character.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      My second guess would be Sakuya

      She is the one MIA, so that’s actually a good guess IMO.

      Also, I’ll be doubly amused if none of my guesses turn out right and it happens to be Sonia, Housen or some other obscure character.

      *lol* That would be a Hata-sensei device for sure.

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