UQ Holder Chapter 42 SPOILER Images and Rumors

This week, we’ve got spoiler information and a couple of spoiler images from the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 42 courtesy of Hata and ChaosProphet. (My review of UQ Holder chapter 42 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 42 goodness begins.^_^

From Hata via 2CH:

A: Why Tota?
F: To save Negi.

K: Negi loves who?
F: I don’t care.

9: Do you need Tota now?
F: No.

T: You kill my parents?
F: Yes.

Ken is still dodging it, but nice to see some of my theories still in steps to be true. no, I was not shock or surprise by any of the questions/answers,

ChaosProphet added this, courtesy of Manga Kansou.

Ikkuu asks for what purpose Fate needs Touta. He says Touta is needed to save Negi. And according to Fate saving Negi would be the same as saving all of mankind.

Karin asks “Who loved that man, Negi Springfield, the most? You (Fate)? Yukihime-sama?”. Yukihime tells Karin to come to her room later.

Fate: “Yukihime loved one was that person father, Nagi Springfield. The true relationship between Negi and Yukihime was…”. Fate stops there because Eva was about to attack him. He then says that’s as far as they will hear from him.

Then Fate wonders who was the person who loved Negi the most as he was a popular man (here comes that screenshot with Negi and some of the Negima girls). Fate says he doesn’t love a person.

Kuroumaru asks him if there is a time limit for what he needs to do. Fate says it isn’t imminent, afterall he have been waiting 20 years.

Touta asks “Was you who killed my parents?”. Fate confirms it. Touta says that one day he will definitely give him a beating.

Fate says “Come when you get stronger. I will be waiting forever at the top of the tower. There will be a time that even you will need my power”.

And a couple of spoiler images.

UQ Holder Chapter 42 SPOILER Images

UQ Holder Chapter 42 SPOILER Images

Well, that’s it for now. I’m keeping my eye’s open for more spoiler images from UQ Holder chapter 42.

UQ Holder Chapter 42


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  1. things getting complicated yet in Fate way . he is an AI that born with only mission : save the (real) humankind in Mars even that cost his own master life .
    and he aswered 2 most important questions in UQ Holders (sadly not Negima) that linked to 2 core events of UQH (the fate of Negi after battle against L.M at 2065 and Jintesu’s assassination 2 years ago)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, now we know who killed Touta’s parents. I don’t think we know the “why” yet.

      • this is my theory : Touta needed to reviving Negi yet he doesn’t need to be alive to do so => Fate ambushed and killed Touta and his family (or i can say his troops since he didn’t come down earth since long time ago(Kirie confirmed)) yet Eva came and save Touta => Fate lost track Touta till now and he decided to catch Touta himself
        L.M killed yet Negi needed to replace him (L.M was the core of Magic World -> Zect and Nagi ended up became L.M), so Touta body with Magia Erebea could be a replacement for Negi (Eva refused to be the one ) yet there is some huge threat that only Negi could solve
        That threat is not some one or two day threat so Fate gave up with Touta , instead he provoke Touta to build up the kid strength

        • Aki says:

          Actually that’s a fair point… Magia Erebea is noted by the L.M minions to be remarkably like the L.M own magic so negi and Eva being compatible host/replacement does make sense but two issues occur with this idea.

          Zecht is believe to be an immortal of some sort and his background is shady due to lack of info, but he does possess mass amount of magic.

          Nagi possess mass amount of magic and was the strongest Mage of his time but he was 100% human

          Evageline was rejected as a experiment for immortality, if the L.M was seeking immortality, he would have stolen Evageline body long ago.

          Negi is not truly human anymore and was a being revived by Magia Erebea, he possesses his fathers magical power and learnt his master (Evageline) techniques but isn’t a full immortal like her…

          … Why can’t akatmatsu keep it simple, we know negi alive now (yay thank you for not shattering my hopes) but the cause of his disappearance is unknown which links back to the Missing status on his wiki that asuna looked up in the future

        • Seimei says:

          No, I think Negi is really alive (Fate says himself) but sealed (by the life-maker prut be) and I signal the life-maker does not have to be in mundus-magicus. Already because it probably originated in the Earth and also because the 2065 battle took place on Mars in the not-mundus magicus.

          So the life-maker has other projects that deal simply mundus-magicus (Inverse Mars ^ ^).

          In any case it’s nice to see that Akamatsu contrary to what some believe (but personally I never doubted) has lost nothing of his art to maintain the suspense, Fate gives only minimal information. Negi suddenly can equally be the incarnation of the life-maker, being held prisonnié by him (but for me is one of the two options) and nothing allows us to guess the Avence with information we have!

          • Seimei says:

            ooops “I think Negi is alive (Fate says himself) but sealed (PERHAPS by the life-maker)”,

            sorry a typo^^.

          • Aki says:

            I personally feel it is a bit more complex than that.

            Negi is stated to be alive, he could be sealed away like what people say… Or missing in action or completely transformed into a demon due to magia erebea and it takes another magia erebea user to undo it. Tho the last one is unlikely…

            Well despite Evageline being blamed… I doubt it got something to do with offering to be a sacrifice theory because Evageline is not self sacrificing enough to do it for the sake of the world where as negi definitely is the sort.

            If it to get possessed and negi forced l.m out of Eva into his body is also possible but tbh this whole prediction is screwy cause akatmatsu can do a full 360…

            Although fate is definitely baiting touta to train

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          It will be interesting to see if that theory plays out or not.

  2. chaosprophet says:

    Fate being the one to kill Touta parents brings some questions.

    Why Fate mortally wounded Touta if he needed him? Why didn’t Fate take Touta at that moment? Did Fate not know Touta was needed to save Negi at that time? Then what was the reason he attacked Touta parents?

    If Eva and Fate are meeting for the first time in 20 years, that means they didn’t met 2 years ago. Was the strong people Eva fought that made her get there too late Fate minions? Why Fate go away before Eva got there? Why didn’t Fate try taking Eva down at that time considering how much he seems to dislike her?

    If Fate killed Touta parents and left Touta to die, shouldn’t Eva be angry or at least more aggressive towards Fate?

    I’m wondering if Fate really did it. If he did then there is still a lot of context information we don’t know yet.

    I’m curious what Karin knows that made her ask that question. Also curious about what is the actual relationship/connection between Eva and Negi that Eva didn’t let Fate say. Don’t see the reason to hide if it was just something like “master-apprentice”.

    And the first question/answer only gives us a bit about the whole picture. I’m wondering if Touta and the others will be able to get Eva to give them more information regarding that matter. Maybe Eva will tell Touta that if he does something / reach some level then she will tell more.

    Now Touta have a reason to get stronger. So he can beat Fate. And that seems to have merged with getting on the top of the tower.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, there’s a lot of questions raised by the questions asked.

      Now Touta have a reason to get stronger. So he can beat Fate. And that seems to have merged with getting on the top of the tower.

      Let’s hope he is motivated, because then he should start to become interesting.

    • Touta didn’t “mortally wounded” by Fate , he got killed so i guess his body is what Fate needed , not himself

      • Gore17 says:

        Or he did need Touta alive, and Touta dying was accident. With his plan now ruined, Fate leaves, and Eva comes along, having sensed Fate attacking.

        Explains why Fate didn’t grab him then, and why he didn’t meet Eva.

        • Louis says:

          It could be that fate just said that to get under Touta’s skin and make him get stronger. Of course, it could also be indirectly. Perhaps he felt responsible for the death and views it as his fault. I’ve seen plenty of anime pull that card. He might not have actually took their lives, but was somehow indirectly involved (maybe he didn’t stop the people who did it when he had the chance or failed to defeat them). Who knows?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Oh, you guys are talking about two years ago. Hmmmm…if Touta was already dead so that Fate left him as such, how was he brought back to life?

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Touta is immortal, and I’m pretty sure that without a head, Touta was still alive. After all, Kuroumaru beheaded him and Touta still lived.

  3. Dargor says:

    Well, uh…huh. I guess this is Akamatsu’s way of trying to remove some Negima baggage, but its sort of disappointing and…meh. I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest.

    • Seimei says:

      I want to say: Hello this is a Nekketsu manga, no Nekketsu / harem manga as was Negima. Is therefore normal that almost everything that relates to the harem Negi disappears (again thank you my god!)
      I already found the issue karin stupid and gold TOTALLY seen about the situation (seriously karin, you’ve taken anything like Drugs, we will announce that the second thousand-master is alive and you instead of demender “where is it” or “what is the situation,” you demende “who loves more between Negi and Fate yuki?” Seriously I know you have a sister-complex on Eva but fuck you care!)
      Sorry but there were more pressing issues to set it according harem cursed me such as “why Negi is essential to save the system-solar? There would thus have known that was the threat (VERY good is probably the life-maker (I really hope) but at least there’s aurat been clear. ^ ^)

      In addition, a friend told me there a few days “anyway harems where there is a clear resolution at the end are rare. Because a harem resolved necessarily result in the frustration of those who do not appreciate the “winner female character” so the resolution of the harem should always be hidden, and never clearly revealed, so that everyone can have their own interpretation of the resolution of the harem. This is the key to a good harem.”
      (I said that was his opinion even if I quite agree. with it, and all the ways the harems are not my cup of tee exceptions. Negima I read for adventure, the scenario, the university built very durable, and fighting. harem Negi me always left ice makes it even deterred me long to read this manga that I now regret. Heureuseent I corrected my mistake ^ ^)

      After Over-master and if you you really want to have a resolution of harem I think you already have. The elected heart Negi is probably Konoka ^ ^ (I said I’ve never been a fan of this character, my pint of view is impartial. ^ ^).

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’ve thought for a while that Sensei is continuing the Negima story, sans most of the Negima characters.

      • Seimei says:

        bah is the case in fact lol ^ ^. Without characters Negima but especially without harem, indeed ^ ^.

    • WMC says:

      Same here. “UQ Holder” does not compute for me. I think Mr. Akamatsu’s just retelling one of his long running nightmares. And laughing all the way to the bank. Immortal nightmares? I outgrew fantasizing about immortality and invincibility a long time ago.

  4. OverMaster says:

    We’ll absolutely never get any romantic resolution for Negima, will we. We have been and will be lead around as fools for years, won’t we.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sad but true.

      (It’s the Ah! My Goddess effect, though there was at least a resolution there to reward us for 30 plus years of being lead around.)

    • WMC says:

      Not me. I foolishly picked up Vol. 2, looked through it for about two minutes, and put it back on the bookstore’s shelf. Never again. I promise never to read it or anything about it.

  5. Mike M. says:

    So if Fate’s goal is to save Negi, then that would almost confirm that Negi isn’t actually “dead” but in all likelihood imprisoned or incapacitated.

    • Exactly… Most likely he is sealed and Touta needs to be sacrificed or something , Which sounds like a good thing , Cause if Fate sacrifice Touta , He is out of the picture and Negi is back , We`ll never have to deal with that annoying guy again…. …… But we all know that isn`t going to happen…. Right .. ?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I want to see how the English version reads before making a call there.

  6. chaosprophet says:

    Poor Kirie, While her plan wasn’t that good in the end as we saw, it still did work and was the sole reason Fate started answering questions. But Kirie herself didn’t get to ask one.

  7. Aki says:

    Hmmm kinda hoping for fate to answer negi was in love with me… Let’s move on.

    So akatmatsu pulls, let answer one question and move on and despite throwing the bait that fate is the murderer of touta parents plot… I believe fate is lying…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t think Fate’s lying at all. For him, the ends justify the means, so if killing Touta’s parents is what it takes to get Touta, then that’s what Fate is going to do.

      • Aki says:

        Well it just doesn’t really feel like a fate style of murdering plus I doubt his best buddy negi would to happy about him killing his own son/daughter and I doubt fate would even have the heart to impale them multiple times.

        If it to take the blame to encourage touta to power up quicker then it makes it sense but the image of how his parents died doesn’t seem that fate like… Unless third party involved like a new Cosmo Entelecheia.

        Also I know people would argue he did turn back to his old ways and slaughtered the numbers, but given the fact he was facing five immortals, that three can endlessly regenerate, even I would throw out heavy attacks to take them out of commission long enough to take touta, also if fate were to kill/kidnap touta and his parents he would have went for pertrification and then unpetrification later.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I don’t think Fate killed any of the Numbers during Kirie’s first trip through. I think Fate did the most efficient method of taking them out of the fight, including Touta, so he could get Touta. I don’t think any of them actually died.

          • Aki says:

            Ikuu getting his head destroy does make him pretty much dead, karin being warped to ‘death’ is a bit meh cause she pretty my invulnerable to everything and as for kuromaru taken out of commission… I would rather be dead than left half dead or wish for better regeneration ability

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            That presumes he didn’t download somewhere or have a backup. We saw Chachamaru move to different bodies. Ikkuu wouldn’t be “immortal” if it were that easy to kill him. So in my mind, he either did the Cylon-type transfer, or he has a constant backup and can be uploaded into a new body.

            Karin appeared to be sent somewhere, so I doubt she died.

            Kuroumaru could regenerate.

            Touta can also regenerate if his body part is missing, but he’s not dead just because he lost his head.

            So while there’s no doubt Fate took care of them all, it is my belief that he did not in fact kill any of them.

  8. Seimei says:

    There you exaggerate! lol Tota seems to want to train to beat Fate, so it has a purpose (which on the other hand is in every way consistent with its primary objective the tower. So it should begin to entreîner and gain charisma as stated Astro.
    Reminder was after meeting Fate that Negi wanted to entreîner and became itéressant (and even more when he wanted to entreîner with Rakan). I think the phase inroduction is finally finished. Serious things will start soon.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Touta may now have found his motivation in the combination of getting to the Tower just to defeat Fate.

  9. NML says:

    So Negi is alive? I hope he isn’t possessed by the MotB but I wouldn’t be surprised, Akamatsu probably had a plan for how to fight and defeat the MotB and he still wants to use it.
    I wonder if we’ll ever meet granny Springfield, if Evangeline wasn’t still 10(therefore can’t have children) I would be convinced that she is Touta’s grandmother.

    • Seimei says:

      bah about it there is a forum member and I am registered “Kiba” which gave its views on the possibilitée that Negi can be posseded by the mage of the begining. My view is I might add, perfectly similar to hers:

      “Bwarf honestly even if it was in the case Negi was possessed I think the circumstances are sufficiently different so that the series can not lose interest. The common point is just to go but when you save Negi see the characters present in 2065, the time that has nothing to do with Negima, radicals and Eva Fate changes that have nothing to do with those of Ala Rubra, and I do not see Negi fall into the same trap as Nagi.

      This is precisely why I’m waiting to see the context and how it will be brought. “

    • Aki says:

      Lol considering how odd chao lingshen was with her inability to produce magic herself and has to draw in mana through ruins (I call it a pseudo magia erebea) I wouldn’t be surprise if negi and Evageline got together and produce kids by creating them.

      Homunculus like fate, but yeah never know he might have got it on with his students

      • NML says:

        I never thought about it like that but yeah, the reason Touta can’t use magic(or at least hasn’t shown any aptitude for it) is probably related to the same reason that Chao had to use those runes to use magic.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Touta may have been conceived through an act of science, magic, or combination of both.

  10. chaosprophet says:

    That same link with the Japanese spoilers and pictures got updated with more detailed info. At first all the four think about what they will ask as Fate says they can’t consult with each other but have to come up with their question by themselves.

    Touta think about various things he would want to ask, from his grandfather to the weird black thing (ME), but realize he could just ask Yukihime about those.

    Karin remembers hearing that Fate saved the world before together with Negi and Yukihime. She won’t have a chance like that again so she concludes there is only one thing she must ask.

    Ikkuu isn’t much interested on things from Fate but don’t want to waste the chance Kirie went to such an extent to get.

    Kuroumaru wonders why one of the heroes that saved his hometown 80 years ago is now hostile to humanity. He have many questions but decide he should ask one that would help in not letting Fate have Touta.

    There is a lot of talk after Ikkuu’s question. Fate tries to convince Touta to join him to release Negi and save the world. Touta is confused about the sudden revelations. Ikkuu argues that if he said release, it may mean something like a seal that only someone who is blood related with him could release. A common case with magic. Ikkuu is about to say something more but Fate says again they can’t consult with each other.

    Before asking her question Karin says it’s a question of great importance. She asked that because she heard before a rumor that Negi and Yukihime were lovers (愛人関係 may mean lovers in the sense of having an illicit relationship?).

    Seems like the whole chapter text was posted now. I’m curious about the faces the characters were making at all the parts of this chapter.

    • For some reason I cannot access that site , It always gives me ” The website is not available “

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Two things.

        (1) What country are you accessing from and
        (2) What browser are you using?

        The link has Japanese characters in it, so that could be interfering with you getting to the site. It could also be blocked for some reason from your ISP.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thanks for the update. ^_^

      I did take a gander at the Chinese scans, but I’m going to wait for the English ones to come out before making any judgement calls.

  11. Aki says:

    Just read the chinese raws, the Ensis Exsequens (Executioner’s Sword) seems to have been modified into a more Ice like blade (if thats what Evageline was charging in the background)

    It seems Negi is still saving the earth and his plans are on hold for what ever reason that has occured during 2065.

    In regards to the did you kill my parents question, it seems Eva and Fate was surprise by the question and Fate saying he did it and come at me when your stronger is a method to get him to train for whatever reason Fate needs him for.

    Eva might want to train Touta for self defense, but over she is hiding alot of secrets from touta.

    • Hm , I`ve read it aswell and The expression of Fate`s face seems like he was kinda surprised by Touta`s question…. And we all know Evangeline is pretty much hiding something that we don`t know.

      I mean , If Fate really needed Touta in-order to save Negi , Why would he kill him along with his parents ? Is it possible that someone else that has no ties with Fate`s group , Did the attack ?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, in Negima, it always had a more energy blade look to it. It wasn’t until much later that I learned it was supposed to be ice magic (if I’m remembering correctly).

      • Morgho says:

        Executioner sword, the Sword of Conviction. A high-level, extremely destructive attack spell, taking the form of a glowing ‘blade’ extending from the arm, which forcibly initiates phase change in certain substances, turning solids into liquid and gas, essentially vaporising any substance within range.

        The process of vaporisation would generally be assumed to be an increase of temperature; however, in order to absorb the large amount of vaporisation heat and the latent heat of fusion, the temperature radically decreases. Therefore, even if the initial forced phase change was magically resisted, the target will be exposed to an extreme cold wave due to absorption of the enthalpy of fusion by the surrounding air, making this a two-fold lethal attack.

        (The substance undergoing phase change does not experience a temperature increase as these are all latent heat. Thus, it is possible to cause, at one atmosphere down, the anomalous phenomenon of steam and vapour at -25 degrees Celsius. The magic’s effect weakens once the the substance has undergone phase change, allowing it to steadily release its latent heat, turning it back into mist and dust.)

        Dissimilar to most cold-based spells, which generally work by freezing and solidifying the target; this magic works in reverse by reducing temperature with an induced phase change. Thus, cold-based magic is also capable of vaporisation in addition to solidification, though performing this would require a mage on the level of Evangeline, who can use this spell to match even the output of Negi’s Titano-ktonon.

        Dear old Canon.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Sweet. I couldn’t remember the details, but there ya go. Thanks a ton for that. ^_^

      • Aki says:

        Yeah it was original ice magic but how it works was that it super heats and then super chills the target

        And in regards to zae comments, I just feel touta parents death was not fates typical style, plus being negi best buddy he wouldn’t do something negi hated. With pertrification magic and his level of skill he would have pertrified them then reverse the process later and the only reason he reduce touta to a head at the spaceport was because fate was facing 5 immortals with three having high speed regeneration.

        If it to boost his morale to train, that’s understandable but as it looks and feels, it possible there is a third party and with L.M back… Possible that there is a new Cosmo Entelecheia and their aim is to revive their master

        • I agree , I don`t think Fate would do that.

          Also , There could be a New Cosmo Entelecheia who wants to revive Life Maker , I mean , It could be Dynamis , Going back then at Chapter 333 where Evangeline used her ” Endless White Nine Heavens ” spell , Akamatsu-sensei really never showed or gave Dynamis a panel showing that he got hit by the spell , I know i`m just speculating here , But I think he could have survived and got away , Kept a low-profile then proceeded to recruite members or revive members of Cosmo Entelecheia…

          • Aki says:

            Dynamis is quite the survivor considering he survive since the fight with nagi when primum was in charge.

            Even if it note him, the Mage of Beginning most likely wiped up a Septum the 7th Averuncus and a bunch of lackeys for him.

          • chaosprophet says:

            On chapter 333, on the double page where Eva activates the spell, you do see it hitting Dynamis just behind the fire one as he tries to take it with fire (the big muscle one from 20 years ago).

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Possible that there is a new Cosmo Entelecheia and their aim is to revive their master


  12. Aki says:

    English translate is out, ikuu makes a good point about fate needing touta, if negi is sealed or trapped or something, they would need negi bloodline to revive him and this would mean touta konoe assuming he is truly negi descendant.

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