Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends Volume 7 (Manga)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends Volume 7
Haganai! Vol. 07 (manga)

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SPOILER!!!*** Summary/Synopsis:

Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends Volume 7With Kodaka now discovering that Yozora is his childhood friend Sora, Yozora reveals that she knew all along that Kodaka was “Taka” and she was miffed that he didn’t recognize her. She also explains why she never showed up on that final day. At the club room, the others don’t recognize Yozora except for Sena, who knows her immediately. Rika gets Yozora to cosplay a male character, so when Maria comes in, she freaks out at the “pretty boy” in the room.

With Yozora having a new hairstyle, Sena decides to try a new one, leading Yozora to con her into trying out a “pouf” hairstyle with all sorts of weird things in it. Sometime later, Yozora walks in on Rika without her glasses, where he’s shocked to learn they are just an affectation for Rika. Rika gets the club to watch “Yaoi Game Club” with her, but with the male friends making out in it, Rika has to tell Yozora that this is what friends do sometimes.

Finally, Yozora recalls meeting Kodaka on that fateful day in school and the real reason she started the Neighbor’s Club.

So, now we get the reason Yozora bailed out on Kodaka as a kid and didn’t show up on that final day — she was embarrassed to be seen in a dress, but she did want to tell Kodaka she was a girl. As excuses go, it works for me, considering the kid logic behind it.

I did like that Sena understood Yozora actually hadn’t changed despite her new hairstyle. Of course, she sucks at trying to bully Yozora, so I’m not even sure why she tried.

I was somewhat amused when Rika and Yozora tag teamed to con Sena into waring an absolutely hideous pouf hairstyle. Seriously, why does Sena even trues Yozora at all?  By now, she should understand that Yozora is going to take advantage of her where possible.

Speaking of Rika, I was highly amused by the revelation that she doesn’t need to wear glasses, and that she’s Kodaka’s physical type without the glasses. Of course Rika being Rika is enough to put off Kodaka. *lol*

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when Rika conned Yozora and the others to watch her yaoi flick. Considering Yozora’s reaction after hearing Rika proclaim that kissing among friends, even if they are men, is OK, I get the feeling we are setting up things so that she can allow herself to have romantic feelings for Kodaka and actually show them.

The last story, retelling Yozora encountering Kodaka at high school from her perspective, comes off almost like a retcon. Granted, there were obvious clues planted that showed Yozora was probably Kodaka’s childhood friend, but when we see Yozora’s thought patterns that’s where it starts feeling like a retcon. That’s because Yozora has always come across as mean and such, but when we see her thoughts, she often is shown regretting having said or done something, but then goes along with the flow anyway.

Finally, a new character is being introduced – another nun. I wondered if we’d see other nuns play roles in this series or not. We’ll see what this new (young) nun has to do with the story.

Oh, one more thing. I liked the nod to Haiyore! Nyaruko-san coming from Rika. I wonder if she’s wanting to recommend it to the club because it has a trap in it.

In the end, a pretty enjoyable manga volume.

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