Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 03 (Girls ready to see the world.)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 03 review
フェアリーテイル ゼロ 03
Fairy Tail Zero chapter 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 03Mavis assures Yuriy that she’ll win in one turn, and that with the two of them within a magic barrier to prevent lies, she will lose if she’s wrong. Yuriy is a bit shaken by this, but tells himself that there’s no way she could win in one round as that just doesn’t happen. When he starts to tell her that the bird in the room is hers, she cuts him off at a point to where it sounds like he’s calling her a bird, thus she claims a win. Yuriy decides to add another rule that forces the other to listen completely. She agrees, but reminds him that when she wins, he has to leave the island and let her meet fairies.

Mavis states that he has blinked 57 times since the game began. Since she has not blinked, it doesn’t violate the “things in common” rule. Further, since he doesn’t know if he’s blinked 57 times or not, even guessing correctly will cause him to lose since he’d be lying that he knew the answer when he didn’t.

Precht and Warrod show up, saying they found the location where the Tenrou Jade had resided, but it is no longer there. Mavis goes to the stone’s location and is shocked to find it gone as she hadn’t realized it had been stolen. However, she figures that the magic guild, Blue Skull, took it when they attacked seven years ago. Mavis demands they take her with them, reminding Yuriy of his promise to let her meet fairies.

In the stable that Mavis and Zeira call home, Mavis packs a trunk. She introduces Zeira, causing Yuriy to have an odd reaction to this. However, Yuriy is charmed by Mavis and they begin their journey to the mainland.


Mavis is one of those awesome characters. I completely understand why Mashima-sensei loves her and why she justifies starring in a prequel Fairy Tail manga.

I don’t know how the rules of Yuriy’s game of wits allowed for him to get a mulligan, unless it was because Mavis agreed to it. However, as I see it, Mavis won the game twice, both with one turn, as she’d promised. Awesomeness! ^_^

It is interesting that she didn’t realize the Tenrou Jade had been gone for seven years. I suppose it is possible that she just hung around the ruins of the guild and never went by the stone, but considering how it was supposed to be some kind of relic, it seems odd to me that she didn’t go by and look at it now and again.

As an aside, I find it amazing that she continued to live in the stable, even if she did put furniture into it. There were still animals (or at least one animal) in the stalls.

Then there’s Zeira. The way Yuriy acted, it was as if he never saw Zeira. Indeed, every answer that Zeira gave to something Yuriy said, Mavis also answered. That would seem to lend credence to the theory that she’s a ghost.

Then again, maybe this Tenrou Jade was used by Mavis to resurrect Zeira, but Mavis’s memory of doing it is blocked for whatever reason. Yeah, I’m stretching on that one, but it was a thought that occurred to me just now and wasn’t part of my original review notes that I took.

Anyway, I’m rather enjoying Fairy Tail Zero, much more so than I do the original Fairy Tail. Yay, Mavis. ^_^

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6 Responses to “Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 03 (Girls ready to see the world.)”

  1. chaosprophet says:

    Rather than a ghost, from chapter 2 it does seems to me that she is actually an imaginary friend (another possibility is an illusion) that Mavis created on her loneliness / not being able to take her first friend death.

    One of the reasons being that what Zeira says and do seems to reflect another side of Mavis, a worried and shy one that Mavis herself don’t try to show. Her discussing with Zeira about traveling makes me think that she is trying to convince herself.

    That scene in chapter 2 page 10, for example, where Zeira says “I haven’t spoke to anyone in 7 years! What am I gonna do!?” would make sense if Zeira don’t actually exists and what is she saying is something that Mavis was actually feeling.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Rather than a ghost, from chapter 2 it does seems to me that she is actually an imaginary friend (another possibility is an illusion) that Mavis created on her loneliness / not being able to take her first friend death.

      I commented about this some in my review of chapter 4.

      What are your impressions of this series so far?

      • chaosprophet says:

        Zero or FT? Zero is pretty interesting. Mavis is a fun character and is always great to see how some of the big people in the last were. It also have a much smaller cast (and don’t think it will grow too much) which means things don’t drag too much. I’m also really curious how the guild will be made and those mercenaries, at least two, will turn into such great mages. I’m also curious what will happen with Mavis and how will Zeref get involved.

        On actual Faiiry Tail, it’s has ups and downs, partially because of the very big cast that tend to make things drag on the middle of arcs. All in all there are many fun characters and some great scenes here and there that make it worthwhile to read, imo.

  2. cold_menthol says:

    I don’t know if you read FT weekly or whenever a new volume comes out, but the latest chapter made me think about the connection between Tenrou Jade and Lumen Histoire, if they have any.

    In short:
    Zeira’s state in FT0 is the same as Mavis’ in the original FT, and it is made possible by Tenrou Jade. The Jade isn’t actually missing and is only hidden by Mavis. By doing so, albeit after waiting a few years, she can ask anyone interested in the Jade to bring her outside of Tenrou Island.

    This theory is still like a Swiss cheese though :p

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m only as far as the volumes Kodansha Comics has released, and even then, I’m behind. ^_^; Not enough time in the day to do everything I need to do.

      Anyway, thanks for the theory. ^_^

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