Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 04 (Don’t muck with the little girl!)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 04 review
フェアリーテイル ゼロ 04
Fairy Tail Zero chapter 04

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 04Mavis, Zeira, Yury, Precht and Warrod arrive at the port town Hargeon. Precht says he’s going to find info on Blue Skull and tells Warrod to get an inn. Mavis goes to join him, leaving Zeira with Warrod and Yury.

Arriving at a tavern, the bartender claims not to know anything about a guild named Blue Skull. When the bartender explains a lot of mage guilds have been created, Mavis calls him out, stating that there are lots of guilds besides mage guilds, thus if he didn’t know of Blue Skull, he wouldn’t know it is a mage guild. The bartender is shocked by how clever Mavis is. Behind them, a couple of patrons attempt to attack Precht, but fail. He grabs Mavis in one arm and with a chain blade from his sleeve, he defeats the entire bar.

The bartender pulls a lever, causing floorboards to flip, revealing a magic circle. The bartender reveals himself to be a member of the dark mage guild, Blue Skull. The glyphs of the circle are supposed to harm them if they step out of the circle, but Mavis detects a flaw in one of the glyphs, meaning it will not harm them.

Stepping out of the circle and surprising Precht, Mavis tells the bartender that she too is a mages, then summons the giant, “heavenly wolf” Tenrou. Everyone is amazed by this summons as Mavis again asks where Blue Skull’s base of operations is.

Having obtained the information (the town of Magnolia), Mavis and Precht walk back to join their comrades. Mavis reveals that this giant wolf was actually an illusion. She feels confident that with her magic and Precht’s blades, they’ll retrieve the Tenrou Jade from Blue Skull. As they continue walking, the duo pass Zeref.


Have I said lately that Mavis is awesomeness? Man, I love her character.

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 04

The reasons for Mavis becoming the first Master of Fairy Tail are starting to be revealed. Yury (I decided to go with this spelling rather than the more unconventional Yuriy) got schooled on her quick wit and cleverness. Precht got schooled in her cleverness as well, but he’s seen her very impressive illusion magic. So there are two, adult males who have come to respect Mavis despite her youth.

Mavis also works as a character in a world of adults because she’s easily dismissed. After all, what can a young teen girl do?  The Blue Skull bartender didn’t expect such a young girl to be able to read the glyphs on a magic circle. Precht would not have looked, and I doubt he would have known that the magic circle was glitched and wouldn’t harm them.

Her ability to summon impressive illusions is also something that will catch adults off guard.  As such, it is making Mavis an important member of this team, and paves the way for her to be made the Master of Fairy Tail when it is formed.

As to Zeira, this chapter seems to shoot down the notion that no one can see her, thus shooting down the notion that she’s a ghost. Now that we know that Mavis can create impressive illusions, it is possible that Zeira is an illusion. (And I see that seems to be a popular theory at this point.)

Finally, there’s Zeref. I’m not current with Fairy Tail. I’ve read through volume 41 (which I still have to review), so I’ve no idea what has been happening with him there. So if something has happened and you guys want to comment, use the spoiler tags.  ^_^

Anyway, Zeref showing up was unexpected for me, and another point of interest since he’s been such a factor in the original Fairy Tail story. I’m looking forward to seeing how he plays a role in the story.

Well, this catches me up on Fairy Tail Zero. I do plan to blog this as it comes out on a monthly basis.

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6 Responses to “Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 04 (Don’t muck with the little girl!)”

  1. SL from MH says:

    Well nothing much has happened with ‘Zeref’ himself in the main story yet (until ch 407), but the things that are happening are related to him directly. And the latest chapter does reveal a specific point regarding him.

    I can’t say anything else as i could end up spoiling plot related things.

  2. NML says:

    I guess FT0 will show us why Zeref was on Tenrou/Sirius Island.

  3. chaosprophet says:

    Actually I’m not so sure people can see Zeira. She doesn’t have anything outwardly that would get that reaction from Yuriy back on chapter 3. I do think Yuriy told the other two about it and they’re just acting as if they could see another girl. In any case, we will know in the future.

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