Paradise Residence Chapter 05 Manga Review (High School Girl’s Bath, Seinen Style)

Paradise Residence Chapter 05 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 05

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 05Hatsune and Suzuka walk home as Hatsune recounts her latest fight with “Purin” (Nyuutabaru) and wonders what “Teppen-sama” is. She’s ready for a bath, but a naked, screaming Steph-senpai comes running out, reporting that the bath is cold. Since the young Dorm Mother denies having turned on the water heater, Komatsu gathers the girls of Dorm #1 and reports that the water heater is broken. However, she has a plan and takes them to a new bath.

When they show up at the modern Dorm #2, Hatsune is not pleased since this is where Nyuutabaru lives. However, she’s willing to endure it, pleasing Komatsu. Komatsu is greeted by her counterpart in Dorm #2, and after they exchange “pleasantries”, the girls enter. Inside, Nyuutabaru greets “Teppen-sama”, resulting in her senpai chopping her on the head for looking down on the girls of Dorm #1, even if they are rivals. Nyuutabaru escorts the girls of Dorm #1 and is about to insult Hatsune again, but catches herself before she can be whacked again.

In the large bath, the girls of Dorm #1 enjoy themselves in the water. Hatsune remarks on not wanting to be in debt to the girls of Dorm #2, so Komatsu assures her they won’t owe a thing. After their bath, Komatsu meets her counterpart, who tells Komatsu that they don’t owe anything. Komatsu agrees with this and departs. As such, Komatsu’s counterpart checks the bath and finds the bath is twice as clean as it was.

Meanwhile, the girls of Dorm #1 arrive home, sweaty again from the climb up the hill.


Wow. After dipping his toe into the seinen waters last chapter by giving us a glimpse of Steph’s nipple, Fujishima-sensei decides, “What the heck. I’m going to dive right on in!”

Paradise Residence Chapter 05

I actually laughed when Steph showed up naked again in this chapter, revealing two nipples. I had thought that this was as far as Fujishima-sensei would go. After all, I figured he’d be a bit cautious about doing too much nudity, based on the YEARS he spent on Ah! My Goddess and its very tame style, especially for a seinen manga.

When Fujishima-sensei had a panel where we get to see the naked Hatsune, Komatsu, Suzuka, and one other girl who’s not been named yet (their very naughty bits covered by steam), I nearly fell into the floor. While having another panel where the girls are naked but mostly hidden, he did service Suzuka more by giving us a good look as she started getting into the bath.   I guess Fujishima-sensei really wanted to draw some naked girls. I wonder if he’ll start finding excuses to do this more, especially if there’s no outcry about it in Japan.

As to the chapter, it helps further establish this rivalry between Dorm #1 and Dorm #2, which had previously been pretty limited to Hatsune and Nyuutabaru clashing. We’ve seen how old Dorm #1 is, and now we see how new and modern Dorm #2 is.  Komatsu has her own rival (who went unnamed). Dorm #2 looks pretty nice, what little we saw of it outside of the bath.

Beyond that, not a whole I find to comment on about the chapter. If you’ve read it, feel free to add your own thoughts on the chapter.

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  1. ether101 says:

    I liked this chapter and it kind of got me into the series more.

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