Sailor Moon Crystal – 06 (Lather, rinse, repeat)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 06 Review
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06Chiba wakes from a a bad dream while Usagi meets Ami and Mako on the way to school, reporting that she too has had bad dreams. Usagi runs into Chiba, who helps her up, leading Mako to tease Usagi about him. An outdoor TV monitor shows Tuxedo Mask and his announcement of looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal. His announcement is also noted by Queen Beryl and her minions. so Zoisite volunteers to take advantage of the situation to gather more human energy. Meanwhile, Luna gathers the Sailor Warriors at the arcade to brief the and explain that they’ll remember more of their past in the future. Usagi notices that Sailor V in the game demo is using a Moon Stick like the one she got from Luna. The girls then ponder if Sailor V is their ally or not.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06Zoisite, disguised as a female expert, is interviewed on TV and gets everyone in the city to start looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Luna summons the girls back to the arcade, where a hidden command center is revealed. Luna wonders if Tuxedo Mask is behind this, but Usagi is sure he’s a good guy and runs off. The girls and Luna go to the TV transmitter to shut it off and release the townspeople, but Zoisite shows up and stops them after they transform into Sailor Warriors. Meanwhile, Usagi runs into Tuxedo Mask, who apologizes for causing the problems due to his rashness. Usagi is relieved that he’s not an enemy, then races back to the television transmitter to help her captured friends.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06Queen Beryl descends to harvest her friends as Tuxedo Mask reveals he knows she’s Sailor Moon. He tells her what her special power are that makes her their leader, so she transforms to Sailor Moon. Using Moon Stick, Sailor Moon is able to blast Zoisite, forcing Queen Beryl to retreat with him. With that, Sailor Moon releases the people of the town from the spell before collapsing, where Tuxedo Mask picks her up and carries her to his home, where she has a feeling of nostalgia. This is observed by Sailor V and her cat. When Usagi wakes up in Chiba’s home, she realizes that he is Tuxedo Mask.


Sheeze. Work always getting in the way of my having some fun. No wonder I’m so far behind. ^_^;

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06

Anyway, this episode is another one by the numbers. Bad guys come up with a plan, start to execute it, Sailor Jail Bait get into gear, all looks hopeless, one of the Sailor Jail Bait girls finds a way, bad guys retreat while vowing to return, which they will do next episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06

As I watched the episode, the part where the hidden operations center was revealed to be under the arcade made me wonder what people would think who hadn’t read the original Sailor V manga series.  Obviously, enough hints are dropped to point people back to that series, should they wish to find out more. Since Sailor V had an actual cameo this episode, I guess she’ll be showing up pretty soon.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06

Regardless, since I’m so far behind and this episode didn’t do much other than have Usagi discover that Chiba knew she was Sailor Moon and that Chiba is Tuxedo mask, I’ll move on to watch the next episode since I’m still two behind.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 06


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