Paradise Residence Chapter 06 Manga Review (There’s always been an adult here.)

Paradise Residence Chapter 06 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 06The young dorm mother is doing chores outside the dorm and his joined by Hatsune. Suzuka joins them, looking for edible wild plants. The young dorm mother says she’s going to use the plants for tempura, but surprises Hatsune when she says she’s not allowed to cook tempura, but her mother will do it. Hatsune is surprised by this, more so when Suzuka states that the girl’s mother has always been living with them in the dorm. Hatsune says she’s never seen this person, surprising Hatsune and the girl.

Hatsune flees to her bed as Suzuka asks her how could she have not known. Further, the little dorm mother points out that there’s no way she, as an elementary school girl, could manage the dorm.

With that, Hatsune begins her quest to find the real Dorm Mother. She races through the dorm, only to learn the Adult Dorm Mother has gone shopping. Hatsune takes her mini-bike to the shops, only to learn that the woman has gone to Dorm #2. There, Nyuutabaru says that Big Dorm Mother already left, stunning Hatsune. Since Hatsune didn’t get gas for the mini-bike, she has to walk it home. She goes from place to place on the quest until she wears herself out and passes out. The girls get her to bed, where the Big Dorm Mother looks in on her, though Hatsune is never aware of it.


Well, ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

I had thought from day one, “What is an elementary school girl doing as ‘Dorm Mother’ of an old, female, high school dorm?” It made no sense to me, but I was curious to see what Fujishima-sensei’s answer would be.

The chapter was a fairly tortured way to say, “This is why Big Dorm Mother has never been seen or heard in all this time.” I still call, “BS!”

Paradise Residence Chapter 06

Seriously, when the hot water heater went out, where was Big Dorm Mother? It is Little Dorm Mother who’s apparently responsible for making sure there’s hot water for the bath. (It was on her checklist.) When the girls go to Dorm #2, where’s Big Dorm Mother?

But let’s be realistic here. Fujishima-sensei wanted to draw a cute loli girl for his new manga. Since it centered around a girl’s high school dorm, he had to invent a role for her to fill — dorm mother. It doesn’t make since for such a little girl to have that role, and since I’ve no doubt Japanese fans were asking the same question I was, Fujishima-sensei gave an answer with a bogus excuse why we, the audience, have never heard of her before this chapter.

Still, this poor little girl slaves away for a bunch of high school girls. Seems pretty sad to me.

Did I like the chapter?

It was OK. It wasn’t funny to me because it was clear from the moment that Little Dorm Mother spoke of her actual mother, Hatsune would not be allowed to see her.

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4 Responses to “Paradise Residence Chapter 06 Manga Review (There’s always been an adult here.)”

  1. shadowofthevoid says:

    “Hot water heater”? Reminds me of an old George Carlin routine:

    “Pardon me. I said I’d like to buy a hot-water heater.”

    “What the hell for? Hot water doesn’t need to be heated! You must want a COLD-water heater! How about a hot-water cooler?”

  2. ether101 says:

    I really like Hatsune in this chapter. The way she moves around makes me sad that there’s not much more for me to see with this character unless there’s an anime at some point.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Unfortunately, the way the Japanese do anime titles, they are mostly used as a commercial for the manga/light novel source material.

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