UQ Holder Chapter 58 Manga Review (Time for the REAL hero to show up!)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 58

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 58Sayoko begins attacking Santa with very advanced magic as she no longer recognizes him. He manages to get to her and avoid her last attack. He reaches Sayoko’s true self, pleading with her to stop as all he needed was to be with her. Although he reaches her, a swarm of skeletons emerge from the shadows and grip her, causing Santa to realize that they are controlling her. As she starts succumbing to the evil again, she says that she let them in because she wanted power and revenge.

Sayoko’s body is transformed into a giant mass with wings all over. Santa tries to get close, but the possessed Kuroumaru stops him. Santa knows that Kuroumaru can “kill” him, but though he manages to elude Kuroumaru (save for losing a few fingers), he is unable to phase through one of Sayoko’s tentacles.

Santa desperately tries to reach where Sayoko is to pull her back, but Kuroumaru stops him, showing superior battle experience. Santa is about to be “slain” when Touta shows up with Shinji to deflect the blow.


As expected, Touta shows up to be the deus ex machina for Santa. I’m not thrilled by that, but it does appear that Akamatsu-sensei is going to give Santa another go at reaching Sayoko.

UQ Holder Chapter 58

I really do hope Sayoko gets redeemed at the end of this arc. I think it would be lovely for her and Santa to join UQ Holder while at the same time, being a sweet, if undead, loving couple.

I am glad that Santa’s and Sayoko’s battle didn’t play out the way I had expected. I kept thinking that she’d snap and lose the last of her humanity when Santa rejected her.  Santa never rejected her, only pleaded that his only desire is to be with her. While she did accuse him of abandoning her, that was more because she was overtaken by the evil rather than her actual thoughts.

We got to see some of her god-class abilities. In that whole power chart from Negima, I suspect she ends up being way up there in power, towards the top. I think she could stand up to Eva, and I think she’d give Fate a run for his money (though I think Fate’s being an artificial construct and years of battle experience would give him the edge).


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  1. Seimei says:

    astro : “As expected, Touta shows up to be the deus ex machina for Santa. I’m not thrilled by that”

    1.Seriously? … SERIOUSLY! lol!

    Astro my friends your disenchantment for Tota takes enormous proportion lol.

    You’ve said yourself : Tota will probably there to take kuromaru.
    If Tota was not there, Santa probably could not face Sayako properly. We must keep our heads. You take it all too seriously alot, at least I feel. Relax. ^^

    Tota IS the hero … and should act as a hero. It sounds stupid but This is the basics, mainly in Nekketsu! You can not ask the author to continually humiliate or ignore the main character of his own manga, just because you dislike this character lol.
    Tota has had a good series of failures during this arc (first battle against Santa where he has served for nothing then the first battle against Sayako where he was again beaten easily by her (with magia-erebea! )).
    So yes I dare say : it is time for him to play his role as the main character. This does nothing to prevent Santa to be the hero of this arc since he’s the character who will stop Sayako. I hope, in fact we all hope here ^^.

    So do not play your grumpy JUST because Tota is he who fights kuromaru to allow Santa to do his job with Sayako please lol.

    2. Otherwise, to change the subject: have you noticed the magic circle used by Sayako? This Is the same as that used by Fate, Eva and … The Mage of the Beginning!

    I wonder if our dear black Archmage did not play a role in madness of Sayako. Hmmm…
    I look forward to more! I WANT MORE!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      You’re right — I’ve got to lay off Touta, though he’s such an easy target for me. I just want Santa to shine is all, and it looks like for now, he’ll continue to.

  2. chaosprophet says:

    ANB, I think your dislike for Touta sometimes drives your comments too much, like naming this post after that part that is just in the end.

    There was nothing about Touta appearing this time that was a deus ex. He didn’t somehow got to regenerate quicker than he should but actually took the minutes it was said he would. He didn’t suddenly found a way to fly but rather had to rely on Shinji, who is very weak himself but can fly a broom, a basic thing that Touta can’t do. And he didn’t come to steal Santa spot, but to actually hold Kuroumaru down while Santa focus on the main enemy.

    I found it interesting that Kurou seems to be stronger now that he is controlled. He may be like Setsuna, a character that is often weaker than he should because of psychological reasons.

    I think Sayoko now would be at most Sukuna level. Which is powerful, but like Sukuna is a big slow enemy that can be beaten by weaker people. Like how Rakan said Negi could take down an Aegis Battleship even thought he was weaker Chius wise. In any case we need to see how they will act next chapter.

    • Seimei says:

      +100 chaos-san^^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      ANB, I think your dislike for Touta sometimes drives your comments too much, like naming this post after that part that is just in the end.

      True. Can I blame work stress for this? ^_^;;;;

      But your point is taken.

      I found it interesting that Kurou seems to be stronger now that he is controlled. He may be like Setsuna, a character that is often weaker than he should because of psychological reasons.

      I think you are right on point there.

      I think Sayoko now would be at most Sukuna level. Which is powerful, but like Sukuna is a big slow enemy that can be beaten by weaker people.

      I always wondered about Sukuna actually being slow. I’ve always thought that Sukuna was still restrained from just having been summoned, giving Chachamaru time to put a barrier around it, and Eva comes in for the easy kill. I got the impression later on that when Nagi and company initially sealed it, it was a tough fight.

      • chaosprophet says:

        You do have a point about Sukuna. If I remember correctly, later on on the magic world arc when Eishun comes by and is with Eva and Al, he does comment about how tought it was to beat him.

  3. cold_menthol says:

    While she did accuse him of abandoning her, that was more because she was overtaken by the evil rather than her actual thoughts.

    But in a way, he did abandoned Sayoko by committing suicide, right? From that page in this chapter, I get the feeling her real thought played a bigger part than you mentioned here.

    Anyway, I’m glad with how this chapter turned out. Karin is again nowhere to be seen though.. :p Maybe she’s down there taking care of the zombies.

  4. tenkalion says:

    I’m betting Touta stays in the sidelines, fighting with Kuroumaru, and Santa remains the hero of this battle, either redeeming Sayoko or defeating her, or both.

    You may not like Touta, but don’t forget that Akamatsu-sensei has always been good with giving the side characters their deserved spotlight. Nodoka, Yue, and Kotarou pop out at me as good examples of this in Negima.

  5. Frederica Bernkastel says:

    I think people are overestimating Sayoko here way too much especially being compared to Eva and Fate of all people? Sure she has shown impressive magic capabilities but unless she started blowing up cities and mountains in the next chapter then I won’t put her on the same level as those two also you guys are ignoring combat strength, speed, and durability. In which case Sayoko would get one shotted by Eva or Fate while running circles around her. I could tell you the difference in strength, speed, and durability is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. If Santa could barely dodge a mach 10 bullet and Santa was fast enough to appear behind Sayoko’s back without her noticing him just imagine what Eva or Fate would do to her. To give you an idea how fast Eva and Fate is both of them can keep up with lightning god Negi’s speed (who is somewhere around mach 440 to mach 6000 depending on the atmospheric condition) not only that but a clone of Eva who is several times weaker than the real Eva and Fate who is much weaker 80 years ago could do all of that. Then there is strength and durability, Touta’s punch who could destroy buildings at best could knock Sayoko out just imagine what Eva and Fate’s punch would do to her, a strength level comparable to Jack Rakan. The magic circles isn’t even a legit way of measuring power. The bounty hunters has used a lightning spell against Setsuna and Kaede that has fancy magic circles similar to what Lifemaker, Eva, Fate, Dynamis, etc has shown and they are no where near high tiers. The spells Eva and Fate used that has magic circles around them is much weaker than Kosmike Katastrophe and Terra Findens which are both considered as the strongest spells in those respective elements yet it doesn’t have any fancy magic circles. In case anyone would try to bring up that Sayoko is a ghost and they can’t hurt her, fortunately for them they can as both Eva and Fate has touched Negi’s lightning form and according to the Lexicon Negimarium Negi’s lightning form is spiritual in nature to be more precise it says that he is comparable to a genie and if anyone asked why they were able to do that Ken simply stated in the Q&A section of the manga that Rakan used fighting spirit to hit Negi and it’s fairly obvious that’s the reason why Eva and Fate was able to hit Negi’s lightning form. So no Sayoko would get humiliated and beaten up so badly if she ever faced those two. She is basically a glass cannon.


    • Seimei says:

      Regarding what you said about the other topic about “fate’s power = 8000” this makes sense if it is said that Fate through the artifact of Nodoka his fight with nagi resulted by a draw. Nagi is the same level as Rakan and not a meta-human-magicus of Mondus, it can not be “erased”. The only way that Fate could have meant a draw would have had to be as strong as Nagi, so 12000. If is what I meant.

      On Sayako again everything you said makes sense. Apart from that you forgot two capitals data:

      1. The spell used by Sayako is not killiple astrape but an unknown spell of thunder : “Divine Thunder”. It might be more powerful than killiple astrape. This is perhaps a category of spells surpassing the “elementary kings”? After all the “9 eternal white Paradise” of Eva in rhe end of Negima, was for me, more powerful than “kosmike katastrophe”, it could be also a higher category.

      2. The magic circle used by Sayako is far EXCLUSIVELY linked to life-maker or very powerful Archmage that are linked to him (Eva or Fate). It is a proof of high-power for a character who uses it. Dynamis has used this circle ONLY with the “code of the life-maker”.

      This is why I theorize that the life-maker was played a role in the madness of Sayako.

      As for the bounty hunters Canis Niger. For starters, they have launched this famous spell via a scroll they had bought. This wasn’t the produnct of theri own power.

      Then the magic circle again is not the same, is the classic magic circle for killiple astrape.

      As for your explanation of the “glass cannon” it holds up. But it is also possible that Sayako has increase her power at the expense of speed and durability. Which would explain why a simple basic magia-erebea may frighten her. After all, without magical barrier or defense of ki to protect and strengthen the body, even a gun bullet could kill an Archmage, then a magia-erebea basic … ^^.

      That’s why I really think that Sayako is at Sukuna no kami Despite its low resistance.

      Although I admit that if I was her, he would not come to my head to increase my power while neglecting to strengthen my protective barriers and my speed. Is an unforgivable strategic error in akamatsuvers and it seems to me impossible from a tactician as Sayako. Is the big flaw in my reasoning …^^

      • Frederica Bernkastel says:


        I even stated in the other discussion that Fate might already become stronger even by the time he fought Negi but did you ignore the part where I said that average Averruncus unit? Which literally also includes Primum, Secundum, Quartum, Quintum, and Sextum? Which Rakan might have used to judge their average strength since he have experience fighting them whether the numbers are 8100, 8500, 9100, 10,000, 11,500 for Fate doesn’t really matter and is not the entire point of this discussion my entire complain is Sayoko should not be ranked anywhere as high as that especially if that’s the level of strength Rakan used to judge Cosmo Entelecheia members who are all around powerful in every areas of strength. I would understand Primum but he still lost to Nagi rather easily even though he put up a good fight it’s not even the same as Rakan where in 12,000 both him and Nagi fought each other to a draw for 13 hours and both have records of beating each other several hundred of times and their record is actually pretty closely even. You can actually see that what it means to be equal in power.

        Now I could use the same logic to Vrixho Nagasha who Rakan fought to a draw despite the fact it’s a slow target it’s a very durable opponent and is not a glass cannon like Sayoko, the same also applies to Sukuna who also seems to be a tank. Sayoko is neither a speedster or a tank, she’s a glass cannon. I could also question you whether there are statements or actual facts that should put her at Sukuna level. For now this is a baseless claim as we already discussed previously how god-class label works and as far as we know it also applies to God Soldiers. I’m not saying that Sayoko is weaker than them, she could be stronger than them but we have no idea by how much for all we know Sayoko could be 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000? But what is the basis for that? And that reminds me if firepower is your basis in determining the overall strength of a person then what about Chachamaru and Ikkuu? They both can use Al-Iskandariya which has destructive power more impressive than Sayoko’s Divine Thunder. I’m sure you’ll try to bring up that Vrixho Nagasha lost to that Cthulhu demon using Al-Iskandariya but let me remind you that demon is using Code of the Lifemaker.

        I’m completely aware that it’s not Khilipl Astrape. You are just assuming things that it might be in a higher category but you don’t have proof. Titan Slayer is a spell synthesis between Khilipl Astrape and Iaculatio Fulgoris while in Endless White Nine Heavens you could see that it has Eternal Glacier as a part of it which is a key part of Kosmike Katastrophe’s first version. There is a basis on why those spells are so powerful while you can’t say the same thing on Sayoko’s Divine Thunder based on magic circles alone as you can see that we already saw that the spell Eva used in chapter 5 is much weaker than Kosmike Katastrophe. There is also the fact that spells may be equal in rank but not in power as you can see Negi’s Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens is not as strong as Nagi’s version which could blow up a mountain. I admit I didn’t double check the magic circles the bounty hunters used so I made a mistake but my point still stands that magic circles is not equal to power. That argument is about as silly as refering to gods as a basis of power and not mere status. You can theorize all you want regarding Sayoko but that doesn’t suddenly make her jump in the power rankings.

        @SL from MH

        You do realize the 1001 cat comparison between Negi was meant to be a joke, right? Even a combined strength of 240,000 humans wouldn’t have enough power to blow up a mountain like Rakan did. The fact that you mentioned her power is equal to Lifemaker is a massive exaggeration but let me give you a ridiculous example using that argument. Code of the Lifemaker is only a fraction of Lifemaker’s power but it has shown the ability to create 500,000 demons. An average demon should be somewhere around 100-300 (this is actually an understatement considering Code of the Lifemaker has also dragons and other beings ranked at least 650) that would make an average Code of the Lifemaker user 50,000,000-150,000,000 in terms of power level which is unrealistic and blown out of proportion and that is not even the power of Lifemaker himself. This would be the result if we base things on how you try to estimate Sayoko. Then there is also the fact that Nagi or Eva has once defeated the Lifemaker so this makes things even more ridiculous. If you truly believe Sayoko is that much stronger than Rakan then you can pretty much say that Touta is stronger than Rakan as well after all Sayoko was scared of Touta and tried to run away from him.

        • Seimei says:

          As I said above, I acknowledge that there are big gaps in my rasonnement. But what disturbs me is the use of THIS magic circle. After all, so far it has only been used by the dsciples of the life-maker (Eva included), which are all monsters.

          So that disturbed me. But you no-doubt correct. In fact before developing any theory on the fact that this circle is or not a symbol of power, it should already know what it means, decrypt its symbols (oh how I wish the presence of a “UQ Lexicum” !).

          I am sure of one thing : this circle has a specific meaning, different from other magic circles. It is not for nothing that we Akamatsu showed almost 10 times in Negima and UQ Holder. This circle IS special. It remains to be seen how ^^.

          About what you said to “SL from mH” I totally agree with you.

          Except for one thing, I do not think Nagi has conquered life-maker through pure strength. for me there are two possibilities:

          1 life-maker has not fought seriously (most likely). He’s invites Nagi to defeat him after all. He mocks him ^^

          2. The last spell used by Nagi was invoking Gugnir. Divine spear of Odin; Quintum even said that this magic weapon is the most powerful element of lightning. It has the greatest penetrating power. This probably also means the barriers, especially as in the Norse cosmology that spear is supposed to reach its target always flawless. It is likely that if it was indeed the spear of Odin, even if the life-maker was infinitely stronger than Nagi he could do nothing. ^^

          Personally I imagine the power of life-maker 1 million. We’ll see if future official data give me right or wrong. ^^

          • Frederica Bernkastel says:

            Well for now let’s just conclude that Sayoko is at least as strong as the God Soldiers and we shouldn’t compare her to Sukuna unless there are future evidence that support this, ok?

            I don’t think we will ever get a UQ Lexicon. Ken doesn’t get any 1 week break from now every 4 weeks and his assistant who is an expert of Latin, Sanskrit, and Ancient Greek quit a long time ago. I would have prefered if the newer spells in UQ Holder are incantated in those languages instead of Japanese.

            As for the magic circle, yes it could be that Sayoko is one of those Lifemaker’s wicked experiments or he could be the person who put all of those 240,000 souls on her. After all he was still around when the time Sayoko died or it could be that Ken was only reusing designs for newer high ranking spells so let’s not jump the gun and wait for a few weeks after they reveal more info about her.

            As for Nagi beating Lifemaker. I actually don’t have any objections regarding your theory and it makes sense because I’ve always thought the way Nagi beat the Lifemaker was some random shounen power-up asspull while Rakan fought him for 13 hours to a draw and they have records beating each other several hundred times over and over again.

            Sure Nagi may have become stronger 10 years later but that’s a whole different story and even so he struggled fighting 4 Cosmo Entelecheia members and nearly got killed. So overall I kinda agree with this.

          • Seimei says:

            Oh what a pity that this assistant have left!

            But here I note that despite a spell used by Saako was a new spell sortillège Greek. Maybe this wizard left notes to Akamatsu before leaving?

            Besides, can you tell me what the Western spells recited in Sanskrit? I never found the boards lol.

            Yes expect to learn more about the origin of power Sayko. I think the answer will be given to chapter 60 (it is longer and has a color page). I hope that my theory is right! I want this evil Archmage come into the Big Game and start his plans!^^

          • Frederica Bernkastel says:

            From what I remember there is a rumor that his assistant left because some of the Japanese fans are complaining that they couldn’t read the incantations. I’m not sure if I read that on Aquastar or some other forums though.

            What I do know is that Lexicon Negimarium stopped being released after volume 27 and that’s when I started to notice that the newer spells are no longer being incantated in Latin or Ancient Greek.

            The Sanskrit is not used for Western spells but it is used for Eastern spells, Chigusa is the character who mostly uses Eastern spells and recite them in Sanskrit. Some of the spells she used are listed here.



            Actually, I don’t want Sayoko to be a villain if anything I would prefer to see more romantic development between Sayoko and Santa. I mean, it’s pretty much revealed that she’s not really evil.

            But if you mean the Lifemaker himself then sure, it would make this whole zombie apocalypse arc make more sense.

          • Seimei says:

            1. What a pity, akamatsu had the chance to have an ethnologist (or someone working in this area) but the fans do not see the interest. It’s sad because it must be remembered that the “Lexicum” contained not only information on the spells (including translations and their effects on Physics), but also contained valuable information about magical phenomenons, on monsters and creatures and even food and plants like coffee! ^^ What a pity.

            And that you see, it saddens me a lot more than not to see 3-A again or do not know the name of the wife of Negi. Yes much more. But I guess we’re the agreements above Federica? Finally, I think, because I do not know actually, I’m not in your head ^^ (dedication to the haters Dargor and Over-master ^^)

            1. For Sayako, yes I speak well of the theory that it would be a piece of life-maker. Besides, if you think about it, this hypothesis has several advantages:

            -Present Sayako, almost as a victim, a simple manipulated puppet, which, it is true, makes even more her redemption.

            -Allow the entry into the game, of the black archimage that I personally consider to be one of the strongest and most charismatic antagonnists all shonen together. Despite the few times that we have seen him in Negima.

            -Open The door to the next beginning of the main story (which I think will start when all the “numbers” will be collected).

          • Frederica Bernkastel says:

            Let’s end this discussion for now. I don’t really have much of a comment on theories and speculation regarding Sayoko and Lifemaker. My original complain was Sayoko being put on the same level of Lifemaker, Eva, Fate, and Sukuna and I think we can all agree that she’s not on that level based on what she has shown. I’ll take back my words if there are some evidence revealed in the future chapters that Sayoko is really on that level.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          You do realize the 1001 cat comparison between Negi was meant to be a joke, right? Even a combined strength of 240,000 humans wouldn’t have enough power to blow up a mountain like Rakan did.

          Ah, but what if half or more of those humans were mages of various power?

    • cold_menthol says:

      also you guys are ignoring combat strength, speed, and durability

      This is exactly why I don’t like to use Rakan’s chart (or any power chart that only shows one value) to see who is stronger. It is fun to see/guess how high someone is in the chart, but that’s all. I think Kamo’s love chart has more credibility than Rakan’s power chart.

      • Seimei says:

        Especially since Rakan himself says that after all, this charter has little value in real fight.

        There are many factors : the experience of fighters, their respective intelligence. A special ability that one of them possesses …

        Example : Tota vs Fate: No matter what the haters say, Tota HAS NOT defeated Fate on pure strength. In fact he has not defeated at all lol, on the contrary he has been stripped and humiliated, especially when Fate became a little more serious.

        But Fate was really captured thank to power of Kirie and her ingenuity that made her think to buy a magical app anti-petrification.

        Another example: Negi vs Rakan : Rakan was stronger than Negi but thanks to Raiten Soso, Negi was able to surpass him in speed and make a draw with him.

        The power is not the only factor to consider in akamatsuvers. Is a very important factor is true… but it is not decisive. Your right Cold-menthol^^.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think people are overestimating Sayoko here way too much especially being compared to Eva and Fate of all people?

      Her using massively powerful spells without incantations puts her on a god level right there. Sayoko does not appear to have any real melee combat skills. Hers are more of the pure mage variety. If you can’t get to her, then she can lay waste to the entire planet in her own special way. She’d need the protection of someone while she fires off these powerful spells. That was why the pactio system was invented in the first place. It is just that characters like Fate, Eva, Nagi, and Negi break the rules in that they are both powerful mages, but also powerful melee combatants.

      If I fire a nuclear missile at a target, it could be shot down and destroyed by something comparatively significantly weaker. However, if you don’t get to shoot it down, the nuke will devastate its target because it is that powerful.

      • Frederica Bernkastel says:

        Like I said before, Kagetaro could also unleash spells with similar destructive power without incantations. As you can see he can destroy a large building with 1 shadow lance and he can use 1000 of those at the same time.


        Also Sayoko used an incantation on a significantly weaker spell. She could have been already chanting an incantation on the stronger spell while there was a panel showing Santa dodging the attacks.


        Even if she does have protection how does a bunch of zombies even the ones like Kuroumaru could compare to Eva or Fate? It won’t magically make Sayoko a significant threat to either of those two unless Sayoko somehow manage to turn someone as strong as them into a zombie and something like that would require plot-induced stupidity.

        I already did mention in the previous post that Sayoko is pretty much a glass cannon so that nuke comparison is similar to my claim. The thing is against Eva or Fate, both of them are simply too fast for Sayoko, they could tank Sayoko’s firepower without trouble, and at the same time they could dish out attacks much more powerful than hers so your claim that Sayoko could stand up to them is invalid.

        Even if she destroys the world by chain reaction that’s not comparable to destroying something right off the bat. It’s not really a measure of raw power but brokeness, which I do admit Sayoko is pretty broken but not strong enough to compare to Negima high tiers.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I already did mention in the previous post that Sayoko is pretty much a glass cannon so that nuke comparison is similar to my claim. The thing is against Eva or Fate, both of them are simply too fast for Sayoko, they could tank Sayoko’s firepower without trouble, and at the same time they could dish out attacks much more powerful than hers so your claim that Sayoko could stand up to them is invalid.

          I don’t know that I said Sayoko could stand up to a massive attack from the likes of Eva or such. Sayoko is more of the traditional, powerful mage. Mages like her are why the pactio system was set up so that they can be protected from attacks while they nuke an area. Eva can nuke an area, protect herself, and attack others all at the same time.

      • chaosprophet says:

        I’m not sure I would say they do break the rules. According to Eva explanation pretty early on when she started training Negi, the difference between a classic mage and a mage swordsman disappears at the higher levels. Or one could word it different. A melee mage that isn’t able to dish powerful spells and a classic mage that don’t have melee skills just can’t fight the top people that have both.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I was using the term loosely. Eva, Negi, Fate, and Jack are pretty much at the top of the list, and the whole pactio system was set up because mages wouldn’t normally be battle mages as it takes considerable skill to master both melee and magical combat.

  6. SL from MH says:

    Regarding the Power Level of Sayako, since UQH is the sequel to MSN, we can utilize Rakan’s Power Scale to some aspect here.

    According to Karin in UQH 057, Sayako’s Soul has become the host of over 240,000+ soul of people who had committed suicide in the past decade or so.

    Now, if we take into account of Rakan’s Power Scale and consider each souls minimum power at Chisame’s level (i.e., 1), then that alone would put Sayako’s power level at 240,000, which would be 20 times the amount of Rakan’s power as stated in chapter 238 of MSN.

    And considering the fact that not each soul power level would be so low and the fact that Sayako was already an extremely power Sorcerer before she died (being able to take in that many soul and still be able to maintain her existence is actually a pretty big feat), we can easily consider her to be at around 300,000+ power level.

    Now i don’t remember what was the power level of Negi at the end of MSN nor was the power level of Lifemaker ever mentioned.

    But i think its safe to say that her power (if controlled properly) would be on par with the LifeMaker at this point.

    But the way Sayako has been behaving and saying that she doesn’t have much time. Maybe its possible that once Sayako loses total control of herself, her whole body would collapse and her form would be destroyed. Meaning all the soul inside her would be released.

    • Seimei says:

      Not the power level of the life-maker never actually mentioned. You’re right.

      But … 300,000? I think you’re exaggerating a LOT lol!
      For the life-maker I’d agreements (and even I imagine him, even surpass the “one million mark” ^^).

      But Sayako not. For the simple reason that if this was the case I think Mahora has already been atomized! No, in fact the planet would have been atomized lol.

      I think the way in which Sayako has acquired her power is more complex than a simple addition of power.

      Take a simple but famous example in Dragon Ball. : Do you remember of Picollo and Nail? None as of them were strong enough to face Freezer separately. But after picollo has absorbed Nail, he was able to fight on par with Frieza in his second form which had a force of one million.

      Nail had a force of 40 000. The force of picollo before the fusion was never officially given but it should be in a fork between 30 000 and 100 000.

      Now we have a problem. If the force of Picollo was 30,000 or 50,000 (most likely), then by adding strength would have been 70 000 90 000. This is lower than the initial form of Frieza! (500 000)

      Starting to this principle one might think that Sayako is even stronger than you think, I know. But no, on contrary is not necessary the case.
      It may be the opposite. I think we need to see this case more of it as a “higher stage of evolution” as a simple purely additional power increase.
      I still think it forces between 2800 (divine soldier megalo) and 8000 (Ryumon Sukuna no kami).

      The rest of your theory is interesting however. From this point of view, Sayako is about to escalate and self-destruct. It already starts elsewhere, given its her mutation into a tentacle monster lovcratiean bizzaroïd lol.

      And as stated Cold-Menthol, do not rely too much on the power scale of Rakan, it is only theoretical, more than Dragon Ball, has to say! ^^ Because contrary to Dragon ball, in the Akamatsuvers, the power is, it’s true, a very importent factor… but it isn’t the only. Even less decisive…^^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      In terms of raw power, Sayoko is most certainly way up there. Her weakness is that she has little melee combat abilities, so as I said elsewhere, she’d need protection. That’s why she had Kuroumaru protecting her. Had Touta not been immune, she would have had Touta protecting her too.

      • Frederica Bernkastel says:

        Compared to the likes of Eva, Fate, and Rakan? The Divine Thunder Sayoko used was about as big as a few city blocks in size compared that to someone like Eva who could freeze an area worth of SEVERAL kilometers by simply activating her Magia Erebea form, Rakan who could blow up mountains as a joke, Nagi who punched the Lifemaker so hard it created an explosion so big that Sayoko’s magic doesn’t even compare.

        You are overestimating Sayoko way to much and seem to be underestimating Negima high tiers. Even Chachamaru could create an explosion way bigger than that and her attack could be simply blocked by Fate with one hand. Someone like Kagetaro has enough power to destroy 1000 large buildings and Chao has shown a higher ranking spell than her. So Sayoko standing up to Eva or giving Fate a run for his money is simply not true.

        People on other forums tried to calculate Negima characters destructive power so I think this could give you an idea how they compare to Sayoko.


        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          You are talking about kings of the mountain with Eva, Fate, Negi, and Jack. Sayoko may not be at the top, but she’s pretty powerful

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