Sailor Moon Crystal – 10 (The once and future Usagi and the magical memory recall!)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 10 Review
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

01 Usagi's PapaUsagi’s father comes home with the Legendary Silver Crystal on a necklace chain. He teasingly asks if it is from her boyfriend, which she sort of confirms. This makes her father realize that one day, Usagi will leave home to be on her own. Usagi meets up with her team mates at the water fountain where she’d made her promise to Chiba. The girls transform under the light of the full moon, and with Artemus and Luna, transport themselves to the moon. Landing at the Sea of Serenity, the group travels to the ruined Silver Millennium. They explore the ruins a bit before coming to the remains of the Crystal Tower, the core of Moon Castle.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10They find a sword buried in a stone, which Sailor Venus ultimately removes. In doing so, a holographic image of Queen Serenity, Usagi’s mother in her former life, appears. Queen Serenity explains how the Earth Kingdom was corrupted and how Endymion resisted and died, saving Princess Serenity. Queen Serenity sealed the evil that turned Earth, but in return, they lost the Silver Millennium. Queen Serenity tells her reincarnated daughter that the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal depends on her heart. Queen Serenity charges the others to protect Usagi before vanishing. The girls return to Earth, where Usagi urges the others to to find the true meaning of their rebirth.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10The Four Kings observe Queen Beryl heading down a secret passage to visit Queen Metalia, where they learn they are being used and suddenly remember they were knights in the service of Endymion. Queen Beryl easily possesses the four to subject them to her will. The four turn Tokyo into ice, drawing out the Sailor Warriors. Sailors Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter protect Sailor Moon as Sailor Venus reveals she knows their past. The four girls suddenly remember their time with the guys in the past and how they were in love. Queen Beryl laughs at how the girls are going to be killed by their former loves, but Sailor Moon stops it, removing the ice. However, the Sailor Warriors cannot reach the Four Kings, who escape. Meanwhile, Queen Beryl revives Chiba, giving him a mission to get the Legendary Silver Crystal.


It really is hard to watch this and not laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

I got the feeling with this episode that things are being pushed forward at a rapid pace. I’m not sure how closely they are following the manga at this point (beyond one of the Four Kings being alive when he died in the manga).

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

When the girls went to the moon and visited the ruins of Silver Millennium, I thought, “Man, isn’t it lucky that none of the moon missions, both manned and unmanned, ever found such ruins?” *lol*

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

The sword in the stone reference wasn’t one I remembered from the manga, but then again, I don’t remember a lot from the manga. I’m assuming it was there. Regardless, I honestly thought it would be Usagi pulling the sword out, thus the final confirmation that she’s the true princess. Instead, Sailor Venus pulled it out.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

Sailor Venus is the only competent one in the bunch, and she’s shackled by the writing, which deems her to be powerless when the situation calls for it, such as when the Four Kings attacked.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

Therein lies some of the most absurd stuff in the series. The “powerful” Four Kings suddenly decide to tail Queen Beryl, learn the truth about themselves, but then are easily overcome by Queen Beryl. This is the same Queen Beryl who’s been defeated by the Sailor Jailbait team, who in turn have defeated and been defeated by the Four Kings, depending on how the story needed to go.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

Anyway, the whole subplot of the four Sailor Jailbaits being in love with the four bishounen knights was an eye roller, even though I did remember that element from the manga. Didn’t all of the Four Kings die in the manga? I guess here, they may get a heart-warming, “doki-doki” romance with the Sailor Babe of their choice.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

And of course, now that Usagi’s dream lover is possessed, it is about time for some forced, melodramatic moments where Usagi can cry more.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

In the end, I continue to show that I am a glutton for punishment. For whatever reason, I’m determined to keep watching this thing.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 10

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 10 (The once and future Usagi and the magical memory recall!)”

  1. The stupid romance subplot wasn’t actually in the manga. It came about from a separate painting Naoko did.

    Over the years these pairings somehow rose in popularity, so I guess the makers of Crystal decided to pander to shippers at the expense of good writing…

    What’s funny is after the Four Kings die later on, it’s completely forgotten about immediately afterwards.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      The stupid romance subplot wasn’t actually in the manga. It came about from a separate painting Naoko did.

      Interesting. I couldn’t remember if that was in the manga or not, and I didn’t take the time to go look.

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