I decided to start watching “Hanamaru Kindergarten”

I decided to start watching “Hanamaru Kindergarten”

I receive a lot of recommendations for anime to watch or manga to read, and they all get put on a list. I’m pretty sure someone recommended Hanamaru Kindergarten (aka: Hanamaru Youchien) a while back, but when I recently saw a “kawaii shark” GIF image making the rounds, I immediately had my interest piqued to the point of taking a look. Rather than post said GIF, why not share a clip of the scene in question.


The girl being the shark, Hii-chan, is such a massive scene stealer in this cute and amusing series about a group of kindergarten children and their teachers.

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve marathoned at present (up to episode 10). There are a lot of elements that I’ve seen in other titles, which is understandable since I’ve been watching anime for quite a while now. Still, it has been fun so far, and that is the most important part.

Not sure when I’ll get around to a Hanamaru Kindergarten review. If I’m lucky, next week before the spring season of anime hits us, and I have to learn how to be more efficient at blogging. ^_^;

Hanamaru Kindergarten

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