UQ Holder Chapter 82 Manga Review (The ultimate shounen MC is here!)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 82

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 82Dana sends Kuroumaru to defeat a massive dragon in a week in Kuroumaru’s own homeland, even though it would take five Shinmeiryuu masters to do such a task in a week. Santa is sent to Inverse Mars, where he has to battle a hoard of giant, magical spiders that eat spirit matter. Kirie is sent to a library to become the best of the best mages in a week, meaning she will have to kill herself multiple times to relive the week and get all of the learning in to pass Dana’s test.

Kuroumaru and Santa have lowered their regeneration times to 26.4 and 23.7 seconds respectively. Dana kills Touta several times and teaches him more about regeneration and bluffing.

Touta is put back on the hoops and ball, impressing Dana. She has him look down, where he see’s he has created the ying and yang symbol. As a reward, Dana tells Touta that the black magic of Venus in him is Magia Erebea, a forbidden spell which was created by the Mage of the Beginning/Lifemaker. It is this mage who turned Yukihime immortal in one of the mage’s experiments. It is Magia Erebea that made Touta immortal.

The other is the white magic of Mars, Magic Cancel, which is more accurately called the ultimate magic of creation and destruction. This is the magic which can destroy Yukihime’s nemesis, the Mage of the Beginning.


Well, we are either retconning, or we are in a timeline that was not mentioned in Negima.

UQ Holder Chapter 82

Eva’s origins in Negima were such that it was implied she came from an important European family. I never thought she was royalty, but I did think she might be from a titled family, or a very wealthy family. After all, we were shown a castle, and then the room where Eva was apparently transformed. The implication is that Eva lived in that castle and that she was in said castle. Well, that might be true, but now, Eva was just a peasant girl. So if she did live in that castle, I guess she was just a servant girl.

Magia Erebea was supposed to be a technique that Eva created, which gave her a boost in power far exceeding her normal powers. Eva then (conveniently) recorded this in scroll, inhabited by a piece of herself. Later, Dunamis (Dynamis) noted ME when Negi used it and said it was similar to the Mage of the Beginning’s power. That didn’t seem to take away from Eva’s discovery. Back then, I saw Eva as having created a technique that used the dark powers of MotB to give herself a huge boost until she no longer needed it.

However, coming right out and saying, “The Lifemaker created Magia Erebea, and it is a dark magic spell” does take away from Eva’s discovery in my mind. Now, it isn’t a technique invented by Eva, but rather Eva lucking into using a spell from MotB for her own, after which she recorded it because it needed recording as a technique, even though it was a spell.

So, why would the powerful MotB need a forbidden magic to boost their own power? How would “I can’t use magic boy” suddenly be able to use this dark magic spell? As a technique, I could buy Touta being able to somehow use ME through genetic memories. As a magic spell, I call BS.

Then there’s Magic Cancel. When Asuna was alive and kicking, it was something unique to her. Arika didn’t have Magic Cancel, but she did have Royal Magic which worried some to the point of attempting to execute her. However, Weapon-X Asuna was apparently not even seen as a human being, but a weapon component, forcing Nagi and Ala Rubra to come rescue her during the war. She was so unique, her memories had to be purged to protect her as she was then hidden on Earth in plain sight.

According to this chapter, Magic Cancel is just the common name for the ultimate white magic of Mars, that the magic of creation and destruction. This magic was apparently passed down by members of the royal family to their descendants. Except Arika didn’t get it, and though Asuna had it, she was apparently put on ice until needed as a weapons component.

In the end, it is playing very loose with the continuity of Negima, and thus is retconning if we are truly connected to Negima. However, if this is ultimately another timeline that had not previously been seen (as I have speculated), then Akamatsu-sensei can retcon as much as he wants and say, “Another timeline.”

It appears that Kuroumaru, Santa, and Kirie were all sent to their level caps so that none will be able to stand up to them. I can see it now, Kuroumaru’s entire clan comes up to destroy Kuroumaru, but Kuroumaru sneezes and destroys the entire clan. Santa farts and purifies magical monsters. And Kirie becomes a mage so awesome, Negi and Nagi combined look like bumbling ignoramuses in comparison.

Of course, our main character isn’t far behind. Touta’s being set up to become god of the universe, making his every word law.

The one thing this chapter does is make me think that Akamatsu-sensei might be just tired of it all and is getting ready to wind it down. You get all your characters here to their level cap, then have them go out and smoke Hoodie, then Mage of the Beginning. After that, Nagi and Negi encourage Touta to hook up with Eva. Kuroumaru becomes a lovely girl, Kirie decides she’ll also be with Mr. Incompetent, and Karen decides that sleeping with the man that sleeps with Eva is good enough as an indirect relationship goes. And Touta lives happily ever after, until the end of time.

I’ve written a ton for a chapter that left me disappointed. Next week, I’ll have mostly forgotten whatever I’m feeling now as new things will distract or irritate me.

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  1. PaperAxe says:

    I don’t think it’s winding down,I have a feeling this is building up, they’re immortal and a lot of the things they’ve learned are book knowledge training. They’re still going to fall and make mistakes.

    Touta still can’t utilize magia erebia or magic cancel to the extent asuna could.
    Dana killed them so easily its funny and how often is your master stronger than the main antagonist? Kuroumaru killed a dragon in a week, Fate during Negima killed a dragon nearly instantly with 1 spell. to say they’re going to off hoodie is okay but jumping right to the mage of the beginning after that would be really really weak.

    I feel this chapter was to show the characters what they are capable of and make them stronger.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t think it’s winding down,I have a feeling this is building up

      You might be right. It is hard to get a feel for UQH since it is so random compared to Negima. Still, I can see this all ending in 3 volumes or so, should Akamatsu-sensei decide to do so.

      • Seimei says:

        I’ll repeat myself YET, but for me UQ is much less random than Negima (up bow Mundus magicus there was NOT accurate as I could even structure. By cons I manage to even terms of UQ Holder, whatever you may say.

        So no I think UQ Do not terminate until at least another 10 or 15 volumes (and not Akamatsu-sensei should NOT complete the story in only 3 volumes, moreover, neither you nor I are authorized to advise him about this. ^^)

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          ’ll repeat myself YET, but for me UQ is much less random than Negima

          Clearly, we read different manga. Negima had a fairly tight script starting with volume three and moving out from there. The forums, both Western and Japanese, were alight with discussion about Negima, and that increased as time went on because of all the foreshadowing that had been put into place from volume 1.

          In UQH, we have a collection of random adventures. The only thread linking things comes from Negima, not UQH. So that alone throws out your idea that Negima was random. If it was so random, why is it the glue that’s holding UQH together (and barely at that)?

          Further, while the discussions around Negima grew and grew until the end, with UQH, there’s little discussion. Oh, we have some discussions here, but forums aren’t on fire with new UQH stuff, and the Japanese certainly aren’t abuzz about UQH. It takes them months to fill 1000 posts in 2ch for UQH whereas with Negima, that was done in a few weeks.

  2. Teenryu says:

    I think you got one thing mixed up– I believe that when she says the royal magic is magic cancel, I think she’s saying that magic cancel isn’t ALL royal magic is, as royal magic is more than that. It’s the strongest variation of magic from Mars. About Eva, the MotB making magia erebea is sort of indirect. For all we know Eva could have found the secrets of it and made it into what it is through her own way, and it was technically never clarified if she was of royal descent. Moving from that, it sets up a interesting premise

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, we’ll see how this all pans out. That being said, Asuna had Magic Cancel, and at the end of the Magic World arc, she used her ability to recreate the things her ability had destroyed.

  3. what are you talking about? retcon ? she just didn’t know it was from the MOTB, stop taking everything that the characters say as word of god, you keep saying retcon, retcon, retcon, but nothing shown until now says anything about a retcon, just that some characters are wrong and some things are kept secret or characters are misinformed.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      In other words, retconning. 😉 The biggest excuse for justifying a retcon are all the things you cite.

      Case in point: A boy goes with his family on a trip. During this trip, the boy’s family is killed, leaving him an orphan who’s then rescued and adopted by the people who rescued him. However, 20 years later, said orphan is visited by the dead brother, who was in fact alive and didn’t go on the trip with the family for “reasons”, but the orphan didn’t remember the little brother not coming on the trip, and the reason the little brother only makes contact with his older brother now is just for “reasons.”

      That is a retcon, but that fits your “the characters are wrong, misinformed, and kept in the dark about information.” 🙂

      • Seimei says:

        No Astro, I’m agree with “elementskatewear”.

        So all the characters say must be “word of God” and the truth, I can not lie or be misinformed, I must say perfect truth, otherwise has a retconing?

        If I push your logic to the extreme Astro if I, a real human being I say a thing to a friend this must be the truth is otherwise a esst retconing?

        If I am a high-ranking military officer or a secret I will tell everyone I know to my subordinates even secret defense information?

        If relatives die in accidants and I think the only survivors and effectivements I found a brother who survived in real life, years later-was of “reasons” or “retcon”?

        Let’s be honest and sérieu two minutes, these kinds of stories happen all the time in real life, so why would not it happen in fiction?

        Is precisely this aspect that makes it interesting fictional stories, captivating and CREDIBLE (because yes, some say UQ is not credible, but honestly if all what the characters were saying the “word of God”, that ALWAYS they took the right decisions, never make a mistake or they said all they knew from the start would quickly absurd).

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I’ve said my piece on retconning. The example I gave is a perfect piece of retconning. Just because one loves a story blindly doesn’t mean the author isn’t retconning things just to suit their purposes. It happens, including in series that I really enjoy.

  4. dominic says:

    Maybe is magic cancel the ultimativ form of the royal magic and it get weaker from one generation to the next.
    The last picture. Haha. I bettouta droped the loops

  5. Inspuck says:

    It’s was said in Negima that Eva’s magia ereba is an extention of the Mage of beginnings Magic not something that she herself created, it’s not really a retcon, although I think giving Tota Magic cancel is stupid

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Back when that information nugget was dropped in Negima, Eva was still the creator of ME. She may have based it off of MotB’s power, but it was her creation. She created it, then Negi perfected it.

      Now (in UQH), ME was actually created by MotB. Eva didn’t actually do anything, but somehow claimed it as her creation and wrote her stuff down in a scroll for Negi to perfect.

      I think giving Tota Magic cancel is stupid

      Akamatsu-sensei is giving Touta everything to be the ultimate shounen MC. In the end, Touta will be able to burp and that alone will kill even Dragonball Z characters, no matter how powerful they supposedly are.

      • Seimei says:

        No, the magic-cancel, never made Asuna invincible (in the manga she spends her time to lose, for invulnerability, you will return lol) and magia-Erbea has never been an invincible power (you forgot petrification it work on it? That the Shinmei-ryu also work?) and matter. The life-maker has ALSO magia erebea and royal magic, so in my opinion, Tota is the MOST in danger here for now. The life-maker has 2700 years of experiences in mastering these techniques I recall. ^^

        The fact that you do not like Tota because he is a hero of shonen and follows the plot of a shonen hero, does not mean it’s really a bad person right? This is a good character for his kind of story (shonen). But hey, we will not repeat this sterile debate.

        For cons, I repeat myself but even before this chapter I have always considered the life-maker was the true creator of the ME, the fact that we speak of ME as an extension of the power of the life- maker is in my opinion purely sémentique or even sophisme, in fact, the ME remains the ME.

        Was exactly as if I said that the ME Negi is an “extension of the technique of Eva” (Rakan himself after Negi has mastered the ME said, “this is a technique that belong to you alone.” . That every master of the ME Reinvent and made his own version.

        • Seimei says:

          And maybe Eva herself does not know that the life-maker had created it before ME, I remember she did not even know that the lifemaker was the one who had transformed her in vampirr at the base.

          I refer to my comparison with “two inventors who achieve the same results without ever having consulted together and have worked separately.” It exists in real life even if is is rare, then of course it also exists in fiction. ^^

  6. Seimei says:

    Astro : I agree with what was said by PaperAxe and TeenRyu.

    For begin, there is NEVER had ANY confirmation that Eva was a noble-girl, NEVER, it was just a pure fanon fantasy (fantasy that I shared).

    For magia erebea was a little more complicated. Personally I always imagined this: “the Mage of the Beginning, is REALLY the inventor of the magia-erebea but Eva was rediscovered and perfected by herself.” I do not mean by this that she just copied a life-maker grimoir. I mean she “accidentally” made the same research that the lifemaker by herself and arrived at almost the same result as he.

    Examples of this trope exist, especially in Bleach:
    -Soi Fon and Yoruichi were both invented the same technique (Shunko) without ever consulted each other.
    -Aizen And Urahara were both invented the same object (the Hogyoku) without ever being aware that the other had also invented (initially anyway).

    I think we are in a similar case.

    For training and power-up of the characters. Uh … No, just no. As said “PaperAxe” Fate in Negima, (when he was much weaker than moin now in UQ), slayed a dragon with a single attack. Kaede also neutralized one after her training. Although had a powerful dragon, we do not talk to Virxo Nagasha here huh? Kuromaru is lfar, VERY far, the level of Nagasha or Rakan.

    Ditto for Santa, Sayako would sprayed the spiders in two seconds not in a week, and this spiders were NOT top-level spirit, so no, Santa is NOT grown to become the ultimate ghost!

    Actually the only inconsistency I might concede you Astro, was indeed on the magical cancellation Asuna who at once is trensmet whole family of Ostiia, WTF! I hope Sensei will good justify that or at least the case of tota. In any case this is why the life-maker wants Tota.
    If he intends to plunge the entire solar system in the “cosmo entelekeia” he need someone similar to Asuna. So we end up in a situation that take pleasure where protagonniste and antagonniste are mutually prey and the hunter on the other.

    For the rest of the revelations, and progression of the character (Tota included) I have no complaints.

    And even if they seem OP for now, nothing is known of the true strength of Hoodle or even the potentials allies of life-maker. We do not even know the strength of the S rank of the arena! If that is the participents of tournaments (human and non-human) will all, power monsters! ^^

    And I add that was the only way to give the life-maker a credible challenge to the heroes and a consistent win (battles and victories against lifemaker at the time of Negima were just huge farces (especially Nagi victory in flashbacks Godel and Rakan lol)). in addition in 2065 even a comando of professional immortal hunters AND a legendary gathering of immortals has not defeated him! We talk of the ultimate black-mage here !

    Therefore the hero and his team must at least to have an equal or higher level than the 2065 team for hope to have a chance and ESPECIALLY, as I said, a credible victory against the greatest dark wizard of akamatsuvers.

    So no, Akamatsu is absolutely not tired of writing UQ Holder, on the contrary he treats more to write at the time of Neegima I would say.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to in Chapter 83, we can expect a good piece of revelation on lifemaker, at least I hope!

    • Seimei says:

      whatever, regarding authority to Asuna, I forwarded your suspicions retcon (which I believed myself but only on the power to Asuna, as I have said, for the rest I am not of Agreements) but they provided me some interresting objections (to which I did not think myself) that I will treansmets!:

      “The magic cancel is a very rare power and advanced form of” royal magic “of the royal family of Ostia. This is not unique to it.”

      What I said was true, Rakan himself confirms that Asuna was not the first to have this gift. But he said it appeared only once a millennium. But here, we have two anyway in less than a century. What they said:

      “Two users in a century=> NOT bevause Tota is a creation so it is always rare but clones, inevitably, it does not count.”

      To which I asked why and they have answered me something very interesting.

      “We do not know how many clones they did. So they made 40 tries before Touta.”

      This would mean that they could be passed and the equivalent of 40 generations, perhaps even more. They may have made 100 or even 1000 tries. From this point of view, the fact that Tota has cancel magic (something even I found it a little absurd and “retconning”) may no longer so illogical. Especially since it seems logical that it did not succeed in creating a satisfactory clone from the start. Any scientific experiment or magiquees, has its share of failures.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      For begin, there is NEVER had ANY confirmation that Eva was a noble-girl, NEVER, it was just a pure fanon fantasy (fantasy that I shared).

      I never said there was, but it was strongly implied that Eva came from an important family. I never thought she was royalty, but she could have been from the nobility.

      • Seimei says:

        Even nobility was NEVER prooved.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Again, I didn’t say it was. It was strongly implied. The only way for Eva to live in a castle and be a “simple peasant” is if she were a servant or slave. She was not presented as such in Negima.

  7. On the matter of Eva’s nobility or lack thereof, keep in mind that 1) it was Eva herself who told us about it; and 2) Dana might not consider “mere human” nobility to be something worth that title.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      By “nobility”, I meant European nobility. With Eva of the middle ages being shown in a castle and wearing respectable clothing, the implication is that she comes from a family of importance. Peasants don’t live in castles unless they are one of the servants. Eva did not appear to be a servant. So, to live in a castle, that would make Eva either royalty (which I never thought), or nobility (which is what I thought). I figured Eva’s mother and father had a title (whatever nobility title, like “Duke” or possibly just “Lord of the Manor”) and were addressed as Lord and Lady McDowell (or whatever the European title system has them addressed as).

  8. mattcgw says:

    Given all that’s happened in this chapter, you really have to wonder what the successful version of touta is! Touta’s just a half-baked clone, that apparently with some training got two of the strongest power sets in the Akamatsuverse. So the fully realized perfect clone can disintegrate matter by looking at it?!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      So the fully realized perfect clone can disintegrate matter by looking at it?!

      That will be Touta. A flawed homunculus he may be now, but those flaws are being corrected.

  9. mattcgw says:

    Also if someone as reserved as the eminent Hata, says to “we can throw away the setup from Negima when talking about UQH”. Well shit hath hit the fan in the truest manner!

    And in other words means to disregard continuity.

    I shall begin the proceedings of firing the first shot; by stating that kuromaru is negi and setsuna’s bastard daughter and in UQ Holder “cannon” Setsuna was actually a Yata no garasu.

    Now who will fire the second?

    • Seimei says:

      1. “missed” Hoodle meant Tota could not mélenger black and white magic naturelement. Nothing more. Now Tota IS became a successful clone.

      Well, I know that your sentence was anti-Tota humor but I wanted to put things in place.

      2. What Hata mean by that I think was “we are in the timeline where Asuna B is sealed, not that of the epilogue.” This means that everything that happened BEFORE Asuna is sealed should be took into account. However what happens after (the return Asuna and the epilogue of Negima (except “what are they now?”)) Should be ignored.

      Personally since the begining of UQ Holder I imagined that Kuromaru was the son of Setsuna and a yata-garasu. Kuro has just inherited more yata-garasu characteristics of his father as Tengu characteristics of his mother.

      And Negi was indeed married Konoka for me, even if they have not had children.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      And in other words means to disregard continuity.

      I’ve been speculating that Akamatsu-sensei probably wants to shed some of the continuity from Negima. He’s already established the means of doing this — alternate timeline/universe. Once he established that in Negima, then he could use that to justify retcons of all sort, because in an alternate timeline, they can’t be retcons.

  10. Teenryu says:

    Quote, something someone pointed out to the nobles

    “I think that each of the nobles aren’t exactly vampires, but rather something like pure black magic beings that each specializes in a certain way to use the black magic.

    Dana is known as the witch of the rift and her black magic creates gates through time, spaces and dimensions.

    The mage of the beginning, or life maker, is another noble and it’s able to create life and immortality, somehow thanks to the Magia Erebea way of using the black magic. She experimented a way to create another noble out of a human being and she created Eva, whose
    powers are equal to the nobles, at least at her peak.

    Eva would be an artificial noble, so she needed to be taught everything from the beginning once he ceased to be human and was reborn as a noble. She had the potential to be equal to her creator or Dana, but she was a baby that didn’t know how to stand. Dana in her sadistic way, taught her to use her new powers and to be a proper noble.

    And with the mastery of the Magia Erebea she graduated.

    Nobles would end up being known not only as vampires, but as darklords, demon kings, etc. The are basically the peak of an specie made or specialized in dark magic, rather than plain old vampires, maybe they all look a little like vampires, or maybe only Dana and Eva end up having that looks.

    On the other hand the ones known as gods, holy knights, or holy kings/queens would end up being the peak of another specie that has the holy/white magic.

    Asuna’s family, which would end up being of that specie but that over the years of “marrying” humans has had their power weakened and their blood mixed, specializes in using that magic to cancel other forms of energy.

    The being that cursed/loved Karin specializes in using that holy power to make things invulnerable.

    I do hope that we see more not only of the rest of the nobles, but also of the supposed gods and their holy powers.”

    • Seimei says:

      I LOVE your theory! So! And that stick PERFECTLY with this duality “darkness and Venus / light and Mars” that is presented to us for a few chapters.

      Just a detail, I would prefer that he who immortalized Karin is actually the biblical demiurge, rather than a divine white Archmage. That would conceivably include Judeo-Christian culture in this vast and rich universe that is the akamatsuvers. By wrapping a heroic-fantaisy sauce yes (in akamatsuvers the Church is generally not opposed to magic) but, while respecting the overall (God created univer). I would find it cool.

      I would prefer that the divine archmages the lights are “gods pagans” of mythology (Zeus, Poseidon, Ra) or even invented deities. But yeah, overall I agree with your theory thoroughly and except for the case of Karin, I hope everyone else is good!

  11. cold_menthol says:

    Man, I actually find the chapter hilarious. Then I read this review, only to find this hilarious as well (No sarcasm intended). Were you in a bad mood when writing this? 😀

    I’m glad the three’s training is mentioned, so that’s a plus. Also, the way Touta is killed, his ridiculous poses, Kuro blushing a bit, Dana guessed and Touta slipped about his “helper”. I got the same impression regarding Kirie though. I just hope she doesn’t reach Negi’s level too soon.

    But, yeah, the last part seems to change Eva’s image we got from Negima!, a lot. I’m not sure if it’s a retcon or simply wasn’t explained fully in Negima!, but her image as a broken character is almost completely broken.

    On second thought, after 300s chapters being a broken character, I think it’s closer to be a retcon/another timeline..

    • Seimei says:

      Or is just that Dana, the life-maker, the other noble ect, are even more cheated that Eva was, even at the time of Negima lol. As a guide, I reminds the lifemaker paalysé Eva has only thought during the final battle of Negima. And that during that battle, he resisted without problems to her ultimate ice spell that frozen ANY other enemies in the whole battlefield!

      Secondly, I repeat myself but even Negima time I was convinced that the lifemaker was the real creator of the ME

      • cold_menthol says:

        MotB is the only one appeared in Negima!. The other so-called nobles, including Dana, are never shown, not even mentioned enough, so they were out of the question. Being the last and final boss, and also Eva’s “creator”, of course it’s normal for MotB to be the most broken of them all, so he’s also out of the question. Btw, he’s not supposed to be a ‘doll’, so of course he’s not affected/targeted by that spell.

        About ME, Dynamis only said ME is similar to MotB’s power. Aside from Eva’s explanation, this is the only thing we know about ME that can be considered as fact, not speculation. And it’s definitely not enough for me to conclude that ME is created by MotB, just like Astro explained in this review.

        If I were to make a theory based on a lot of speculations instead of facts, the theory would be (very) weak anyway. Or it may even not become a theory, but just another speculation instead. That’s why for now, all I can say is Eva’s image I got from Negima! is being changed a lot.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          That’s why for now, all I can say is Eva’s image I got from Negima! is being changed a lot.

          Very much so.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Were you in a bad mood when writing this?

      Yeah, unfortunately. I usually am pretty busy, but these days, that has doubled as my colleague got let go and I have to do his work and mine.

  12. Dargor says:

    Well, at least UQ Holder isn’t pretending that its not a sh*tty power trip fantasy anymore, creating, shifting, and nudging prior exposition just so it can fit within the context of Touta.

    So, hey, plus one for honesty.

  13. NT says:

    Hmm, when negi used ME, Dynamis stated more along the lines that it was a extension of his master(MotB) techniques. So Eva could have learned one of the Lifemaker’s spells and created what would be a Variant of that spell, that could be the only way how Eva defeated the MotB the first time (though she(MotB) was exactly not dead).

    Now, Magic Cancel, I am betting it’s one of those abilities that spawns ina a person(asuna) and only passes on to the next descendant when the user dies.

    Asuna is over 100 years old and was kept in stasis for pretty much the entire time as a weapon which would explain why the magic cancel did not pass on to Akira since she(asuna) never died.
    But anyway, none of these new guys are strong enough to fight the MotB. Even with asuna they never actually managed to kill her.

    Also hate to break the party but Ichigo from Bleach still has more Plot Armor/Ultimate Shounen MC title…

    • cold_menthol says:

      Even with asuna they never actually managed to kill her.

      ? They actually managed to free Nagi in Negima!’s epilogue though.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Well, if you are talking the end of Negima and not the end of the Magic World arc, then they freed Nagi, but nothing is said about them killing MotB.

    • Seimei says:

      I’m with you on any agreements (including Ichigo ^^) except on one thing. Your analysis of the transmission of Asuna power.

      I do not think that the power to be transmitted Asuna like that. I rather think that is a power that appears completely random with a few members of the royal family of Ostia. Usually with a lag of several generations. But as we said Tota being a clone, those who have created perhaps try the experiment 20 times, 40 times, 100 times. And the magic cancellation, each attempt, saw this as a lapse of a generation, until Tota born. And this independently of the fact that Asuna is alive or dead.

      Afterwards, if we are in a new timeline (timeline D?) and if in this timeline Asuna died before the expected date of his awakening, it could matches with your theory ad also explain why the life-maker returned to destroy everything. But frankly I’d rather that one is in the timeline sealed Asuna where she revival in 2135, as at the end of Negima.

      I say this because I would like or even life-maker worrying thing else’s Mundus-magicus. I would prefer that today it tries to destroy / save the whole solar system-instead of just the mundus-magicus. There could be a threat against the entire solar system-and he thinks he can adjust seu And I also hope to see a darker side of him and Machiavellian that is less “anti-villain” (even if it side “incompri hero” was what made her charm in Negima).

      But I think I’ll be heard and that we are in the timeline réelement B because if the Mundus magicus was still in danger, the fight that took place in 2065 would have taken place in the magicus Mundus, the palace of the Gravekeeper, places or erasure must take place. No… The comba took place on Mars. So I think the lifemaker returned for a very different reason and which, in the words of Fate concerns ALL-solar system. In addition, the date of “death” of Negi (2065) matches exactly to that seen by Asuna and Negi on waking wearing the same clothes as in the image that appears in the spirit of Futur-Eva when she talks about Negi, at the end of Negima.

      So Tota was probaly inherited the magic cancellation by the method I mentioned (cheating on passage of the generations (unintentionally? Probably the case yes…) by multiple failed attempts of cloning before Tota).

      This means that, ironicaly there currently, according to this idea, TWO heirs of magical cancellation living in that era (although one of them is me inactive since technically in the “coma” (Asuna)).

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      But anyway, none of these new guys are strong enough to fight the MotB. Even with asuna they never actually managed to kill her.

      Well, with Asuna, they were only fighting an illusion (or so it seemed to me).

  14. Rob C. says:

    I think we should take all these chapters in with grain of salt. Akamatsu-sensei is properly play mind-games with us the readers, since he’s had a well established universe. To keep people speculating, not predicting clearly what going happen next, he will fooling us with these red herrings. With us talking, were still reading the book and keeping the story alive in our discussions. I’m not against later. Astro, i understand how you feel. However, I’m not going give up just enjoying reading the books Akamatsu-sensei is writing because I’m reading too much into it.

    Wasn’t not too long ago that Akamatsu-sensei actually on purposed wrapped up the Negima story because initially the story concept little boy having class room of girls goggling over him in a Harem style rom-com fantasy-scifi story because he was pressured into keeping it alive after the joke was clearly over?

    My only concern with the overall story is how long its going to run. UQ Holder has potential. We have universe, where native humans are treated like they don’t own the land they were born on. That rich and powerful are mover and shakers doing whatever they want, regardless of the people. We have a boy thrusted into position he wants still pursue his dreams to go to space and “Be someone” but has a lot baggage to deal with. There people after him since he appears to be component of a bigger scheme. Touta could mentally crack for all we know, turn into the bad guy. There still room for Ken Akamatsu to maneuver his story.

    I just want it being cut short. At this point, it hard to say where we are if were at turning point. Hopefully there more to this. Seasoned readers like me, have seen / read alot stories. Maybe there will be.

    • Rob C. says:

      I meant in that last part “I just want it not being cut short”.

    • Seimei says:

      Tota become a bad guy? No I do not think so. It remains a shonen and Tota is the hero so I do not think it will become evil. As against he could actually mind-crack in futurs chapters, due to the pressure yes. Not as much as you think, but it could actually go through a phase of doubt later in the manga.
      He already had a phase like that after the revelation of his clone status. And in my opinion there will be others. I count on the lifemaker to do Tota well doubt on his dreams and tje Justice^^. We remember that in Negima, his logic was difficult contrable even if it is horrible. Although his plans are probably different in the era of UQ Holder I trust him to torture the spirit of Tota and other heroes as he know perfectly to do with his nihilistic philosophy ^^.

      On this subject I am really HAPPY to see that the lifemaker will probably FINALLY play a real role in the plot as the main antagonniste and not only a almost seccret-boss. I can not wait to know what are his plans this time, to learn more about his past and ESPECIALLY to see him fight seriously!

      I hope that Chapter 83 will give us FINALLY some revelations on one of the most mysterious characters in akamatsuvers!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Astro, i understand how you feel. However, I’m not going give up just enjoying reading the books Akamatsu-sensei is writing because I’m reading too much into it.

      I’m not giving up on the series. However, I just don’t like how the image of Eva has been trashed in UQH. I suppose it had to happen since she was so overpowered in Negima.

  15. Mattcgw says:

    Still, the question left about eva’s reconning is. Does the lifemaker still remain as eva’s parent?!

    • Seimei says:

      Pity! Stop with “Recon, recon, recon”. Nobody knew NOTHING Eva’s past and Dana probably remained very short of time with her.

      For magia-erebea personally I have always considered the life-maker was the true creator of the spell. Eva can be found too, and have created her own versioned almost alone (even going so far as to believe sincerely that she had created the technique, a bit like in Bleach Soi Fon, who was convinced she invented herself, the technique of Shunko, when in fact its creator was Yoruichi).

      I was even genuinely surprised that Nagumo when speaking of Magia-Erebea not talking lifemaker as being a user of technology.

      And the relationship between Eva and lifemaker, I think it’s pretty obvious:
      1. Eva is an adopted daughter from life-maker, not a biological daughter.
      2. I think the lifemaker is the only one to consider their relationship as a family. Actually I wonder if isn’t just sinisme of him to mock his ancient guinea pig.
      Eva has perhaps was adopted only to be a guinea pig of black magic. So I would not be shocked if the allegedly fillial and parental link between lifemaker and Eva is completely forgotten because for me it was probably only a macabre fallacy made by a black magician to obscure intentions toward a little girl.

      As for Eva she just wants to kill the lifemaker lol. This isn’t a filial feeing

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      MotB wasn’t Eva’s “parent” as in birth parent…or at least, that was the implication in Negima. MotB turned the human child Eva into a shinso vampire, whom Eva later went out and killed. Of course with UQH, who knows if that’s true or not.

  16. magine says:

    The different forms of Dana LOL

    I have the impression of that Kirie ended up with the worst of all the Danas… Poor girl.

    So, Dana knows the existence of the Lifemaker. I wonder if she also knows about Lifemaker’s past or if she already met him/her sometime in the past.

    I think that she is more weak than her/him if she knows her/him and she still didn’t defeat her/him.

    • Seimei says:

      I think the same, I think it is strong enough to put him in trouble but not enough to match him. And yes I think she knows him too.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      The different forms of Dana LOL

      I thought about commenting on this in my article, but decided to pass. I don’t know what it is supposed to symbolize with each of them.

  17. mattcgw says:

    If it wasn’t for the colour spread at the beginning of the serialization, I would’ve guess akamatsu was ready to wrap uq holder by chapter 150 or so. mostly because there’s no news of an anime adaptation, which should of been announced by this point, considering both Fairy tail and The seven deadly sins got an adaption by just after their second-third year http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2009-06-26/fairy-tail-manga-gets-anime-adaptation-green-lit (FT begun in 2006, around november, I think) nanatsu got one in 2 years. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-04-11/the-seven-deadly-sins-fantasy-manga-gets-tv-anime

    With touta gaining THEE most powerful skill set in the series, including the bane of the lifemaker, magic cancel. Some more training, tournament arc, Ku-fei cameo, then the lifemaker is dealt with and defeated in the last 20 chapters or so. Deus EX Machina the crapsack world.

    Bam end of series, all before kuro’s 16th.

    To further explain why I think this, I believe Sensei Just wanted to have the status of “active Manga-Ka” so could have a valid voice against those, stricter ‘censorship’ laws? But now that bill is defeated in the form that Akamatsu opposed. He no longer has a vested interested in being a serialised Manga-Ka/Not-retired.

    If he ever needs some more money, he could just work alongside his brother at Square Enix, after they have finished re-releasing FFX-X2 and begin on FFX-3. He wouldn’t be the first Ka to do so, (dragon quest).

    • Rob C. says:

      I found that some Anime adaptions happen when publishers agree to promote the manga using anime as “advertisement” Manga. Akamatsu-sensei’s manga may not be ready for it, he could have said “no”. To it, since he’s had Negima adapted another times including a live-action television show. I don’t know how much involvement there is when someone does something like that, but if you want done right you get involved. HQ Holder may come to be hiatus period while Ken helps with an Adaption effort.

      Frankly, I rather see couple more years done to have a good “stopping point” for the anime to reach. If it’s good adaption, people will “Where the second season?!!”, but you need least 3 books to equal 1 episode. So anime would zoom right through the plot at snap of a finger.

      I don’t think Akamatsu-sensei is going to do adaption of the series. Also it depends on how popular UQ Holder is in Japan. I haven’t heard of anything about it aside from here and ANN.

      • Seimei says:

        I TOTALLY agree with you on the anime adaptation subject my friend.^^

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        The Negima adaptations were crap from the start. After that, Kodansha just went with OADs to adapt bits and pieces of the manga, something that they apparently would not allow to be licensed outside of the U.S.

  18. *facepalms* I don’t even…

    • Seimei says:

      Why facepalm Ragna-san? Because of the chapter or comment mattgow?

      If the second option is, I’m chord with you lol. This comment is really sad lol, this is not because you seem not likes UQ Holder, Tota (or both^^) that you can afford to write such nonsense, sorry but there Mattgow not, I can’t really let you say things like that without reacting.

      Because for me it is clear that NO… Sensei has not started writing UQ Holder only to fight against censorship it is absurd! Even being retired he would have, because of his celebrity enough to be heard. And this is not to make more monies. Akamatsu has already widely enough to buy a good retirement and do I remember that he fights for the free sharing of culture on the web? This is NOT the behavior of someone motivated by the money!

      I think he really makes UQ Holder, purely by passion:
      1. To explore the way he wants, the theme of immortality, that from Negima seems to many interest him.
      2. To complete the intrigues of Negima as he wished without having the stress of the harem, and to write FINALLY, the shonen action as he dreamed. ^^

      And Mattgow, regarding the lack of an animated series, know that I was chated about that with friends (all fan of UQ I specify ^^) they has told me that according to them, there was NO still enough content to make a satisfactory season (24 episodes), it’s not a matter of time releases or chapters numbers.

      Incidentally the adaptation of Nanatsu No. taizai started when the manga was just over the arc “reeconquest of the kingdom” in Chapter 100 ! And UQ Holder has not even passed this symbolic 100 chapters barriere!

      In addition, a season of shonen anime often ends in an epic battle (for exemple,. Nanatsu taizai ended with the fight against hendrickson). But now the only fight that could fill the role is the fight against Sayako. The problem is that not only, in the manga, this battle is is too short for a “final battle of season” (4 or 5 chapters) but that would do a total of 15 episodes for the series I think and it is not enough. And in my opinion, it is out of the question for Akamatsu to tolerate filler episodes after the painful experience of Negima adaptation.

      For me the animated series will be possible (and start):
      -When Tota overcomes the S-Rank of the underground arena
      -Ohen All numbers will be gathered.

      Similarly the animated stop just before the bow of the tournament.

      • Nothing, really, Seimei. It’s just that I’m * and again, that’s just me, I have nothing against you guys who are enjoying it * not particularly fond of the current developments of the series. But no worries. I’ll keep Holder in check from afar, until the story catches my interest again. While I wait for that to happen, I’ll be reading Astro’s reviews about it, nothing more.

        • Seimei says:

          I understood that it was not against me, my friend ^^. I just wanted to know why you were desapointed.^^

          And of course we have the right tire of this series for a while, even for very long, as long as one does not bashing. And I know you did not like this, ragna-san. ^^

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          While I wait for that to happen, I’ll be reading Astro’s reviews about it, nothing more.

          And I appreciate that. 😀

  19. Aki says:

    looks like my prediction was right… told u magic cancel is a rare form of royal magic.

    royal magic was inheritted from negi, who in turn inheritted it from arika.

    yue once speculated that negi advanced growth was due to royal magic and his ability to survive after dying from dynamis attack and resurrecting with magia erebea was due partially to his innate royal magic

  20. […] and see Eva as nobility (my thinking) or royalty (other people’s thinking). Then in a recent chapter of UQ Holder, Akamatsu-sensei says, “Oh, Eva is a peasant.” After throwing that bomb […]

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