Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 112 Manga Review (The best laid plans…)

げんしけん: 二代目Chapter 112 Manga Review
Genshiken Nidaime chapter 112 Manga Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 112 Rika, excited by their trip to visit the temples in Nikko, spouts off tons of information. She notes Yajima doesn’t seem as enthused or excited as her. Yajima reminds her that it was because of Rika, Yajima got little sleep the previous night.

During the previous night, Hato came home later than Keiko thought was right. Hato explains there were issues, so Keiko lets him off. Hato takes a shower as Yajima sees Mimasaka off. Ohno tells her roommates, Keiko and Angela, that she’s going to sleep, so if Angela and Keiko want to communicate, they can use a translation app. Sue decides she’s sleeping in the same futon with Ogiue.

Hato goes into the room with Yajima and Rika, the two girls sharing her to bunk bed. Rika wants to know what happened, but Yajima points out the thin walls of the house. This causes Rika to pause for a moment, but she really wants to know what happened. Hato gives a vague denial, making it worse by saying nothing physical happened between him and Madarame. Rika gets frustrated that Yajima isn’t helping her and that Yajima wants to go to bed. In the end, Rika goes to sleep and snores loudly.

Back in the present, Rika gives an embarrassed laugh about her snoring, but blows it off by announcing to the group that they are going to do kujibiki, whereby everyone draws lots to see whom they will pair up with. Then to get more pairings, later on, the group will redraw lots. Ogiue ends up paired with Sue, Angela ends up paired with Ohno, Yajima ends up paired with Kuchiki, Keiko ends up paired with Hato, and Rika ends up paired with Madarame. Things did not work out as Rika hoped, but as she angrily tells Yajima, they’ll do more drawings.


Rika is still an ultra annoying character even though she’s the vehicle by which Kio-sensei pushes the harem plot forward.  That’s why it was awesome to me that her scheme at the end failed because it was like her being punched in the face.

Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 112

The pairings are not that surprising though. When Rika announced her plans to pair folks off, I had a hunch that Keiko would end up with Hato. Keiko has never liked Hato, but I can imagine her getting Hato to open up more.  This could be the vehicle that gets Hato to bow out of the harem even if he never truly gives up on Madarame.

I had thought Yajima would be paired up with Madarame and that would put her story with Hato forward. So I was a little surprised that Rika ended up getting paired up with Madarame. However, once this pairing came to be, I figured this is where Rika, who’s not given a damn about Madarame’s feelings in her agenda to put Hato with Madarame, will get an understanding that Madarame is ultimately a butter-side-up kind of guy.

Of course, as annoying as Rika is, in the end, she likely won’t care and will still push her selfish agenda because that’s what entertains her. Rika’s actions don’t come across to me as the actions of someone who cares for their friend and is trying to help them. Instead, it all comes across to me as Rika hiding behind good intentions as she seeks things to entertain herself. This whole thing with Hato has been highly entertaining to her, so stirring the pot keeps things highly entertaining.

Regardless, we’ll see what happens with Hato and Keiko as well as Rika and Madarame.

In the end, the chapter is OK as it sets up things for the next chapter. Rika is the element that while pushing things forward, makes my enjoyment of the chapter much less.

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2 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 112 Manga Review (The best laid plans…)”

  1. funchmeister says:

    I feel like your interpretation of Yoshitake’s character and actions are a tad off mark. She definitely has a habit of butting into matters that don’t directly involve herself. However, I have to disagree that she’s doing that purely for her own amusement. For one thing, she’s tried to dissuade Hato from pursuing Madarame many times. She’s also gone on record saying that she thinks a relationship between them just wouldn’t work. If anything she’s been pushing for Yajima and Hato to get together rather than Hato and Madarame.

    While her meddling can get out of hand at times, I truly feel she has her friend’s happiness at the forefront of her actions. She’s been trying her best to get the Madarame harem to reach it’s conclusion because she knows the toll the whole situation has taken on the Genshiken.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      She’s also gone on record saying that she thinks a relationship between them just wouldn’t work.

      But in this arc, she’s been doing things to try to get Madarame and Hato together, then is about to bust a gut, desperately hoping a BL situation happens as a result.

      I agree that Rika cares about Hato and wants Hato to be happy. However, in that mix, Rika comes off to me as a conniving so-and-so who’s desperate to get some real life BL action going.

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