Paradise Residence Chapter 19 Manga Review (Time to bow.)

Paradise Residence Chapter 19 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 19

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 19 Hatsune and Suzuka are passing out fliers and getting students at school to sign their petition to save Kikka Dorm #1. Word soon spreads and the girls come in from all over to sign the petition.

Meanwhile, the acting director reads up on TACHIBANA Miyo (aka: “Tachibana-sama”) whom the girls claimed watched over Dorm #1, and who’s presence the acting director had supposedly felt. The dorm had originally been made for her by her father since she was sickly, and its location chosen for the view of the sea and it being so breezy.

After the acting director takes a call authorizing someone to proceed, Hatsune and Suzuka arrive with 512 signatures to save their dorm. She praises them for their efforts, but rejects the petitions since there is an issue of money here.

That evening at Dorm #1, the girls gather to discuss the situation. Since the third year students don’t want to lose the dorm, and since the acting director is always going on about money, they decide to try a new line of attack. After looking at the options, the girls come up with a plan.

Hatsune and Komatsu pay a visit to Dorm 2 where Kouzouji, Janice, and Nyuutabaru listen to what the other girls have to say. They agree to whatever Komatsu proposes, causing her to bow deeply. Nyuutabaru wants Hatsune to bow as well, so though Hatsune might not care for it, she does a proper, respectful bow, frustrating Nyuutabaru, who now thinks the two girls from Dorm 1 should beg while performing dogeza.

The following day, a notice is posted on Dorm 1, telling the residents when they will have to move to the temporary dorm so that their dorm can be demolished.


You know, it is sad that Paradise Residence has already ended in Japan. I rather enjoyed this little manga. We’ll have to see how Kodansha Comics handles the official English version.

Paradise Residence Chapter 19

As to the story here, not a whole lot to say. I wasn’t surprised that the girls managed to get a lot of signatures, but at the same time, I was not surprised that the acting director refused to acknowledge the petitions.

With the acting director’s motivation being about costs, I wonder what scheme the girls have come up with so that they got Dorm 2 to agree to save their dorm. I was amused that the continued rivalry played up again between Hatsune and Nyuutabaru.

I don’t know how much wealth is available to the girls here (it is a private, girls school, so there could be some ojousama girls in Dorm 1), but I suppose that Tachiarai might be that girl, based on her remarks in the chapter about handling financial penalties. If that’s the case, I can see the girls getting their dorm fixed privately ahead of it being demolished. But that depends on if they have this kind of financial backing.

Well anyway, whenever I get to read the next chapter, I look forward to seeing how they can thwart the acting director. (I assume they’ll be able to do this.)

In the end, this chapter merely sets the table for the final confrontation with the acting director of the school, leading to the manga’s end. Nothing bad, but nothing great either.

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