UQ Holder Chapter 117 Manga Review (Time Freeze!)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 117

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 117Kuroumaru and Touta easily defeat their opponents in the tournament, causing folks to wonder how Touta became so strong in eight months.

Sometime in the past, Touta lays out his plan to Karin, Kuroumaru, Ikkuu, and Santa that they will use Kirie’s time stop ability so that Touta can almost kill Negi, forcing MotB to release Negi and come after him. However, they will then stop time, heal Negi, and then seal MotB. Although Kirie’s new powers are hard to believe, the group does think it might be possible, though Karin has doubts.

To address Karin’s concerns over who could trigger a time stoppage with Kirie, she, Kuroumaru, and Ikkuu (Santa passes). No one is able to trigger this, but because there are doubts as to whether Kirie can stop time, Touta kisses her, then flips Karin’s skirt. When he kisses Kirie again to resume time, Karin finds herself suddenly exposed. When she realizes what happened, she starts beating Touta along with Kirie.

Zazie floats down, explaining that Touta’s plan won’t be so easy since MotB has a time manipulator (person) with her.


While we got a bit more tournament than I expected, I was not surprised to see only a few pages dedicated to it. I didn’t like that we’ve jumped ahead in time and then were getting Touta’s plan and Zazie’s caution as a flashback.

I suspect that Touta may end up using the tournament to try out time stopping, though his battle with the bone demon Morborgran didn’t indicate anything. That doesn’t mean anything though.

UQ Holder Chapter 117

It isn’t surprising that Touta is the only one who can activate Kirie’s time stop power. However, I guess Akamatsu-sensei wanted and excuse to get some additional snogging going on.

I am wondering whom MotB’s associate is who can manipulate time. Will it be someone new or someone we’ve seen from Negima?

Anyway, we have two weeks to wait before we possibly get any more answers.

In the end, this was not a bad chapter as the main plot continues to move forward, and the tournament story is rapidly pushed ahead.

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  1. Yue Ayase says:

    Immediately thought of The Grave Keeper at the end.

  2. nt122 says:

    Honestly, The Grave Keeper seems more like one of those types who will watch how everything happens.

    I am thinking that Chao Lingshen is the one who manipulates time. The spoilers from before made me think the other had magic cancel, but no.
    Which if Chao is with the MotB, then there is something much bigger going on than just Negi being taken or the Lifemaker’s ability.

    It would make sense since Chao did appear when Asuna woke up so, yeah.

    • Seimei says:

      I do not think the time manipulator is Chao. We know the plan Negi was a success, despite the climate chaos of 2050. So the apocalyptic future of Chao was avoided, and the 100 years of war between earthlings and Megalomesembria survivors had no place.

      Moreover, as you yourself say, Chao is that wo wake Asuna (or rather who brings back her to Negi and 3-A) and she congratulated Negi for his work. Assuming that the timeline of UQ is the timeline where Asuna revival in 2135, then it hardly seems to me likely that Chao is an ally of the life-maker in this same timeine. After, we can imagine that Chao will chenge opignon of the work does by Negi at the end of UQ-Holder (like Fate at the end of Negima about Cosmo-Entelechia), which could explain why she congratulated Negi for hiss future works, bringing Asuna at the end of Negima.

      Seen like that, to see Chao Linchen ally life-maker might be very interresting. But I really think it is not her. Except if my arguments above, I think that the powers of Chao can not counter those of Kirie. Chao Travel in Time, while Kirie clears and freezes time.

      I rather think that this is an original character with a similar power to Kirie

      • sanchi says:

        If its not Chao, it just could be another new bad guy that Kirie may have to battle in the future involving time stopping. This makes Kirie a more valuable character, and even more important team member, to battle someone that can also control time.

        I’m thinking this tournament will continue to re-connect other Negima characters. If it takes in our time months to get to the tournament, and we’ve just touched the preliminaries. Its going to be a long thing. Shinobu still has to be involved with that race too.

        Tota has yet to beat or meet with Fate, and there is the question on how to find the MotB too, which I think could go back to Ayaka and maybe involve Mizore using Ayaka’s pactio to go straight to meeting un-announced with Negi or the MotB. Key parts are slowly forming, its just the wait…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, Chao is her family name, and there’s another Chao in UQH. 😉 But it could be a family thing.

      • sanchi says:

        The guy (Xiao?)with the knives – probably related, but I was referring to Chao Lingshen and side of the Chao lineage that has the skills and has the brains. The guy with the knives – dunno, but hopefully was reprimanded or maybe killed by Fate for disobeying his orders and not the smartest either. I still would like Karin, Kire, and Kuromaru have their revenge/payback on him. He uses shadows in his attack, and I don’t think he’s able to use time, but its possible. Maybe there is another Chao too like a brother or sister or some other family/clan connection.

        A fearful thought – what if this knife guy is Lingshen’s father? Scary. It can also be a motive to Lingshen to change the timeline so that her father isn’t involved too.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          A fearful thought – what if this knife guy is Lingshen’s father?

          Anything is possible.

  3. sanchi says:

    I kinda thought it wasn’t gonna be that easy to defeat a 2500+ yr old mage using a simple time stop process. Another twist in place by the witty Akamatsu-sensei. No table pounding just yet, maybe for jumping around in time again. It was a little harder to follow the story in between the switching to the tournament bouts, and when they were occurring. Basically the battles were the same opponents we saw earlier.

    I’m been thinking about who in Negima dealt with time, and the only one is Chao. We see one of her clocks several times in the last few chapters – could be a hint – or maybe not. Chao is a future descendant of Negi too and travels back in time, so a option could also stop time, and once was against Negi in Negima too, and could be siding with the MotB so this may be all tied to what is happening in UQH. There begins that ‘time paradox’ where if Chao is a future descendant of Negi, and Negi dies, then Chao won’t exist in that time dimension, and Asuna never gets brought back in time, following that timeline. So Negi has to survive for Chao exist. BUT Chao with that time machine can cross over to other possible dimensions too, where Negi is alive and also Chao can bring Asuna back too.

    The other one is Dana Ananga Jagannatha, but she’s a more powerful ‘witch’ of the rift, and I don’t think that she’s with the MotB side either.

    Another IF in helping Tota and his plan — is Honoka, the mage – if she is similar to Konoka, and has the medical or healing magic, she can heal Negi (and Nagi if he’s still around) much more quickly than Tota’s group so far, once the MotB leaves his dying body to attack Tota and is captured or locked up magically, or in time or whatevers. Its also what Honoka wants – which is to save her grandfather, and also helping to seal the MotB, so getting her to join them wouldn’t be too hard. Tota should NOT have left them in the water.

    A thought is Tota and Co use Chao and her time machine to go back to the yet to be seen battle Negi has with Nagi as the MotB, who then are able to assist Negi, free Nagi, and destroy the MotB.

    • sanchi says:

      oops that didn’t write out well. I meant if its Chao, Tota convinces Chao to switch sides and help him so that she does exist in the future, and give Chao the idea to make that time machine… which then is used to go back and save Negi and Nagi and then save Asuna….

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      A thought is Tota and Co use Chao and her time machine to go back to the yet to be seen battle Negi has with Nagi as the MotB, who then are able to assist Negi, free Nagi, and destroy the MotB.

      They would need a massive amount of magic to do this. Time jumping required the power of the World Tree.

      • arimareiji says:

        That shouldn’t be a problem if they feed Touta a giant burrito… he once farted that much magic without even trying. (^_~)

      • Seimei says:

        I do not think they go back in time to 2065. For two reasons. A screenplay, and a factual.

        -Raison Screenplay: At the end of Negima, Eva explains that, deprived of the presence of Asuna, Negi died in 2065. Thereafter if future was averted following the battle against the Mage comencement in the epilogue Negima, where Asuna is present. It appears increasingly clear that this future where Asuna returns is that of UQ Holder, so I think Akamatsu wants to show how things have settled summers at that time. Which would be meaningless if Tota ascending the time and arriving in another timeline. No, Tota save Negi in HIS timeline, and is using, show us how Nagi was saved at the end of Negima.

        -Reason Factual : As we learned, back in time in akamatsuvers, does not cancel future events in the timeline where we come from, but just creates a new timelne in parallel, because Akamatsuvers is a multivers (Kirie is a special case, I think she is the only one to actually “erase” the time. As for Tota is what he did in the castle of Dana. It seems clear to me that did not because Tota changed the past that space-time has been disrupted, but rather because he entered in the past in a “forbidden way” (literally “ripping” the “corridors of Time”) instead of opening a “portal” as chao Linchen or Dana).
        So, Prevent Negi to be possessed in 2065 in a parallel timeline not solve in any case the problem in their timeline. Would go faster in the problems. Dana has already said to Tota change the past was useless (and Tota has even found it with Eva), even if we create a better timeline, it does not solve the problems that we just om.

        • sanchi says:

          That is another possibility. As ANB says, we have many possible outcomes. We still don’t have enough information to be sure, nor is UQH predictable, and more so with time changing the future and past. Tota has made a bold promise to Eva to save Negi. He’s making several promises. Another is defeating Fate too, and a reason to win in the Martial Arts Tournament, where ‘Afro’ thinks he can win it too, but not for the same reasons. He also makes promises to Kirie, Kuromaru, Karin, Shinobu .. Tota is making several promises.

          In this timeline there can also be other possibilities, Tota and Co. may face the MotB and his plan works, and Negi is saved, but not the end of the MotB (takes Tota), instead of Negi dying. During that battle, Asuna is still sleeping, doing what she needs to do and cannot be allowed to stop or awakened. It may be Negi to figure out they need Asuna to defeat the MotB that is currently or temporarily trapped inside Tota, and to permanently destroy the MotB and free/save Nagi. Negi suggest a better way is to have Eva to convince sometime in the future Chao Lingshen to change the timeline when Asuna is allowed to return, go back in the past, to re-unite her with her class, and with the younger Negi and Asuna, finally defeat for good the MotB at that time (by showing the way to stop the MotB) and use the same plan to destroy the MotB but this time save Nagi since Negi is still free and Nagi is dying. Eva gets Negi or Nagi, Nagi is also saved, Tota never exists, and all is well as it was at the end of Negima. Negi then lives in the Tota timeline to 2065 content that the past will change for a better and newer future. This idea could be plausible too.

          So anything is possible right now. Akamatsu-sensei has much potential options, its what he does with them, and if its illustrated than some time-shift after it happens.

  4. NML says:

    I liked hearing Kuro reference pactio when he said kissing is part of a wizard’s contract ceremony.

    Poor Kirie.

    I thought Kuro would have tried harder to get out of kissing Kirie.

    Maybe we’ll see Tota and Kuro fighting King next chapter. I wonder if he’s someone we know.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I liked hearing Kuro reference pactio when he said kissing is part of a wizard’s contract ceremony.

      Yes, and I forgot to mention that. ^_^;;; That means the pactio system should be alive and kicking, which was indicated by Ayaka and her pactio card.

  5. Aki says:

    I have a hunch it will be Chao Lingshen and I wonder if Zazie will drop the she is your daughter bombshell or not.

  6. sanchi says:

    The tournament scenes only had Tota, and Tota and Kuromaru. Kirie was in the audience and wasn’t near Tota to activate the time-freeze, so I don’t think he’s using it yet. Cool if he could stop time without kissing when he’s fighting, then it solves Karin’s serious concern of not focusing on the opponent trying to kill Tota or Kirie and then distracted by kissing. It would work if others create a distraction so they could kiss.

    I found it funny on the kissing. Karin is a girl. IIkyuu is a guy – but more robot than human, possibly cyborg, Kuromaru is neither boy or girl, but more girl like Karin. So… the only 100 percent (physical as far as we can see) boy is Tota, and it fits the kind of story, so its expected. Kirie is such a lucky girl to get all that attention and the only girl getting kissed, and kissed by another girl to boot.

    There was also inconsistent time freeze effects. Earlier on the first time-freeze, Tota wasn’t able to bend Mizore’s clothes as she was stopped in the middle of her fall and it was stiff and Tota couldn’t bend it. He then could move water and start a fire and heat, move bedding and now – he can flip Karin’s skirt.

    The cover page – I thought at first it was Karin, but since Mizore is also there, I think its more Shinobu. That completes the girls….except Kuromaru.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      IIkyuu is a guy – but more robot than human, possibly cyborg,

      I believe he’s android, though his mind is able to be transferred from body to body.

      There was also inconsistent time freeze effects.

      Yes, that’s been there from day one. What one can or can’t do during time freeze depends on the needs of the plot at any given moment. 😉

      The cover page – I thought at first it was Karin, but since Mizore is also there, I think its more Shinobu.

      When the spoilers came out, I thought it was Karin. Seeing the chapter, it is Shinobu.

  7. LoneWolfx03 says:

    Someone stole the Cassiopeia! 😮
    Joke joke! XP

  8. enjinks says:

    I’ve been shipping Kirie and Ikku from the moment they appeared. I will treasure this chapter

  9. mattcgw says:

    Despite all the Loli pandering, UQ Holder Debuted at 16 with 60’000. Although it was up again series that already has an adaptation. That anime us never happening until the series goes monthly. Which it should given its volume releases are on the same schedule of a monthly, every 3 months.

    But that’s that’s the bare minimum, like Black Butler which has a page count of 120, whilst ‘A Brides Stories’ has about 250. Which is why it has so few volumes for its serialisation run.

    • NML says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing UQ Holder move to a seinen monthly magazine, kinda like what happened to Vinland Saga(still waiting for that series to get an anime).

      • mattcgw says:

        @NML I hold no intention of being a doom monger, but given that the US Publication ceased for Vinland Saga, coupled with the fact the Kodansha USA & Japan are the same entity. It casts a great deal of doubt on a potential Anime.

        • NML says:

          They said sales were low in North America, they haven’t said it’s cancelled. I don’t know why that would affect the odds of it getting an anime. Gintama was cancelled in NA but it’s still doing fine in Japan and its anime has over 300 episodes long.

          Lots of manga get anime adaptations before they’ve even been published outside of Japan, and sometimes never are.

          Low NA sales won’t affect it getting an anime.

          Besides if it gets anime, it’s sale will improve worldwide.

          • Mattcgw says:

            @NMl True, but many series dont get an english publication until they’ve had an anime and sometimes take a few years. Deadman wonderland, Sekirei. Or get one as soon as an anime is announced Akame ga kill, One Punch man, Fairy Tail ETC.
            Vinland Saga is the only series I know that has had a publisher state that it’s sales are low.

          • NML says:

            It”s only the NA publisher that said that. Series get cancelled all the time so Vinland Saga isn’t the only series to have low sales. I wish more publishers would announce when sales were so there could be a groundswell of fans promoting the series like Vinland Saga.
            In fact Kodansha was teasing news about VS in the coming days so it looks like it’ll continue to be published in English.
            Even if it wasn’t, that wouldn’t affect how it’s doing in Japan.

            The series is doing very well Japan, the most recent volume selling on par with Akame Ga Kill. The series is also doing well in France.

            Even if they announced it’s getting cancelled in NA(which would be surprising because why would you tease bad news), doing poorly in one country isn’t going to affect it’s chances of getting an anime(unless that country is Japan, obviously).

            You’re either a “doom monger” or grossly misinformed about North America’s manga place in the manga market.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I thought monthly titles were twice a year, six chapters per volume.

      • Mattcgw says:

        @Astronerdboy Not entirely untrue, but series like Black Butler (which sold 2 million last year) have 4-5 chapters has a variable volume release, it did 3 in 2014 but 2 in 2015. Shingeki however, has 4 chapters a volume so always has 3 volumes a year. It seems to be to exceeding 180 pages is the issue. UQ Holder only does 189 pages with eleven chapters. Some of the series’s altered there chapter count.
        But the key point is, that a great deal of monthly’s outsell UQ Holder, many coming from a magazine that has a much lower circulation amount than Weekly shounen magazine. Oftern combined sales as well.

    • Seimei says:

      I do not see how the publication of a anime for UQ Holder depend on a shift to a monthly magazine. I would even rather in the opposite direction. Who says monthly publication said more lante issue, and perhaps even fewer sales (because yes, 66 K, whatever people say, is a good number. This proves that sales continue.a more than correct level. You seem to imagine that if the manga does not attaint the level of sales of Negima, it means that running bad, but is not at all a proof of that. In general, the sequels always work less well, commercialements speaking, that the works they pursue, and this, indépendamant their good or bad quality. I repeat myself, but 60 K, has a good number of sales!).

      Indeed, it seems to me that, with exceptions like Akame ga kill, monthly titles have sales below the weekly titles. I would even say that if a lively parraissait in those circumstances it might be poor.
      Indeed, anime of manga, in monthly, often get sloppy alternative endings (black butler is an example.) And I always horrors animated adaptations that are not faithful to the original manga.

      At least with a weekly publication, manga advences quickly, leaving an opportunity for producers to make a faithful adaptation, quite to cutting this anime in season, which is more than fashion in this time (nurarihyon no mago, magi , Nanatsu No. Taizai).

      Indeed, I’m already said that but I did not want to be 40 years old when the serie will be end. So I’m not particularly for a monthly publication, lol.
      Anyway you seem considered a possible monthly publication (of which you speak to the future while NOTHING says it will eventually happen, there’s never even been any announcement may lead one to believe) is the future hope of UQ . Personally I fear it will bury the contrary. The fanbase of UQ is maintained largely due to the regularity of publications. To me, that his march would have required that UQ is a monthly title from the beginning. Ask the fanbase, moderate in size but stable, to brutally adapt to a monthly publication while she was accustomed to a weekly parutuon, is too great a risk. And bet on the replacement of part of that fanbase, which could be disappointed following a sudden slow publication, on a possible new fanbaase seinen who never read UQ or even a Akamatsu’s work before, would have a VERY bad choice editorial, at least in my opinion.

  10. shadowofthevoid says:

    I haven’t posted here in a while, but to sum things up, I’ve really like how UQH has played out over these past few chapters. The shipping chapters were really enjoyable. While I’m still holding out for Touta/Kuro or even a harem ending, it really seems that Akamatsu is really pushing the Touta/Kirie ship. She was Touta’s first kiss, so that does kind of put her in the lead of the pack right now. They are cute together, but still, Kuro was first (well, actually Eva was first but she’s more of a big sister/surrogate mother despite the ship tease between the two) and they’re still my preferred ship. Also, it was funny seeing Karin getting all flustered in her chapters.

    As for this past chapter. My reaction to the last pages talking about the Lifemaker having her own time master immediately made me thing of Chao Lingshen. If so, I wonder if the events of UQH are what led her to go back in time to 2003 (and that reminds me; the girls of 3-A would all be about 27 now, and Negi would be almost 23).

    Also, I’m curious about Isana and Honoka. I wonder if they really are related to Touta. Maybe they’re clones of Setsuna and Konoka similar to how Touta is supposedly a clone of Negi. Or maybe it’s just another case of the “Identical Grandson” trope since Negi was the spitting image of Nagi. In any case, they could still be related, either siblings or cousins. That would disqualify them from being part of the harem, though. Possibly.

    Finally, Touta has finally started showing signs of growing as a character. He’s still the classical Idiot Hero, but he’s getting less idiotic. He’s learning and maturing, slowly but surely.

    I’m really interested in seeing where things go from here.

    P.S.: That Evangeline promo art from a couple of chapters back was indeed the most risque thing I’ve seen Akamatsu make. He always does “Barbie doll anatomy,” so seeing him get a little more *ahem* anatomically correct in the chest area was a bit of surprise.

    • sanchi says:

      “Touta is supposedly a clone of Negi”

      Tota is a homunculus. I’m correcting a error I’ve also made using ‘clone’ to describe Tota too, and I need to use ‘little man’ or also ‘artificial human’ but not clone, for I’m also, for some reason, always always forgetting this more technical word I first read being used in Full Metal Alchemist, and now on UQH.

    • Seimei says:

      As I said above, I do not think Linchen Chao is the “time master” of life-maker. And even if it was, I think it’s almost certain that we are in the timeline where Asuna revival in 2135, not in the timeline of Chao Linchen. It is more or less clear that the future of Chao, is the futur where, the Mundus-magicus collapsed (In 2011-2012 (“9 years and 6 months”, to start in 2003) and the survivors went to war with the Terrans for 100 years. Basically, it was in my mind, the hypothetical futur, announced by Poyo to deter Negi to stop Cosmo-Entelechia. Now this future has actually been avoided property.

      In addition, Chao plan was probably to reveal the magic, before the collaps, for that when Mundus Magicus would collapse, the survivors are welcomed peacefully by Terrans.

      But in the world of UQ, not only, the mundus magicus was saved, but in addition, magic is almost perfectly accepted and integrated in contemporary society.

      So if ithis “time” master is really to Chao, I rather think it is the same as in Negima in the sense that she has ALREADY traveled back in time and lived with the 3-A, but we can imagine that even if the mundus -magicus is saved and that magic is accepted and integrated in the world, the future of UQ still does not suit her so she would help the life-maker.

      Thereafter it can be assumed that Tota will make her see reason, and that is why she welcomes Negi for his work at the end of Negima, after returning Asuna.

      But as I say, I think more to a new character.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think Isana and Honoka are pure clones whereas Touta is homunculus.

      Finally, Touta has finally started showing signs of growing as a character. He’s still the classical Idiot Hero, but he’s getting less idiotic. He’s learning and maturing, slowly but surely.

      Yeah, I agree. That’s likely why he doesn’t annoy me so much.

      That Evangeline promo art from a couple of chapters back was indeed the most risque thing I’ve seen Akamatsu make. He always does “Barbie doll anatomy,” so seeing him get a little more *ahem* anatomically correct in the chest area was a bit of surprise.

      For sure.

  11. Rob C. says:

    I don’t like how he rushing and jumping the gun. It’s not as enjoyable to me way he doing this.

  12. mattcgw says:

    UQ Holder could become salvageable, of Akamatsu makes this the original pre-Chao stable time loop; that has different Endgame routes. The variation would make for in intriguing narrative experiment in a ‘mainstream’ manga series.

    • Seimei says:

      Uh …:

      1. Since the mundus-magicus was saved and that the timeline where Asuna wake and whose Mirai-Eva and Chao, offer a brief perceived to Negi in their explanations by bringing Asuna, and that Chao congratulated Negi for his work, I really do not think that UQ is the timeline of Chao. And as I said, for me, the timeline Chao is that imagined by Poyo, where Mundus-magicus is destroyed and the survivors come in war with Terrans. This is probably the timeline where Negi, accepted the plan of Kurt Godel. What is much more logical with the Chao plan in Negima.

      2. Personally, me I would not please me that the timeline Chao is one of UQ. This would mean that was the “worst timeline possible,” and I do not see the point of doing the adventure of UQ ending on this, it would be almost like a “bad ending that does not speak its name” (I know the haters of UQ would dream of though! Of course… ^^). I much prefer the idea that this is the timeline where Asuna is sealed.

      Ains we would have:
      -Good Ending: Epilogue of Negima

      -Bad Ending: Timeline Cha, where mages are persecuted and at war with the non-mageso.

      -Neutral Ending: Asuna sealed, which finds its improvement at the end of UQ. So would the heroes nit to undergo a symbolic total failure (Chao wishing to change history at the end of manga, meaning that the acts of UQ were useless in his eyes), nor to question the success of the 3-A and make a ideal and perfect world, since it astonished me that all problems will solved at the end. Tota will NOT create a utopia, as the 3-A in the epilogue of Negima did it. It is too much problems problems to solve. Less than in the dimension of Chao, but still alot.

      And why, “UQ become redeemable.” Again you seem to think that UQ is doomed to fail as manga, if Akamatsu change not it in a dark seinen. Then that is wrong. UQ is more than goods in term of sales. Less than Negima, it’s true, but property anyway. ^^

      • mattcgw says:

        @Seimei It’s more so; to enable Akamatsu’s non-confiming anything streak, relative to any negima storylines and see how far he runs with it.

  13. sanchi says:

    Since we are waiting for the next chapter, I looked at the last chapter of Negima again and the class ending notes — looked at what it said for Chao Lingshen

    “With the technology of time manipulation and magical traversal between parallel worlds within her grasp. None could stand before her. She still fights on for the sake of realizing perpetual peace in her own world. The last boss of justice. Still, somehow or other, she often comes to Mahora to play.”

    So it can be the Negima Chao Lingshen, or from another dimension, another (under control of the MotB) Chao Lingshen, or the common thread of a descendant of this Chao and hopefully not related to that knife assassin dude.

    Setsuna and Konoka were married in the same year, and rumor has it to each other, so that can explain the Konoe girls, and Setsuna became a first-generation space pilot that can be related to Shinobu and her goal of being a pilot in that space race.

    Also read the one for Zazie – “Her appearing before them as an goodwill ambassador would be a story much further into the future.” So maybe Akamatsu-sensei using this time for setting up Zazie too — these statement pieces and the one for Eva seem to be falling into place now.

    I’m still hoping that we could see more familiar names from Negima. I’m hoping we see a older Ku Fei and Kaede Nagase that were into martial arts – sometime during this Martial Arts Tournament, and/or also maybe their look alike kids too.

    If Tota gets to the tower, we could see Akira Ookouchi and Ako Izumi. But we may not – we didn’t see Makie Sasaki as a P.E. teacher at Mahora. At least not yet.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Setsuna and Konoka were married in the same year, and rumor has it to each other, so that can explain the Konoe girls

      Well, two women cannot reproduce. 😉

      I do think Isana and Honoka are clones though.

      Also read the one for Zazie – “Her appearing before them as an goodwill ambassador would be a story much further into the future.” So maybe Akamatsu-sensei using this time for setting up Zazie too

      Zazie got the short end of the stick in Negima due to it being ended the way it was. (And she was rumored to have had her story cut from the Mahora Festival.) So I’m glad to see her here and hope to see more of her. We know so little of her mazoku race.

  14. DerGilga says:

    I’m hearing that it is unrelated to popularity, but in this weeks issue 19 it is in the last 5 of the publication order

    風夏→てのひら→UQ→インフェ→MY書店 (the last 5)
    Because MY書店 is a exception, it being at end is normal, ベビステ is the next in line

    well then, now the chapter: the true identity of the enemy (Cover : Yukihime)

    About what Sazie said, “a person with the same kind of power”, it is Touta’s “imotou” KATORASU/cutlass (self-proclaimed)
    Touta is only at a disadvantage when it comes to the time needed for the activation conditions, but it is a “win who activates first”
    to aim for that chance, until that moment it is nothing but a head-to-head race

    (watching) Touta, who wins his match and advances to the next round, at different place, Sazie sends her blessing to Kiriwe
    –a kiss is the activation key for the special power
    –the degree how strong the feelings for your partner became, you decided to make it more stable and powerful
    –that you could love a human for the first time, I ought to congratulate you for this
    preferably you should become close, when Zazie says this, Ikkuu also gives his support
    by the way, in Touta’s plan there is the need for someone who does the recovery and someone who does the sealing, however
    thereupon Sazie summons and hands over in a swing the Konoe Twins who she captured previously

    ■Honoka & Isana…. to continue in issue 20!

    • Seimei says:

      “I’m hearing that it is unrelated to popularity, but in this weeks issue 19 it is in the last 5 of the publication order”

      What do you mean? The magazine of this week has not sold goods? I do not understand the meaning of your sentence.

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