UQ Holder Chapter 118 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info, now with images!)

Here is some SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 118, courtesy of 2ch.  (My review of UQ Holder Chapter 118 should come out late Tuesday night or Wednesday, U.S. time, depending on when Crunchyroll publishes the chapter.)


The UQ Holder Chapter 118 goodness begins. This looks to be the chapter’s spoilers. ^_^



さて本編 敵方の正体(扉絵:雪姫はだY)


初めて人を好きになることができたのですね 言祝ぐべきことです

Sorry about the delay. I’m out in the middle of nowhere at the moment and we lost Internet and phone access when a tower went down. Obviously, we are back up now. 🙂

I don’t think the top part is spoiler stuff, but I’m including it just the same. Looks like a Zazie exposition chapter, though Isana and Honoka get a name drop.

Now to wait for a translation. ^_^

Update #1: Der Gilga had already provided it.

I’m hearing that it is unrelated to popularity, but in this weeks issue 19 it is in the last 5 of the publication order

風夏→てのひら→UQ→インフェ→MY書店 (the last 5)
Because MY書店 is a exception, it being at end is normal, ベビステ is the next in line

well then, now the chapter: the true identity of the enemy (Cover : Yukihime)

About what Zazie said, “a person with the same kind of power”, it is Touta’s “imotou” KATORASU/cutlass (self-proclaimed)
Touta is only at a disadvantage when it comes to the time needed for the activation conditions, but it is a “win who activates first”
to aim for that chance, until that moment it is nothing but a head-to-head race

(watching) Touta, who wins his match and advances to the next round, at different place, Zazie sends her blessing to Kiriwe
–a kiss is the activation key for the special power
–the degree how strong the feelings for your partner became, you decided to make it more stable and powerful
–that you could love a human for the first time, I ought to congratulate you for this
preferably you should become close, when Zazie says this, Ikkuu also gives his support
by the way, in Touta’s plan there is the need for someone who does the recovery and someone who does the sealing, however
thereupon Zazie summons and hands over in a swing the Konoe Twins who she captured previously

■Honoka & Isana…. to continue in issue 20!

As always, thanks much!

Update #2: MK spoiler images.

UQ Holder Chapter 118

UQ Holder Chapter 118

UQ Holder Chapter 118

UQ Holder Chapter 118

UQ Holder Chapter 118

UQ Holder Chapter 118

Hoodie will be in the harem before all is said and done. However, in the short term, Isana and Honoka have to be added. 😉

UQ Holder Chapter 118

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56 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 118 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info, now with images!)”

  1. B123_S88 says:

    From what I’m able to read from the info, it seem that the cloak girl who called herself Touta’s sister before is also able to stop time as well. Additionally it seem that her name or her alias is Katorasu.

    Also it seem Zazie is handing over the Konoe Twins to Touta and co at the end of the chapter.

    In all the chapter is gonna be great, can’t wait to its out.

  2. mattcgw says:

    So is ‘Hoodies’ self designation a bird pseudonym or cute lass/girl?

  3. dman says:

    So hype for this chapter to come out.

  4. nt122 says:

    So, Touta’s sister is with the MotB after all?
    Hmm.. I’m going to just watch from here till images or the chapters comes out. But for now I
    I’ll put in my piece I think

    So, calling her Katorasu for now, if she is negi’s clone would tha mean Negi at some point started using time based magic again?

    As for the time power, it looks like it says that it was only able to activate because of Kirie’s feelings for Touta are really friggin strong, and touta’s is about the same then? Oh well, I’ll be wating for the chapter.

  5. pheeph says:

    Zazie sure has a lot more screen time here in UQ Holder than in Negima…

    • nt122 says:

      Well think about it, the Kyoto arc, the festival Arc, and the magic arc, if she was involved with any of those events, then they would have been stopped much quicker.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        There was a rumor back in the day that Zazie was supposed to get an arc during the Mahora Festival. Well, I’m glad she’s getting some love now.

      • Blacki says:

        If Zazie would have been involved in those then the arcs and the Negima story line would have been completly diffrent.

        Considering that Zazie is as strong as her sister Poyo, who claims to be Final Boss material, you can be sure that Zazie would have wiped the floor with many of Negis opponents, may even with Eva is she felt like it XD

        On the other hand its kind of sad that she didnt get screen time until much later, but considering her power was it only logical… still she would have deserved so much more T.T

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      For sure, but I’m glad to see it.

  6. NML says:

    “I’m hearing that it is unrelated to popularity, but in this weeks issue 19 it is in the last 5 of the publication order” What’s this about?

    • NML says:

      The problem with reading spoilers is that I’m already excited for 119 even though 118 isn’t even out yet.

    • sanchi says:

      I hope it does NOT mean that kodansha has placed or ranked UQH in the last 5 mangas that is being published, and its ranking is not based on sales / popularity. Could be politics or some other disagreement like money or publishing rights. Could be a reason why the story is back on track and moving in some direction too, as a response to critics on what the theme or story is about.

      • NML says:

        If it means the harem arc didn’t go over well in Japan and that aspect is toned back down, I’ll be happy.

        • ryuuya says:

          It means nothing actually, because there is no ranking in UQ Holder’s magazine, order doesn’t matter when you are not in the WSJ. Even if that was ranking it would not be for the “harem” arc.

          • sanchi says:

            If order or ranking isn’t done, that statement does generate confusion or assumptions on what it does mean when it says “publication order” with no other information. Its confusing me. More so when its creating negative assumptions and uncertainty of future publications of UQH.

            It could possibly be just alphabetical order, where “U” naturally falls at the end, and placement means nothing. Or it could mean other unknown and unstated possibilities.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            What they are saying is that Weekly Shounen Magazine does not have a ranking system, so the placement of UQH at the end of the manga does not mean anything negative.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            If anything, the harem stuff stirred more interest in Japan.

          • NML says:

            Hmm, I wonder why the person writing the spoiler included that, kinda weird.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            To alleviate fears among Japanese fans when they discovered UQH was near the end of the Weekly Shounen Magazine issue.

          • sanchi says:

            ok I see now and it makes sense. Thank You ANB!

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            You’re welcome. ^_^

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Thus far, no one in Japan thinks it is a ratings issue or the like.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      UQH was off last week, which might account for the position.

  7. Mattcgw says:

    Astronerdboy, I believe your that kodansha is trying to kill UQ Holder could have some weight. I just got my copy of Volume 7, 4 days late from the 30th street date, which hasn’t happned before. The strange thing is, the digital suffered no delay.

    Despite some controversial storyline choices, I’ll have to say, UQ Holder 7 is Akamatsu-Sensei’s best work thus far. Probably because the pacing is consistent.

    • NML says:

      I like volume 7 because Tota starts becoming more introspective and less annoying.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, sometimes manga titles get delayed for one reason or another.

      Despite some controversial storyline choices, I’ll have to say, UQ Holder 7 is Akamatsu-Sensei’s best work thus far.

      I’ll have to look through it when I get home.

  8. sanchi says:

    I’m glad that Akamatsu-sensei didn’t leave the konoe girls in the water, and was a nice touch to have showed Zazie taking charge over them – and maybe convince them to work with Tota’s group. I kinda figured Honoka would be involved, for she is very serious on saving her grandfather, having lost her great-grandfather too (Nagi) because of the MotB. She is highly motivated and nicely fits too well in the plan, as the convenient healing mage like her mom and power of her grandfather to do the heal-n-seal in Tota’s plan. I can see Issana also protecting her during the battle.

    Makes sense that Katorasu (Tota’s sister) has that time stopping power to be able to plant all those bombs and not get caught or seen doing it, since time was stopped. Negi had to deal with someone powerful and similar to him as in Fate or three Fates (all were powerful) – so Tota has to deal with Katorasu where both are similar, and again the story is sounding familiar. I’m glad it wasn’t Chao Lingshen too.

    This is where I’m confused. Is it Kire’s power, or is it really Tota’s power, and Kirie activates the power within Tota because of her real strong love/feelings for Tota? Eva passionately kissed Tota too and nothing happened – or is it because Eva is holding back her feelings while Kirie isn’t? Karin hasn’t kissed Tota like that, and neither Kuromaru, Shinobu nor Mizore.

    So does Tota’s sister need someone who loves her to kiss her too to activate it also, and if so, who is that?

    Its getting to be sorta a romance drama and action mixed manga.

    Zazie telling Kirie “that you could love a human for the first time.” if it was to Kirie, was also a long-time late information, for Zazie telling everyone how Kirie feels towards Tota, as if nobody knows it, or for the really slow readers to finally understand what is happening. Its about time.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m glad that Akamatsu-sensei didn’t leave the konoe girls in the water, and was a nice touch to have showed Zazie taking charge over them

      I had the feeling Akamatsu-sensei acknowledging that Fate left them was an afterthought on his part. With there only being 16 pages (for now — this will go up to 18 soon), we didn’t know their fate (no pun intended) for a couple of chapters.

      • NML says:

        “this will go up to 18 soon”

        What’s this? what’s happening?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I’ll quote what Hata wrote:

          the latest update from Ken’s twitter, starting from C119, or the beginning of book #12, Ken will increase each chapter’s page count from the reduced 16 pages back to the original Negima 18 pages a week, now you may think it is only two pages, but the implications are twofolds, one, it means it would only take 10 chapters/weeks to complete a compilation instead of 11 chapters, that means compilations will come out faster, and thus for Ken to earn more money, I am guessing that Ken is starting to get used to doing 100%CG works, as so far he has no problem of doing bonus chapter of 18 b&w+1color page when calls for, on the flip side? we might have more frequent breaks if Ken can not adjust back to that speed,

          • NML says:

            Cool, if it means more story per week, I’m happy.
            I guess were going to seeing more of the tournament battles so the backgrounds would all be the same.

            I hope Kodansha Comics speeds up the releases of UQ Holder in English, 4 months between is too much, espcially if they’re going to be speeding up in Japan. Maybe if there’s an anime .

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I don’t know if we are going to see a lot more tournament as things are just being blown threw.

            I hope Kodansha Comics speeds up the releases of UQ Holder in English, 4 months between is too much

            I don’t know if this is the case here or not, but publishers will slow down manga releases when sales are down. That only forces sales down further, which in turn causes the publisher to slow down the releases even further, etc. *_*

          • mattcgw says:

            @NML I agree, France got volume 7 in September and Germany has already caught up.

          • NML says:

            @astro I’m hoping he’s just speeding through the preliminaries to focus on the main tournament. We’ll hopefully get some focus on the fight with King. I wonder if King is someone we know.

            @mattcgw France got volume 7 in December and according to amazon Germany is up to volume 7 like the English releases.
            The series needs a popularity boost which is why I’m hoping for an anime. Also, it lends itself well to an anime adaptation, lots of well done action scenes.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            @astro I’m hoping he’s just speeding through the preliminaries to focus on the main tournament.

            Tournaments are mostly just mindless action. The tournament stuff before the Dana arc was to show Touta hit a ceiling and that’s that. Now, it is to show Touta kicks arse, leaving people’s face in the grass. 😉

  9. Percy says:

    I swear if this is really how they’re going to win against Negi, I’m really going to hate this author. The only reason I would think that they would against Negi is because of Fate and Evangeline combo.

    • sanchi says:

      What is yet to be shown, and hopefully soon, is that Negi was supposed to have also entered the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament, the application and signature (and hidden message) was the lynch-pin event to motivate everyone to some sort of action plan to either kill or save Negi.

      Tota’s sister is also supposed to be part of the tournament – nothing in the preliminaries.

      Add Eva and Fate entering the tournament too – and we haven’t seen anything or even a hint from them in the preliminaries.

      We have seen some Negima tournament characters, and groups, but as yet, not as major key characters as opponents in the tournament preliminaries.

      All we see are the same characters repeating at a higher level against Tota’s group. It will be sad if Akamatsu-sensei only shows Tota, and nothing else. If Tota plans to grab Negi at the tournament, that is a possibility, and very convenient.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      We’ll see what happens.

  10. Leonardo says:

    i’m starting to think that whatever power that Touta’s imouto has (which seems similar to time stop) is what made her avoid taking any damage during her fight with the members of Holder when they came to rescue Tota (remember Kuroumaru’s big attack against Hoodie which she seemed to walk off unharmed)

    Two cents though, and more Kirie shipping for me 🙂

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Possibly. It is so difficult to know since the power of Cutlass’s is a retcon, and Kirie was using her reset time ability.

  11. nt122 says:

    For some reason, I was thinking that something very bad is going to happen to Kirie, I am hopefully wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling.

    I also read the whole raw today(it might get translated as i write this) and my feelings are getting even stronger.

    • Leonardo says:

      same here. While she may be one of the girls I root for, I can’t shake that feeling that something bad will come her way, whether she becomes used as a plot device for some powerful ritual, or she gets abducted by the enemy once they figure out she’s key due to her power. She’s too pivotal/important for something to happen to her

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I didn’t get a death flag feel for Kirie, though I do wonder if she still has her reset time ability.

  12. Blacki says:

    Oh i so love Zazie <3 <3 <3
    Wish she would have such screen time in Negima.

  13. Rob C. says:

    Has there been any talk why the plot seems to be speeding up. fights going by so fast is little alarming.

    The increase page count cool, hope it doesn’t burn Ken out.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I have long thought the tournament wouldn’t get much of a look-see, based on how the Magic World tournament went. Been there, done that is what a tournament is.

      As to the plot, I don’t think the manga is in danger of being canceled. The Kodansha folks at Weekly Shounen Magazine are likely looking for better ratings from the manga, therefore we get more fanservice, harem stuff, and a better story.

      • NML says:

        I don’t know why people think UQ Holder will be cancelled, it sells better than some other WSM series. Like Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, which I really wish was more popular because it’s a really fun series.

        Astro, you have Crunchyroll account, right? You should check out Yamada-kun, it’s fun. Also the volumes are finally being published in English.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I don’t know why people think UQ Holder will be cancelled, it sells better than some other WSM series.

          The fear primarily came from Japan, due to the positioning of the manga in WSM. And, Kodansha isn’t selling this as often as they should be in order to keep up with Japan.

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