UQ Holder Chapter 120 Manga Review (Pod racing with 3x ecchi content.)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 120

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 120 The three Touta’s attach themselves to Mizore, Shinobu, and Kirie respectively and promise to help them in the race. The three Touta’s accidentally walk in on their partners in the shower, causing various responses from the girls. That out of the way, the three Touta’s are psyched for the upcoming race. Kirie asks Honoka about this magic. Honoka says that splitting Touta like this wouldn’t make him useful in battle since it reduces his power level, but since all three are really Touta, when they combine, the memories of all three will be available to Touta.

Kirie discovers Kuroumaru asking for a copy of Touta, then discovers Honoka and Isana are in swimsuits to enter the race as well. The race starts with Kirie jumping out to a massive lead of the second pack to catch up to the leader pack, having used her ability to practice for 120 hours during the night.

A female pair in the leader pack are not happy to see a noob catching up to them, so the rider in the back casts a Flan Exarmatio spell. Touta deflects it, causing it to hit Shinobu’s speeder. The Touta with Shinobu catches her, but since Kirie’s Touta deflected the spell, the girls on the speeders ahead of them see him as the immediate threat and target him. Touta uses his ability and while standing on Kirie’s speeder, captures the stripping spells and sends them back to the girls in front, causing the girls to be stripped and have accidents as Touta vows to protect Kirie.


So, this is a redux of the race at Ariadne Academy, only instead of brooms, we get pod racers and more ecchiness times three.

UQ Holder Chapter 120

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to discuss about this chapter. That’s mainly because the race is merely a vehicle (har!har!) for stripping young babes. First, the three loli babes in Touta’s harem get their naked shower scene. Then Shinobu is stripped in the race. Then Touta strips all the girls (and the token dudes off in the background) after catching and throwing their spell back at them. Oooo.

I will admit to a bit of amusement at Kuroumaru suddenly wanting her own copy of Touta.

I wonder why Honoka and Isana decided to enter the race (beyond having another reason to get them naked). We saw them in their swimsuits (’cause fan service), but they weren’t shown in the race.

I wonder if the race will end with the double issue next week (going into Golden Week) or if we’ll end on some dramatic cliffhanger.

Well, I guess I’ll just wrap this up. In the end, there’s naught here but ecchi fan service.

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25 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 120 Manga Review (Pod racing with 3x ecchi content.)”

  1. Yue Ayase says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who immediatey thought of the Ariadne race. Perfect time for Yue to make her comeback. 😉

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh! That could be the cliffhanger ending for next week, going into the Golden Week break. 😉

  2. Clyde says:

    Ah, so Kirie still has the power to reset, huh ? I wonder if she managed to get her money back one way or another….

  3. Setsuyume Edenfault says:


    1- @Clyde: Are you talking about the money from before the time-stop? lol Didn’t eve remember that! But we got confirmation Kirie’s normal powers are still working.

    1.1 And her line at the beggining… so it’s fine if Touta wants to see her? XDDD

    2- Yes, I remembered Ariadne’s race as well. And no sign of Honoka/Isana pair yet… considering their levels, they might do quite a show, hehehe. Can’t wait to see that!

    3- Oh, look! The ppl from the school! I wanted to see a bit more of that before Dana took them away…

    P.S. Told ya. Give her time, give her time… ;D

    • Clyde says:

      1 – Yeah, did she lose EVERYTHING she had until now or did she just use her power to start all over again with the remaining amount of money ?
      1.1 Classic manga girl’s pride scene : saw her naked–> you perv!
      Don’t want to see her naked ? –> You jerk!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      P.S. Told ya. Give her time, give her time… ;D


  4. nt122 says:

    I am guessing Ken is actually doing all this before shit gets real crazy. I mean, you basically have a small group of badasses looking down to attack earth.

    Helps to remember MotB ability to create constructs, so we get to see the Yue/Nodoka pair. fighting.

    I wonder who Shinobu’s uncle is…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I wonder who Shinobu’s uncle is…

      I had a brief thought that this uncle might look similar to someone named Keitaro. 😉

  5. Mattcgw says:

    If Akamatsu-Sensei’s prerogative is a loli ship OTP, then could he at least make it sail with mizore. She actually has animation outside of Touta’s orbit, as well as being quite fun and not fawning all over Touta like Kirie. And can generaly stand on her own.

  6. arimareiji says:

    Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to discuss about this chapter.

    Yup. Doesn’t take long to say “Ewww.”

    If loli is the next imouto craze, I’m going back to my 80s-00s anime/manga. It’s got its own share of loli and ewww, but given the industry’s current Hollywoodish trend toward Bigger Better More for every craze…

  7. sanchi says:

    Looks like the translators (english version I was reading) did a repeat again – page 13 and again on page 14 – the contestant girl in the leader pack saying the same line twice: “hmph, A newbie, and wearing a swimsuit, like this is just a game.” Is there any missing key dialogue?

    Tota trying / failing to put Shinobu’s one-piece back on her, with her telling Tota “Ah, No thats … “– like arimareiji, my mind did a ‘Ewww’ – ok – granted that Tota’s intent is trying to be helpful as Shinobu’s partner in the race…

    Mizore and the Twins will probably deal with the other racers behind the leaders in the next chapter, and also hoping tor Yue or possibly of Negi appearing again in the cliff hanger. I’m still not sure if Negi was seeing a illusion of those guys or if they were real and on the MotB team.

    • nt122 says:

      I am of firm belief that as Negi was being controlled, the MotB either created an actual copy, or resurrected their bodies and now possess them to make Negi do what she wants.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Is there any missing key dialogue?

      I didn’t have time to check. I’m so swamped with work, I’ve been unable to catch up.

      I’m still not sure if Negi was seeing a illusion of those guys or if they were real and on the MotB team.

      We’ll probably find out…eventually.

  8. Dheheh says:

    Kirie pretty nuch garanteed to win yo? She can just time stop and win.

    What frustrated me the most is that Kirie can just practice for 120 hours and be better than Shinobu who has been doing this for years.

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