UQ Holder Chapter 125 SPOILER Info (Update #1: Now with spoiler images!)

Here is some SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 125, courtesy of 2ch.  (My review of UQ Holder Chapter 125 should come out late Tuesday night or Wednesday, U.S. time, depending on when Crunchyroll publishes the chapter.)


The UQ Holder Chapter 125 goodness begins. This looks to be the chapter’s spoilers. ^_^




その”憑依”を解いてネギを救いたい雪姫――!! ついに相まみえる―――!!!
待つのは悲劇か、それとも――!!! 次号につづく!!

DerGilga’s translation .

the person who can stop time, Curtlass

Kiriwe is on the guard for a reset yet isn’t interfering, but
with Touta currently being at 1/3, he is at an disadvantage… … or so it should be, but at the moment just before the stop
with something like all 3 were linking/crossing their shoulder, all 3 can move
neverthelesshe is still at an disadvantage and the time stop was released, but

Curtlass opening move, the descent of the MotB in Negi
■ Negi who’s possed by the “The Mage of the Beginning”――!!
Yukihime, who wants to save and free him from that possession――!! Finally they meet―――!!!
?The waiting will be a disaster?, or――!!! Continuing in the next issue!!

The one sentence at the end, I can’t figure it out

Thanks for this. Things are moving along now.

Update #1: MK‘s spoiler images.

UQ Holder Chapter 125

UQ Holder Chapter 125

UQ Holder Chapter 125

UQ Holder Chapter 125

UQ Holder Chapter 125

UQ Holder Chapter 125

Well, I can’t wait to see the actual chapter.

UQ Holder Chapter 125

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14 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 125 SPOILER Info (Update #1: Now with spoiler images!)”

  1. Yue Ayase says:

    What a surprising and welcome development.

  2. Seimei says:

    In reading this spoils, I already expect a few comments like “yeah finally are to the last chapters and ensuites UQ Holder is finished Yeaaah muhahahaha.!” We all know here, those who have the potential to write such comments in reading the spoils I think lol. Except that no, it will not happen like that, clearly. ^^

    I rather expect a crushing defeat from UQ in Chapter 126. Or in a simple discussion between UQ’s faction and that of the life-maker in preparation for the tournaments where real fights have places. But in any case, it is clear to me that the MOTB will not be defeated in the chapters immediately following this one ^^.

    As I say, I expect, to a defeat of UQ, or a dialogue between the two factions. A bit like the “negotiations over a cup of coffee” between Negi and Fate, in Negima. This discussion would give us a better insight into the life-maker’s intentions and greater understanding of the issues of the tournament that will start now …

    In short, it is a very Interesting developement, I agree with that Yue-san^^.

  3. mattcgw says:

    Negi appears to only to save touta from cutless and disappears for another 50 chapters with nought exposition gained.
    Now that sounds like UQ Holder Akamatsu.

    • DerGilga says:

      Well, if people feel the need to complain about a chapter which hasn’t even yet a single spoiler pic released, or in your case which isn’t even drawn yet, I will think twice about posting these translations here…..

      the things people complain about, incredible….

      • Seimei says:


        The worst is that I have to anticipate this kind of reaction in my comment above! Certainly did not fully comment troll I expected but there it looks a bit!

        Has anyway incredible that while the spoils clearly announce the beginning of hostilities concrete, possibly with a discution between Eva and life-maker, some find the way to publish such comments, which not only do not match the content of the spoil (Negi is shown to be fully possessed by MOTB, so he does not come to help Tota), but also have no logical sense.

        Sorry Matgow but I don’t agree with you. Understand me well. I am the first to throw the last 4 chapters we have had with this stupid race. But to be fair in criticism. It lasted, ONLY 4 or 5 chapter, the senkyokai harem arc was more of 13 fucking chapters!

        Moreover, the arrival of Negi / life-maker, was already announced earlier this mini-arc of the race. Not only it does not 50 chapters that Negi has appeared, but 5 or 6 chapters, but in addition, with this chapter and the next, Akamatsu has clearly triggered the start of the next major arc.

        Because yes, it will be very difficult to justify a new mini-arc (or normal arc) harem with the climate of tension that was there. The race was annoying and unpleasant, and even dispensable yes, but it was not absurd as it may, in the sense that it didn’t defused the tension of events since these events had not begun. NOW they have begun. In addition, it seems that the life-maker appears when the time retourne to court.
        That means all the public sees it. So, the tension will hit the entire population. In this context, comedic moments like this race will not be placed before a long time, I think (hopefully!).

        Brief calm down a little Matgow. And you, Dergilg do not stop your trenslations, please, Lot of we, love your spoilers. ^^

      • mattcgw says:

        @DerGilga I’m not complaining, I’m just being my usual deeply cynical self. Which thus far has served me well.

        • DerGilga says:

          Simple Definition of complain
          : to say or write that you are unhappy, sick, uncomfortable, etc., or that you do not like something
          : to say (something that expresses annoyance or unhappiness)


          But I apologize for this unfounded accusation. Let me rephrase:

          Well, if people feel the need to share their deeply cynical statement everyone just loves to read about a chapter which hasn’t even yet a single spoiler pic released, or in your case which isn’t even drawn yet, …

          Which thus far has served me well.

          Well, then you can look forward to the soil-day from now on…

      • Dargor says:

        To be fair, he’s not technically wrong.

        UQ Holder, and Akamatsu’s writing in general, is very formulaic. Here, it follows a consistent pattern in how it introduces characters and moves onto new arcs. So far, its been without fail, introducing a new immortal character, the mechanics of their immortality, the arc itself, followed with a Negima plot hook at the very end. The only real exception to this rule is the Dana arc, though that was really just one giant Negima throwback in of itself, and the harem hijinxs arc where no new immortal is introduced.

        So yes, what he said could be taken as crass, but the plot tends to only move along in very short bursts punctuated by long periods of side-events taking place. Its a stop and go kind of series. Now, could all of that change and the pacing is shifted in a different direction? Of course. Given that Akamatsu as a writer has basically been following this formula since Love Hina, the argument for the case is flimsy at best.

        And before anyone takes this as criticism, no, this style of writing in of itself is not a flaw. Exasperated by weekly periods making the series seem like its progressing at a snails pace, but when read as a whole it usually works out to its advantage more often then not.

        • DerGilga says:

          To be fair, I spent some time on these translations.

          I fully aware that I still have much to learn, with vocabulary being my biggest weakness. I’m also fully aware that Japanese is a very contextual language and things easily could mean something else, especially with these short spoilers. But hey, I have fun doing these and I least got the feeling people like to read these spoilers. So I spent some time on these to give a understandable translation without adding any interpolation on my part as much as possible. After all, these spoilers are damn short.

          But if people just answer to these things with some stupid remarks about this series, a series with flaws, but I generally like it, I can’t help myself but to think that those people see their worthless opinion as most precious thing in the world and shit on my spent time.

          This reminds me of a moron on the animesuki-boards who replayed to a short spoiler summary I posted there, it was about the chapter when Dana threw them out of her castle, with some retarded link to a 20min video of Spongebob saying “errand”. Considering that this moron was bitching about this series for months there, reminder: a series I like, I ask him what the fuck he actually meant with that statement. I didn’t saw him again there. With one short exception where he reappeared with a smart sounding post out of nowhere.

          To be fair, I’m actually a very tolerant and nice guy, people in real life say that to me. But I sadly noticed in these fandom some certain individuals who clearly don’t like this series, which is perfectly fine, but stay here now for 2 fucking years and complain a lot how this series is crap. I also sadly get the impression that these individuals think they are somehow very smart, when all they do is write down incoherent arguments or their worthless opinion as some kind of golden truth. Like last chapter when some moron was complaining about the ending being a Jojo rip off, when I think most people were kind of happy that the plot starts again.

          But hey, maybe I’m a bit on the edge because I’m writing down my phd-thesis and have to think about my future. Will I stay in science and earn my living with theoretical physics or should I go into the industry. Should I go to a foreign country or should I stay here. As someone who once had a depression these things do weight on my consciousness quite a bit. So pardon me when my patience with these retarded, butthurt morons is at an end.

          But hey, I’m only a guy who earns his living doing quantum mechanics. Who had lectures about special and general relativity, quantum optics and communications and other stuff. I’m not remotely smart enough to heavy criticise a series intended for young Japanese boys and instead just enjoy it for what it is.

          Will I ever get an answer to the question, what to call I self-proclaimed harsh critic who can’t do fucking 5 mins of google search before declaring that someone is a perpetual liar? Or will I stay stupid the rest of my life?

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            To be fair, I spent some time on these translations.

            And I for one highly appreciate your efforts. That’s why I felt bad a few weeks ago when I missed your translation comment.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ha!ha! True.

  4. NML says:

    Damn, that ending,

    Ch 125 isn’t even out yet and I’m excited for 126 -_-

  5. Rob C. says:

    Sounds like the game is a a foot, were getting to close to sadly the climate. Or at least final part of the story. Alot patting this time around. Cutless going to be pretty nasty sword to Touta, being only 3rd of himself.

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