Macross Delta 15 Review (Another “no concert” episode.)

Macross Delta 15
Macross Δ 15 Review
マクロスΔ 15

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Macross Delta 15Four of the members of the Aerial Knights gather at the energy crater to reflect on things before going to Heinz’s coronation. Bogue pays a visit to the graves of his family while Roid picks up Keith to bring him to the ruined amphitheater where the coronation is being held. Heinz makes his way up the steps, pausing with his twin attendants to thank the Aerial Knights. When he reaches Keith, he speaks of his admiration for his older brother, but this is the last time he’ll be able to talk with Keith as a sibling. Roid has the coronation broadcast throughout the entire region.

Macross Delta 15Roid shows footage, depicting a NUNS fighter as dropping the Dimensional Bomb that caused their energy crater. As such, Roid announces their plans to continue the war. Heinz starts singing, which causes structures to come into existence on every Protoculture ruin site in the star cluster. With this, he might be able to spread Vars even further out. NUNS sends an fleet into the area, armed with fold jammers to protect them from Heinz singing. The Aerial Knights and supports ships are dispatched, but Keith single-handedly destroys all opposition with jamming abilities. Vars infects the remaining forces. Delta Squad is sent in, where they rescue a lone survivor who knows Hayate’s father.


An episode without a ridiculous Walküre concert is already a plus of sorts.

Macross Delta 15

I noticed that Heinz’s two attendants appeared to be twins in red and blue. It seems I’ve seen this kind of red-blue twin theme a lot recently. I’ve no idea if they are boys, girls, or a mix of both.

Macross Delta 15

I’d wondered why Keith was addressed as “niisama” by Heinz, yet clearly Heinz was the designated heir to the throne. So I laughed when folks in the stands for Heinz’s coronation talked about Keith being the bastard son of the king. No wonder he wasn’t in line for the throne.

Macross Delta 15

Kieth got to play Char from Mobile Suit Gundam. I rolled my eyes when Keith easily gets through a wall of inbound fire, then destroys every single NUNS ship he looks at. These kind of characters aren’t interesting to me and in this case, really annoy me.

Macross Delta 15

I’m not convinced the footage of NUNS deploying that Dimensional bomb is accurate. Even if the footage is accurate, I’m guessing there’s more to the story that we don’t know, implicating Windermere leadership. Either way, it allows Roid to do his National Socialist speech, which also reminded me of Gundam.

Macross Delta 15

Mikumo seems to have some plan for allowing Chaos to retake the star cluster. I wonder what that is. Somehow, I bet it ties in to use the new Protoculture structures that Heinz summoned. I’m sure a lovely Walküre concert will happen.

Macross Delta 15

Finally, convenient rescues are convenient. So this Robert Kino happens to be the ONLY survivor of the NUNS fleet that Keith wiped out after he picked his nose and flicked it. Naturally, Robert is rescued by Hayate. Naturally, Robert has a history with Hayate’s father. Oooo!

Macross Delta 15

In the end, not much more to say here. Macross Delta 15 is OK for what it is.

Macross Delta 15

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One Response to “Macross Delta 15 Review (Another “no concert” episode.)”

  1. kyun~kyun says:

    Waited patiently for your review as always. Heinz’s two attendants are males, as indicated by their two cross shaped runes. Females have a single heart, while males have two crosses.

    Could you elaborate more on why you dislike Kieth? Do you dislike aces who perform the same skills in general such as Max, Guld, and Isamu? or is this just specifically Kieth?

    Speaking of idol concerts, I don’t think you shared your thoughts on the new OP & ED? And as always, thank you for the reviews 🙂

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