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Macross Delta 26

Macross Delta 26 Review (It’s finally over!)

Macross Delta 26 Macross Δ 26 マクロスΔ 26 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Chaos gets their assault on Ragna ready, starting it with a three member Walküre concert. Heinz orders Mikumo to do her Star Singer thing. In doing so, Heinz and other elites of Windermere become aware of Roid’s plan to evolve all humanoids into Vajra-like beings

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Macross Delta 25

Macross Delta 25 Review (Penultimate exposition time!)

Macross Delta 25 Macross Δ 25 マクロスΔ 25 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Chaos holds a briefing on the bad situation they are in. Reina recovers data from a flight recorder that proves Hayate’s father is innocent and tried to save lives. Berger shows up with information about Mikumo being the Star Singer. This information is relayed by

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Macross Delta 24

Macross Delta 24 Review (Racing to nowhere!)

Macross Delta 24 Macross Δ 24 マクロスΔ 24 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Mirage, Freyja, and Hayate are given a show trial, where King Heinz presides over it. After he asks a few questions, those running the trial convict and sentence the trio to death. Elsewhere, Berger shows Arad, Kaname, Makina, and Reina the VF-22 of Hayate’s father,

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Macross Delta 23

Macross Delta 23 Review (In Enemy Territory)

Macross Delta 23 Macross Δ 23 マクロスΔ 23 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Windermere forces are looking for the members of Walküre and Delta Squad that infiltrated the planet. Mirage, Freyja, and Hayate are in one group on foot. Mikumo, Makina, and Reina are on on two trikes in another group. Kaname and Arad are in the final

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Macross Delta 22

Macross Delta 22 Review (Curing depression.)

Macross Delta 22 Macross Δ 22 マクロスΔ 22 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: On Windermere, the Ariel Knights ponder events with Heinz while Cassim (Qasim) makes arrangements for apple saplings moved to his farm. Keith sees Heinz to see if Heinz is committed to Roid’s path. Meanwhile, thanks to Mirage, Freyja rejoins Walküre to prepare for the next

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Macross Delta 21

Macross Delta 21 Review (Flashback, so buy the music CD!)

Macross Delta 21 Macross Δ 21 マクロスΔ 21 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: At Keith’s request, Heinz starts singing, targeting Planet Al Shahal and initially tuning causing them to network before most of them go unconscious when Heinz goes the same. Keith confronts Roid about Heinz medical condition. Ernest has a meeting with Delta Squad and Freyja over

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Macross Delta 20

Macross Delta 20 Review (Marking time…mostly.)

Macross Delta 20 Macross Δ 20 マクロスΔ 20 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Chaos decides to experiment on Hayate and Freyja after expressing concerns about the effect Freya’s singing has on him. Freyja is unable to sing. On Windermere, Keith becomes concerned about Roid’s actions and the sudden change of doctors for King Heinz. Kaname catches Makina and

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Macross Delta 19

Macross Delta 19 Review (A history of Macross. No Robotech here!)

Macross Delta 19 Macross Δ 19 マクロスΔ 19 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: With the destruction of the Protoculture structure, the Windermere forces leave Voldor. Two days later, Hayate and Mikumo are still unconscious. Mirage and Freyja are outside Hayate’s hospital room when Berger Stone from the Epsilon Foundation Brisingr branch shows up. Despite Berger working with Windermere,

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