A Bit of UQ Holder News

A Bit of UQ Holder News

Hey gang. The limited edition version of UQ Holder Volume 12 is being advertised in Japan.

UQ Holder Volume 12 Promo

I don’t know if it actually means anything, but Touta’s mode of dress is different and Kirie seems to have Nagi’s/Negi’s staff.

And this information from Hata.

Akamatsu Studio after 1.5 months rest, restart drawing UQ.

first deadline for UQ on BSM
(meaning for each chapter we should start to hear about spoiler around the end of the month and raw the beginning of the month, as BSM is officially published each month on the 9th. the obvious point setter would be Titans, just like FT on SM. when Titans spoiler is out then it is the time to look.)

further information released on the limited edition.

DVD, includes dialogues between Akamatsu and Yuki Matsuoka (Eva)

the 32nd Akamatsu drawn pactio card

Akamatsu drawn fibre poster (wall scroll)

2017 desk calendar

Negima and UQ design info booklet

So, I guess I’ll need to do some research to try to determine when the UQH spoilers might come out, assuming they come out at all.

Also, the DVD is a “Negima Series Special Video” for those wondering. Not sure what that will entail other than the Akamatsu-sensei stuff Hata mentioned.

There’s still time before UQ Holder comes back to us. However, it will be here before you know it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks to Hata for the information!

Update: If folks want to discuss where they’d like to see UQ Holder go, feel free to do so in the comments. Remember, don’t attack other commenters who have different opinions from you. In other words, play nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. nt122 says:

    Honestly, i think that UQHolder, fate’s group, and whoever, should actually Join the MotB/Negi’s group. because, i am still of the belief that there is something even worse that the MotB that is coming. Might be the Creator of the MotB herself.

    because in Negima, she just wanted to activate C.E so that she could actually ‘die’ since there would be no more regret, as that is what keep her alive or whatever(dont remember)>

    Anyway… when is it supposed to be back?

  2. OverMaster says:

    “Negima and UQ design info booklet”

    I was hoping the booklet would be some brief manga like Negima’s Volume 0, but apparently even that is beyond Akamatsu’s power to do now.

  3. Dargor says:

    Ah, it was nice while it lasted.

    @Astro: The image of Touta and Kirie is old. I think it came about during the Sayoko bulloxs arc, but its not really indicative of anything plot related. Also, Kiries staff is very much not Nagi’s, as the head is different and it is very, very short in comparison.

    • OverMaster says:

      It’s kinda sad how, even with month and a half and a production staff, he can’t even bother to draw new promotional images, right? The prior one to this, when they announced the anime, even had the galls to show the very same cast image used to promote the manga even before it was published.

      It just doesn’t seem to point out any special true enthusiasm, I’m saying.

      Anyway this seems to all but officially confirm Yuki Matsuoka will return as Yukihime for the anime.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Yeah, I am kind of surprised it isn’t a new art piece. However, I guess they took six weeks off to unwind and do whatever.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I hadn’t remembered seeing it before for some reason. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. sanchi says:

    I had to look at that pic for awhile. There are a few flower pink and white petals – where it can be from the Sayoko arc. But Tota was in a school uniform blazer in that arc, and not the trench overcoat similar to Negi and Nagi. Tota did use Kurabo in that arc. Kirie and Tota weren’t trained by Dana at that time of the Sayako arc too, so Kirie isn’t yet a wizard. Kirie is now a wizard, and could have her own staff by her own ability on her way to becoming a mage. She already can bring out her flying broom. I can see this as a natural progression for Kirie and Tota.

    It might be a small glimpse of where Akamatsu may be wanting the manga to move towards maybe? Tota may possibly learn under Negi at some point where he earns the right to wear a similar coat? – we at this point, don’t know enough.

    If its not already official, that volume 12 with both the UQ and Negima titles does seem to make it very obviously official that both manga stories are connected if some were still missing that connection.

  5. Dargor says:

    Well, I do hope the Negima box has something mildly interesting. I’ll probably sell off the UQ volume if I do end up getting it, but its looking increasingly unlikely if that’s all its going to contain.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, I haven’t decided if I’m going to get the LE box or not.

      • Dargor says:

        What I’m worried about is that the content inside of it will be mostly recycled art. As nice as the Negima Bible was, it really didn’t contain anything “new” so to speak, and its entirely possible Akamatsu still has all of the character files to use for anything else that gets published. I do hope I’m wrong, because I would love to see new Negima stuff, but my gut is telling me there’s nothing in it we haven’t seen before, sans the 32nd pactio card.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Well, it is that 32nd pactio card that has me tempted. But I want to see what it is before I splurge.

  6. sanchi says:

    Was thinking along the lines of Akamatsu-sensei having a lesser drawing pressure by going to a monthly manga. With UQ, mostly everyone is immortal or isn’t aging, so he doesn’t have to modify his drawings of the UQ characters to show age or to look older as time passes, as how he has to with several of the Negima characters in UQ. He can skip several years if he has to and draw the same. The only few exceptions so far would be Kuromaru, Mizore, and Shinobu, but how much Mizore and Shinobu will be part of the manga is not determined. I think everyone is waiting for Kuro to change already and accept being a female. Akamatsu-sensei will probably have no problem drawing them with more and more female curvature views . Akamatsu-sensei can also use magic to have them look older too with the same way Eva becomes Yukihime.

    • OverMaster says:

      Art evolution (or degeneration) is something pretty much all artists go through, especially those with assistants whose own styles also change over time, even if the artists don’t want to or aren’t aware of it. So as long as a manga goes on long enough the looks of characters *will* change regardless of whether they’re actually growing older or not.

      If you look at Negima, by the end Evangeline’s child form looked far curvier, somewhat taller and less childlike even if logically she still was supposed to look the same. Compare, for instance, her nude scene where she was stripped by Negi at the end of the volume 3 fight at the bridge with her nude scene where she was stripped by Negi when he and Asuna fought her together near the manga’s end.

      • sanchi says:

        Good point. Yes, Eva is a good example. Even Kirie is now drawn slightly different from when she first appeared. I thought at first it was just getting better or more familiar at drawing the character from different angles.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Was thinking along the lines of Akamatsu-sensei having a lesser drawing pressure by going to a monthly manga.

      That should be true, depending on the number of pages he does per month. He’ll also have to change how he does things in terms of story planning and writing to accommodate more pages per chapter, but less overall pages per month. (I doubt Akamatsu-sensei regularly does 40+ pages per chapter.)

      • Mattcgw says:

        @Astronerdboy Hopefully, the approach isn’t like ‘platinum end’ where its 4X 18 pages at once, it lacks quite a bit nuance.

  7. Rob C. says:

    I get the impression that their going on a marketing offensive, trying lure in Negi fans who aren’t necessary fans o UQ Holder. By flashing old school Negi like materials out.

    I won’t put any money that their going try revert story into a more Negi thing. I’ll actually stop reading it if they up end the story. They’ve changed the past before, they could do it again clean up what they see as unpopular future among superfans.

    Kirie holding up Negi’s wand is wierd. She has nothing to do with Negi aside from being 80+ year old teenage.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I wouldn’t disagree that Kodansha’s marketing plan is to bring in Negima fans into UQH. I don’t know that UQH will become a defacto Negima though. We’ll see.

  8. sanchi says:

    I’m not up to date with magic stuff – esp in the manga.

    Is there a difference between a magical wand (ie Harry Potter – hand held and length a bit longer than a chop stick) and a magical staff (ie Lord of the Rings Gandalf’s staff and what Negi and Nagi has)?

    Can it be a difference between eastern and western magic, or a physical expression of some level of power, status, or ability, where the stronger magic, the bigger stick so to speak? But there is the exceptions as in Fate and Eva that don’t use either and are also have very powerful magic ability?

    • Rob C. says:

      Author never gone into the details what makes wand or even magical devices in general differ from one another. All I can say that Nagi/Negi looking Staff Kirie wielding looks identical famous duos staff, right down to the white wrap that still lingers around the top of it.

      By UQ Holder’s time, there like tech that can be employed electronically from Smart Devices/Smart Phones with transparent glove. Famously our main character’s anti-magic ability blows up.

      • sanchi says:

        Thank you Rob C. I just get confused on why when I see a wand or staff used, and wonder why. I think both look cool, but I just didn’t understand the reasoning other than status, or size, or personal preference. The shape too — it always differs.

        The staff does look familiar esp with the wrapping around it, so I see the connection, and agree with you on why would she be doing with his staff. I couldn’t see the top so wasn’t sure if it was the same staff. That started me thinking that this can be something to be revealed later, if Kirie is using Negi’s staff. I guess it may be revealed more later when Akamatsu-sensei decides to reveal more bread crumbs.

        I remember Tota’s issue with blowing up phones so he can’t use gadgets or current technology that uses magic that showed his anti-magic for the first time. I’m wondering since his training and getting his ‘power’ under control, that he could now use such devices?

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        I suspect Akamatsu-sensei is using the standard RPG rules for magic items (initially established by J.R.R. Tolkien), including staves and wands.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Is there a difference between a magical wand (ie Harry Potter โ€“ hand held and length a bit longer than a chop stick) and a magical staff (ie Lord of the Rings Gandalfโ€™s staff and what Negi and Nagi has)?

      Most modern fantasy-magic stuff is based off of Hobbit/LotR. There, the staff is a means of channeling the magical powers of the magic user, at least for wizards. That concept carries over into Negima. So all mages have either a staff, wand, or other means for which to channel and use their magical powers. Later in Negima, Eva gave Negi a ring to do that. With a staff/wand/ring, a mage could be quite powerful. Without it, the mage was all but powerless.

      Eastern magic has a similar concept. However, in Eastern magic, instead of staffs and such, they use ofuda. These are translated as a tag or talisman. In Eastern magic, the spells are written on the ofuda. As such, you see Eastern mages throw them at targets (and apparently, magic propels the ofuda to the target). They are also used as wards, again with the warding/barrier spell(s) written on the slips of paper. The more powerful the mage, the more powerful the ofuda are. See Isumi from Hayate the Combat Butler as an example.

      Fate is an artificial construct, so his very existence violates the rules on all sorts of fronts.

      For Eva, her being a faux shinso vampire might be the cause of her being able to tap into magic without the use of a staff/wand/ring. But that’s just speculation, but since Dana used magic and didn’t need a staff/wand/ring either, it is a good one.

      • sanchi says:

        Thank you ANB! I have a better understanding now.

        My first ‘shaded’ intro to what a staff does – was watching late night kung-fu movies made by the ‘Shaw’ Brothers, and a staff was quite different and more as a weapon with a blade or tassel on the end.

        Most scary were the ‘Toho’ company ‘blood squirting’ slice and dice samurai ghost movies – which still put the current western horror films to shame. That was the first time I saw ‘ofuda’ being used and effectively and that chanting/mumbling that sometimes went with it. Scary!. Floating flames, bodies that floated than walking across a room…. I still don’t care to watch those films at night.

        ‘Toho’ did the Godzilla films so they redeemed themselves to me. I had fun watching Mothra, and Ghidorah (sp?) flying around.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Thank you ANB! I have a better understanding now.

          You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

          โ€˜Tohoโ€™ did the Godzilla films so they redeemed themselves to me. I had fun watching Mothra, and Ghidorah (sp?) flying around.

          Which reminds me, a new Godzilla movie is coming out of Japan soon, or has come out. I need to look back into that.

  9. OverMaster says:

    Come to think about it, the ’32nd Akamatsu drawn card’ bit is misleading, isn’t it? Akamatsu already made Pactio cards for Negi, Rakan and Al, in addition to Mana’s old and inactive first Pactio, so it’d be more like the 36th card by now.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, I think this is referring to the pactio card deck done with the LE volume of Negima that included the movie (which I splurged and bought). That deck just has all of the girls in the class. Setsuna’s second card wasn’t included, nor any other card we’ve seen (at least, not that I remember).

  10. sanchi says:

    A little over a week more – 9 days – till 9/20 for the first UQ deadline!

    The appearence of Nagi has been ignored till now, and not sure if it was something that was a potential idea and never developed or does Nagi have some part of the big ‘mystery’ to the storyline. I want to speculate and assume, but I’ll wait.

    One more month!

  11. Mattcgw says:

    As noted; by Hata UQ Holder will most likely have 63 pages. As well as, a colour page for bessastsu monthly magazine cover. And maybe one for chapter. Ken’s twitter, wasn’t clear.

    I hope Akamatsu-Sensei’s monthly standard is 40+, when Hoshino came back the greatly extended initial page, really helped pacing alongside an actual sense of tension.
    Which I hadn’t felt from manga in about a 3 years at the time, which was the Alsaka arc finale in Freezing with Chiffon.
    Yes, my favorite manga series’s are relatively non-mainstream.

    Something I’ve been contemplating is, the useaged of light novels, to give some deep background information on the causality of the UQ Holder setting and the general parameters of magic.
    Akamatsu-Sensei’s art is top notch, perhaps not as artistic as Kazuki Takahashi’s later art, but parity enough for animation still’s. But theirs rarely any story ganered from it. That almost entirely comes from the dialogue or text.

    An example of this, is Al exposition chapter that was 13 pages long, yet it was an unparalleled revelation, with Eva’s backstory tieing her to the lifemaker, as well revealing that she was sealed beneath the world tree. You couldn’t discern the eva aspect by the art alone.

    A UQ Holder example is, the tres loli shower page. All the art depicts is their character archtype. That’s it.
    Their internal monologue, gives some depth, but not much else.
    If Akamatsu-Sensei forwent art for text, in his chapters the UQ Holder story may actually get somewhere VS the tickbox narrative that it’s been thus far.

    As much as I take issue with Naruto.The NotMadara! exposition on the Sage and his was all done in less than 5 pages, with text providing context as to its depiction. That was, also kage summit. In which war was declared. All in one chapter.
    Which Akamatsu-Sensei hasn’t been good at, since slums arc, whenever Kaito was included.
    After that, it became answers on the 2nd to 3rd page of the proceding chapter.

  12. sanchi says:

    I’m wondering, with the lack of information, what time period did Alberio send Tota to observe and see for himself what happened in the past?

    Asuna is still a student, so this is a key clue, so is this before she’s sent away or after she came back in the last chapters of Negima?

    Somewhere in this flashback I am hoping to see what happened after Negima ended, as in Fate and Eva and their involvement and reasons for making Tota, or how Negi replaced Nagi, and what happened to Nagi. I highly doubt this will be covered quickly, but am expecting a few crumbs to be shown.

    UQ needs to stand on its own characters, and not be always tied to Negima, or maybe it is planned to be this way and just a continuation of Negima.

    But show something, anything, to move the story along, past the hijinks that was getting too repetitive.

    • OverMaster says:

      By the end of Negima, whenever Negi sneezed he went Super Saiyan 3 and he blew the clothes of everyone around him. That later part is something that still holds by the end of UQ Holder as a weekly. Plus, in the chapter near the end where Konoka was overjoyed to see Asuna again and Setsuna tried to act like Asuna’s servant, it was stated they didn’t see her or Negi so much around anymore, since they were busy with the preparations.

      The UQ Flashback has Negi’s sneeze only lifting the girls’ skirts up, his hair doesn’t change, and Asuna is obviously at Mahora as a student. So it should take place before the trip to Mundus Magicus. Since Asuna seems very friendly towards Negi, it’s probably post Mahorafest, when she wasn’t so much of a Tsundere to him anymore.

      So my best guess is, after Chao’s defeat but before Magical World. Then again, Akamatsu’s writing is so full of holes and contradictions by now anything might go. Maybe he can just cover himself with the ‘alternate timeline!’ excuse.

      “or maybe it is planned to be this way and just a continuation of Negima.”

      Seems doubtful. The initial promo cast show seemed to indicate a lot of focus on all new rather than returning characters (almost half of which haven’t been properly introduced more than 100 chapters in– imagine if Rakan had been in the Chapter 1 spread image of Negima). I think there was a major change of plans regarding focus and direction along the way.

      • sanchi says:

        The flash-back Negi is when he was around 10 yrs old. The UQ- Negi is much older, and drawn as he was at the end of Negima when He’s talking about and with some of his students to Nagi, with Al, and Jack around a table, overlooking the space tower. UQ-Negi’s power is also much more enhanced with the MotB meld too.

        The flashback mentions some sort of morning practice with the Library Exploration club that included Nodoka and Yue and that Albireo Imma is the librarian on that Mahora Library Island – this made me wonder if this is of any significance, or is this around that chapter where they were to go explore the library?

        • OverMaster says:

          “The flash-back Negi is when he was around 10 yrs old. The UQ- Negi is much older, and drawn as he was at the end of Negima when Heโ€™s talking about and with some of his students to Nagi, with Al, and Jack around a table, overlooking the space tower. UQ-Negiโ€™s power is also much more enhanced with the MotB meld too.”

          Even by Chapter 353, before the Time Skip and during the graduation, Negi couldn’t help blowing all clothes around him and going Lightning Form when he sneezed. My point still stands, when I brought Future UQ Negi up it was just to make clear he still was doing that much later, and given it’s a comedic trait, it’s unlikely he ever could fix it only to regain it later– chances are, if it’s ever needed for another flashback gag along the way, it’ll happen again.

          • sanchi says:

            Yes, I agree OverMaster. Not disagreeing with you either. The sneeze by Negi is a signature trait and I hope he never loses it. Just agreeing it got more powerful and maybe with a boost of the MotB too. My bad, should have said this in that paragraph. The sneeze I think makes it show Negi’s not perfect too and shows he’s still there though controlled.

            Interesting the MotB can’t control the sneezing!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Iโ€™m wondering, with the lack of information, what time period did Alberio send Tota to observe and see for himself what happened in the past?

      Hopefully, we’ll find that out with the next chapter.

      Somewhere in this flashback I am hoping to see what happened after Negima ended, as in Fate and Eva and their involvement and reasons for making Tota, or how Negi replaced Nagi, and what happened to Nagi. I highly doubt this will be covered quickly, but am expecting a few crumbs to be shown.

      Yeah, that would be good info to get.

  13. sanchi says:

    I was re-reading Negima, and concentrating more on Nodoka and Yue. Both were attracted to Negi, so it surprised me how calm they were when Negi actually hugged a naked Eva, and without any reaction. I would have expected at least have something to say or react to it, or at least allow Eva to cover herself. Even Cutlass made a short comment when her clothes were blown away by Negi and she quickly covered herself. Yeah, its a shouen story… At least Eva showed more emotion towards the two.

    I thought that Nodoka had to say Tota’s name, to read the thoughts of the person of interest and not her own, but (maybe looking at this too closely) she never said Tota’s name before blocking the kiss and stating she read their minds. So she can now do this without saying the name, or probably said it much earlier and not drawn into the story? Yue was more to her artifact with stating magic-related information. So Fate and Eva used magic also to create Tota – but nothing on explaining what was meant when she said Tota was a ‘tool’. Yeah, more later – this is just a crumb.

    Its odd — its obvious of the MotB control, and yet nothing is said addressing the MotB directly or of her control of Negi, even when it shows Negi speaking under the MotB control. The more I re-read this last chapter, the re-union of Negi and Eva could have been more of a special moment but the mood was weird or fell apart with the MotB regaining control and ‘macho’ Tota saying Eva’s his woman.

    So there is a Eva x Negi ship, and a Eva x Tota ship and a Eva x Nagi ship. Eva has had less time than Kuromaru in UQ, and a key link to Negima. But it makes me wonder how important she is to the story, esp after the manga started with her talking to the audience, and not Tota.

    • OverMaster says:

      “Both were attracted to Negi, so it surprised me how calm they were when Negi actually hugged a naked Eva, and without any reaction. I would have expected at least have something to say or react to it, or at least allow Eva to cover herself. ”

      We don’t even know yet if these are the real Yue and Nodoka, or only duplicates with similar abilities (considering the Lifemaker can create beings who were far more powerful than either of them) or ‘hollow’ posessed bodies that happen to hold the girls’ Pactios.

      “Eva has had less time than Kuromaru in UQ”

      That is probably true, although Eva has also had way more panel time than most other UQ characters, but then again, Eva’s panel time has been more relevant– almost always she’s on the page, something more or less relevant happens, either done by her or intended to play off her. While Kuromaru, although always there, hasn’t done anything worthwhile in a long time, other than minor ship teasing, and even there Kirie has been outdoing him for a long while now.

      I’d say Eva is still the second most important UQ Holder character after Touta.

      • Yue Ayase says:

        What if Yue and Nodoka found happiness with each other? Or even with Rakan/Albeiro? Stranger things have happened.

        • sanchi says:

          Yue and Nodoka have been the best of friends with each other – Negi’s team possibly including the newer member – Cutlass, are very close to each other, as a team, and as close friends too. Not sure if they would go as far as becoming couples, for I think it would interfere with focus and adversely affect strategy in a life or death battle. We need more info to why all of this is happening…a major block of info is still missing and not revealed.

        • OverMaster says:

          “What if Yue and Nodoka found happiness with each other?”

          Well, keep in mind Akamatsu couldn’t outright say Konoka and Setsuna married each other and had to simply imply it heavily. Konoka and Setsuna, who were far more obvious than Yue and Nodoka ever were.

          I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened, but I wouldn’t hold my breath holding for a confirmation. I don’t think editors even allow you to outright say ‘and then they ended up happily in a homosexual relationship’ in a shounen series yet. I imagine we’ll see it eventually sooner than in any Disney movie, at least-

      • sanchi says:

        I’ve been tossing the question of Negi’s team being the genuine article and not illusions, or clones or copies or duplicates or ghosts…etc anything other than the real people. Most seem to think they are the real thing. I’m still hesitant to say they are fakes, but no definitive answer either. One question – is magic being used for their appearence and also a question to how they age – if they do age slower than humans or have become immortal.

        I’m siding with Eva as a important character as the founder and leader of UQ, but not sure if Tota will always pursue Eva, or Eva choses Tota. For now I’m not sure. Tota loves Eva, a given, but there may be someone other female too. Its a shouen, with a harem chasing Tota so its possible.

    • sanchi says:

      If Cutlass is Tota’s supposed sister – and they look similar, why didn’t Yue include that information. Tota was stated as the only one successful to combine Asuna’s and Negi’s power. This is another confusing thing that came to mind. Did Cutlass come from a batch after Tota with a bunch of different magic source DNA?

      Funny thought what if Mizore is a clone combo of Asuna and Ayaka? Their family has the means and money…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      When it comes to Eva, Nodoka and Yue both knew how Negi felt about her. So there’s that element. Also, remember that in Negima, both were rivals of sorts for Negi’s affection. But they became a team to win him over. And as a team, they joined MotB-Negi’s side. So for me, there’s a sort of symmetry to it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Rob C. says:

    Well, were in October. Any thing from Akamatsu-Sensei? It was said we learn something by the 20th aside there going to be anime of the show…unless their holding off stuff till that gets off the ground. THAT would explain more of the break. However, it does bode well for the manga. Its likely going end if Akamatsu-Sensei and his team can’t get their acts together.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I believe Hata mentioned that Akamatsu-sensei did manage to get the new chapter in on time (or a day late, but since the day it was due was a holiday, he finished it then). Beyond that, I don’t know.

      • Mattcgw says:

        Judging by Shingeki’s simul-publcation schedule on crunchyroll. It should be around 8th-10th October. Unless it’s being completely obtuse, and publishing in November.

        But I expect delays in its translation, it’s not as if UQ Holder is remotely Kodansha USA’s or crunchyroll’s tip priority given the number of cock-ups the simul-publcation has had.

        Where as Shingeki has never had a single one to my knowledge. If UQ holder was a top priority for any branch of Kodansha publishing Co. then the Twins sole occupation would be UQ Holder, instead. Quote ‘you translate 40% of our series’ says Kodansha executive.

        Although, the issue of preceeding chapters length remains a question. Will Akamatsu-Sensei stick to 64 pages (laughs, at such folly) since that is 4×18, meaning that 3 chapters is 1 volume. Or will Akamatsu-Sensei go for 40 or less, but miss the deadline, thus necessitating a wait until the next month. Furthermore, what if he misses a deadline entirely, but over compensates by doing 128 pages or so.
        The most foreseeable outcome based on Akamatsu-Sensei’s habits would be the latter of it all.

        Theirs still the X factor in this scenario that remains unconsidered, which is the impact and or influence the anime will have. If it fails in it’s basic prerogative, which is to promote and increase sales of the source material in a substantial way. Then, Akamatsu-Sensei will definitely feel the heat from the editorial department, and pack up early. Or the physical Media sales and merchandise prove to be far more lucrative than the source material. Allowing Akamatsu-Sensei to be where to fully blase about the production and output of the manga.
        Another issue with the X factor, happens to be the source material primarily whether it will be a straight adaptation or not. The primarily source material is not of the greatest quantity the series has to offer, a hybrid adaptation be strongly favourable for sales, give how much more potent such material would be for insuring fiscal success for all parties involved.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I still have no clue where the new UQ Holder spoilers will show up. ๐Ÿ™

          But I expect delays in its translation

          I do as well, but mainly because this is a much larger chapter.

    • OverMaster says:

      “It was said we learn something by the 20th aside there going to be anime of the show”

      My birthday is the 20th.

      I’m *not sure* news on an UQ Holder anime of all things are something I’d like to receive from life as a birthday gift.

  15. DerGilga says:

    Yo-lu-da Ba-o-to


    pics are out

    • Yue Ayase says:

      I can’t find any spoilers anywhere.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thanks! I didn’t know what that name meant until I saw what Hata wrote. ^_^;;;;

    • DerGilga says:

      Someone on 4chan pointed out, that it could be read as Ialdabaoth. So ancient-oppai-chans name would be Ia/olda Baoth.

      If you read the discribtion of Ialdabaoth it kind of fits ancient-oppai-chan

      It would als point towards Yhwh being the true enemy as hinted with ussless-senpai

      or Yhwh = ancient-oppai-chan

      • Mattcgw says:

        @DerGilga So Akamatsu-Sensei really is doubling down on this Old testament Judas stuff?
        I have enough grievances about Yhwach in Bleach, Tree of Eden and Eve in Naruto and seraph of the end in general. As well as, Blue Exorcist.
        Is there some sort financial incentive/credit from the Catholic Church being offered via clandestine methods?!

        I have no issues with fiction pertaining western religion, only when Manga-Ka use it for the basis or crux of their series, then all but abandon it or use it in a skin deep manner. Such as, utilizing it as shortcut for Arc’s alongside the relevant terminology or biblical names, but never does it affect the characters in any major way, besides power-up’s.

        I did really like, the Joan D’Arc ‘storyline’ in Rage of Bahamut. That was a cool series all things considered.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Thanks for the links. ๐Ÿ™‚

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