Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 540 Manga Review (The Gift)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 540 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 540At the end of the school trip to Las Vegas, Yukiji throws a massive party. Hina gets upset that her sister is blowing all this money instead of using it with care. Yukiji rejects this, believing money is about spending. She then buys an expensive car, then tells everyone she’s buying souvenirs for everyone.

Hayate tells Hina that Yukiji is going to blow all of her ¥2.4 billion. As such, the two of them go to where she’s blowing her money. While Hayate wants Yukiji to buy him things as well, he warns her that she’ll spend all of her money in now time. Yukiji scoffs at this idea. After all, spending ¥2.4 billion isn’t so easy. However, when her students blow ¥270 million, she concedes Hayate’s point. That just makes her think she needs to gamble to get it back. Hina reminds Yukiji that she sucks at gambling.

Yukiji challenges Hina to a poker game, where if Yukiji loses, she calls off the party. Hina agrees, stating that Yukiji has to budget her money if Hina wins. Yukiji agrees and loses. As such, she decides to spend anyway and ignore the bet.

As dawn approaches, Hina scolds Yukiji for blowing another ¥500 million. However, Hina decides she won’t bother Yukiji about this any more since it is her sister’s money to do with as she wills. With that, Yukiji hands the cash card over to Hina with ¥1 billion still on it. Hina is surprised by this, but Yukiji says she’s doing what she wants with the money. With that, Yukiji tells Hina that it is OK to screw up and then leaves.


You know, for a Yukiji chapter, this ended up being rather poignant.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 540

Since the return from Las Vegas, I can’t remember if Yukiji has shown up or not. The way this chapter ends, it makes it seem as if Yukiji parted ways with Hina for good. “That was her final present before her sister left” is how the unofficial English put it. With Yukiji walking off into the sunrise, it just made it seem like this is the last Yukiji story.

Whether it is the last Yukiji story or not, I’m glad to see her again. I wondered how she’d react to having ¥2.4 billion to spend. Apparently in one night, she blows ¥1.4 billion (~$13.7 million). So that leaves Hina with the ¥1 billion (~$9.8 million). Not a bad gift. I’m not sure how it works in Japan, but that simple act in the U.S. would have Hina owing a MASSIVE tax bill that would take away a massive chunk of it. But I digress…

Beyond that, there’s not a lot to discuss in this chapter. I do get the feeling that Hata-sensei felt the need to establish that Hina is on her own and has ¥1 billion at her disposal.

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 540 is a fun chapter that seems to be setting up things for later.

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13 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 540 Manga Review (The Gift)”

  1. Gift tax, huh? Maybe that doesn’t apply to Hina being a minor. Or maybe Hata just doesn’t care about such things (more likely)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      maybe Hata just doesn’t care about such things (more likely)

      True. I was just thinking of reality. I mean if I get $2 million and the government takes a million, then I give that million to you, the government comes in and takes $500K out of sheer greed and envy. Really ticks me off. But I digress…^_^;;;;

  2. federico says:

    probably Yukiji taught Hina how to leave in the moment rather than over-thinking the future

  3. federico says:

    considering that alot of shonen sunday manga end with less than 600 chap probably hayate will en at chap 580 more or less

  4. NullApostle says:


    A 12-page chapter of Spotted Flower was just released. 12 whole pages! Whew, been some time since a ‘long’ chapter.

  5. ctrn says:

    Woah. This chapter wasn’t funny to me. First, Yukiji just blows the money away, and to me (by the glimpses of her face on some panels) she didn’t have fun either. It was like some kind of trauma going as she couldn’t accept to have an economically stable life. Or like she was thinking that she didn’t deserve one; after all, she did mention their parents an how they were thrown away like trash. I’m thinking that she believes (maybe unconsciously) that it is her fault or something, and feels sorry to Hina for that.

    Maybe at some point she thought that giving Hina a big load of money can compensate for their hardships, but then didn’t really want to “win”, so she screwed up every time. And this time she just couldn’t do it. So with that “gift” she marked the end of what she can give to her little sister. So she is not needed anymore…. so she leaves….

    I’m not buying that. This manga doesn’t need that kind of drama.

    And I don’t think she fulfilled her role. Her role is to be Hina’s family and have fun with her (and maybe grow a little the whole family numbers together with the gundam teacher).

    In my opinion, this was a sad chapter. And an unnecessary one too.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      First, Yukiji just blows the money away, and to me (by the glimpses of her face on some panels) she didn’t have fun either.

      Think back to when she won the money in the first place. This was the last thing she expected in her life even though it was the thing she dreamed of all her life.

      Look at how Yukiji blew her money. Yes, she blew a ton on herself. However, the normally selfish, greedy Yukiji paid for all of her students to buy whatever they wanted for themselves. She then throws a party for everyone. Once she’s done all that, she gives a ton to her little sister and returns her life to the poor Sensei she always has been since she became an adult. She looked out for Hina until the end.

      I’d like to see Yukiji decide that Kaoru a chance and finds love with him. He’s the only one who loves her, warts and all.

      In my opinion, this was a sad chapter. And an unnecessary one too.

      It is a poignant chapter for sure. I don’t think it is an unnecessary one. I suspect that Hina having this money plays a role later. And Yukiji’s departure may play a role in affecting Hina in a way that allows Hata-sensei to do something else with her.

      We’ll see what happens though.

  6. arimareiji says:

    No question now, Sensei is using up his emergency filler chapters to give himself more breathing room (wisely so). I’d been thinking it for a while, but the raw for the next one nails it. Not only is the drawing style very different and the topic apparently unrelated to anything going on in the story, Izumi shrank back down to the size she was until recently.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh! I just snuck a look at the raw because of your comment here. 😛 Hata-sensei’s drawing style has improved over what it was. I still think I prefer stuff from a while back, but the style now is better than what it was a few years ago. That was terrible stuff.

      As to the raw, I obviously have no context since my Japanese is all but nil, but it had a finale feeling there, much as 540 did for Yukiji. We’ll see if my feeling is right or not.

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