Sweetness and Lightning 11 (Fluffy pig costume solves everything!)

Sweetness and Lightning 11
Amaama to Inazuma episode 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sweetness and Lightning 11Tsumugi’s friend Hana is not happy that Tsumugi wants to play the pig Galigali-san in the school’s play about the popular magic girl show. Meanwhile, Kotori gets drafted by her class to come up with a new crepe for their school festival. Since Kouhei wants Tsumugi to enjoy crepes, he and Kotori arrange to meet up to try and make them. That evening, Kouhei detects Tsumugi is feeling down and learns about her fallout with Hana. Despite taking her dad’s advice, Hana is still cold to Tsumugi. Tsumugi blows off the subject, so the two head to Kotori’s mother’s restaurant, where they find Shinobu and Yagi also waiting for them.

Sweetness and Lightning 11Tsumugi cheers up greatly because of this and the crepe party. As preparations begin, Tsumugi lets it out that Kouhei only talks and thinks about food and never girls. The others disagree and Kouhei assures his daughter that she’s foremost on his mind. With Tsumugi reassured, Kotori and Kouhei work on the sweet potato crepes. After making them and eating them with Shinobu and Yagi, Kouhei produces the Galigali-san pig costume for Tsumugi. Tsumugi brings it to class and shows it to Hana, who has a change of mind about Tsumugi playing the part. The play goes off well, though two others also played Galigali-san. At the high school, Kotori’s crepes go over well, but she’s drafted to get business by cosplaying as a witch.


And so we come to another fun, enjoyable episode of Sweetness and Lightning (Amaama to Inazuma for those who prefer the Japanese title). This time, the episode was adapted from chapter 17 of the manga as well as the splash page for chapter 18.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

The Cruelty of Kindergarten

Man, did this episode bring up a different kind of emotion in me. It kinda hit me hard when Hana insulted Tsumugi for wanting to play Galigali-san. Tsumugi has an idea she thinks is great. Hana has her own idea she thinks is great. But when Tsumugi’s desires differ from Hana’s desires, Hana takes it out on Tsumugi. Tsumugi can’t understand why Hana is acting this way, and I don’t blame Tsumugi. And then there’s poor Yuuka-chan in the middle.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

Then there’s getting your parents involved, or in Tsumugi’s case, parent. Sadly, that never goes well, does it? As I remember it, my parent’s attempting to help a situation might actually cause it to get worse. Certainly here, Kouhei and Hana’s mom didn’t improve the situation, though on the surface, they appeared to resolve everything.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

The other heavy element here came from Tsumugi’s frustrations over her father’s constant talk of food. This is where Tsumugi not having a mom comes into play. However, Kotori, Shinobu, and Yagi all helped here to let Tsumugi understand that her dad does care a great deal about her.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

The ultimate resolution to the tiff between Hana and Tsumugi doesn’t feel real to me. Since we need a happy resolution, I’m OK with it. 🙂

Sweetness and Lightning 11

Cute Tsumugi-chan

As usual, Tsumugi has her array of cuteness, even when she’s sad or the like.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

But it is always cool to see her happy.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

And as Galigali-san, well… 😀 (Why “Mr. Galigali” and not “Galigali-san”? I checked and the manga is the same, but other -san honorifics are retained. Weird to me.)

Sweetness and Lightning 11


Crepes are a staple food item in just about any anime or manga that is set in a school environment. And even if said series is not set in a school environment, there’s some kind of Japanese festival where crepes are sold at one of the festival stands. Normally, the only crepes I’ve seen out of Japan are the ones that are used as a cone and stuffed with stuff.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

With Sweetness and Lightning 11, we got to see a new type of crepe. I’ve never seen one in the shape of the ones the group made in this episode. I’ve seen (but never consumed) ones that look almost like omelets or taquitos. So I learned something new.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

I will say that while I would try a sweet potato (or yam) crepe, it wouldn’t be something I’d seek out. Then again, I don’t want sweet potato pie. I can eat sweet potatoes, but I’d prefer not to.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I like the relationship between Shinobu and Yagi. That look she gives him when he interferes with Kotori’s and Kouhei’s together time cooking made me laugh out loud. (And it is funnier in the anime than the manga.)

Sweetness and Lightning 11

She’ll graduate in a couple of years, Yagi. Then she’s legal and you too can have a lovely bride. 😉

Sweetness and Lightning 11

Finally, there’s Kotori as a witch. ‘Nuff said! (This came from the splash page of chapter chapter 18 and you can see how much filler the anime folks got out of a single image. But it works.)

Sweetness and Lightning 11

In the end, Sweetness and Lightning 11 is another fun, humorous, and even touching episode of wholesome goodness.

Sweetness and Lightning 11

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8 Responses to “Sweetness and Lightning 11 (Fluffy pig costume solves everything!)”

  1. NullApostle says:

    I’m reading your reviews of this, but I don’t watch the show and I’m wondering … why ‘Lightning’? Do you have any idea?

  2. WMC says:

    Just picked up Volume 1 of the manga. I love it. Great stuff.

  3. Norman Reitzel says:

    “In a couple years, she’s legal”

    You know that in Japan, a significant number of women are married out of high school. If their parents stamp their papers, marriage can begin very early. Some (less every year) marriages are arranged as children.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I was thinking that Shinobu and Kotori are 2nd year high school students. So they’d have to finish this school year and the following school year. While you are correct that Kotori could marry Kouhei before 18, it is unlikely that the story would have them do so (presuming Kouhei wakes up to the fact that he has an attraction for his student) until she graduates. So the “two years” remark was made as a general remark more so than a specific one.

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