Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 550 Manga Review (The caring enemy.)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 550 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 550Himegami introduces himself to Hayate, thanking him for serving Nagi for nearly a year. Isumi doesn’t believe this is truly Himegami, though he insists it is true. A battle ensues as Himegami targets Hayate, whom he has determined is the weakest link. Hayate is stunned by Himegami’s strength. Himegami informs Hisui that Hayate has a King’s Jewel. Athena and Isumi attempt to prevent it from being taken, but are unsuccessful.

After Hisui has Hayate’s stone, she reveals the power she’s been granted by Yozora. She easily knocks out Hayate, Isumi, and Athena, but demolishes her mansion in the process. Hisui now has two King’s Jewels and sets off to find a means of causing an explosion of negative emotion.

Hayate manages to grab Himegami’s pants to stop him. Himegami pities Hayate for being so weak and causing problems for Nagi. Hayate makes one last attack attempt, but is knocked out. With that, Himegami leaves to follow Hisui.


Well, so much for the power duo of Athena and Isumi, to say nothing of Hayate.


I get the feeling that Himegami has made sure to keep aware of Nagi’s situation. I also got the feeling that regardless of what happened between him and Nagi, Himegami still thinks fondly of Nagi. He wants the best for her, leading to his interest in Hayate as Nagi’s butler.

We really got a taste of how strong Himegami is. He effortlessly defeated Hayate, whom we know is no weakling. Yet in this circumstance, Hayate is weak and no match for Himegami.

Not only that, but Himegami is too clever for Athena and Isumi. He deftly avoided their attacks while at the same time, continuing to beat on Hayate and dislodge his stones.

I wonder why Isumi thinks he’s not the real Himegami. Isumi is not stupid. She sees things others do not. So I think there’s something there. Maybe it is Himegami’s body, but there’s someone else inhabiting it? Someone who would have a better reason to care for Nagi than Himegami would. Maybe someone who would work with Hisui to ultimately protect Nagi. Just possibly, someone who’d be disappointed that Hayate is not as strong as he could be to protect the precious Nagi. Possibly, this someone is connected with the Kurotsubaki. Maybe. 😉

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 550


Hisui certainly seems to have mastered her new powers rather quickly. We saw the giant King Midas skeletal hands, but we also saw what I believe are giant forms of Yozora’s hands. I guess Yozora passed on the knowledge of how to use this new power.

Speaking of Yozora, I wonder where she actually went. Maybe she’s in a gold statue in the Royal Garden.

Anyway, back to Hisui, I find it interesting that she didn’t kill anyone. She’s completely nuts, but she only rendered Isumi, Athena, and Hayate unconscious. I know that Hayate no Gotoku is just a shounen manga, so it isn’t like we’d see characters getting killed so easily.  Hisui could have killed them after knocking them all out, but she didn’t. I wonder if that means something or not.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Time to wrap this review up so I can get back to work.

  • I’m really disappointed that Athena and Isumi were so easily crushed. Isumi didn’t get much of a revenge match on Yozora. Now I can only hope for Athena and Isumi to get revenge on Hisui.
  • How will Hisui and Himegami cause the explosion of negative emotion?
  • Will Hina show up to render her assistance before everything is said and done?
  • What will Hayate, Isumi, and Athena do next?

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 550 skips the comedy and just goes for the plot, leaving me with some interesting thoughts. I’m looking forward to the new chapter.

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9 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 550 Manga Review (The caring enemy.)”

  1. I hope in their a training arc in which hayate learns how to use magic from Athena or Isumi. I would like the twist if he discovers he has a talent for time magic(he is the only one we know that experience time travel) that can easily give this series alot of option(or I just liked Dr. Strange that much). A fan-theory of mine Klaus is Hayate from the future.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t know that we’ll get a training arc. I’m guessing the manga has an end date planned, which I’d think is sooner rather than later.

      As to Dr. Strange, I’m bummed I haven’t been able to see that in theaters. At this point, I’ll just have to wait for the BD to come out and buy that.

  2. WMC says:

    Inserting a review of the manga “Orange” by Lady Ichigo Takano. A plausible romantic tale of time travel by positing parallel time-lines. Naho is a lovable 16 year old on the first day of her second year of high school. She has just received a letter from herself ten years in the future! It’s very detailed and turns out to make accurate predictions, and it gives directions to act differently than she had ten years ago, which is now, in order to prevent future regrets. The detailed predictions are very worrisome because thy come true. She meets a new transfer from Tokyo, Kakaru, on that first day and ultimately falls seriously in love with him. Kakru makes friends with Naho and Suwa and three others. Suwa is tall, handsome, athletic and very likable. He adores Naho

    Turns out the letters from her future self are trying to prevent Kakaru’s suicide. He’s mysteriously bent on it, unbeknownst to Naho and their friends, because he very plausibly thinks he caused his own mother’s suicide. The story revolves around Naho’s and Kakaru’s deep love, and their friend’s trying to change the present in order to prevent Kakaru’s suicide in the near future. They all get letters, which come from a time ten years hence when the group had gathered to remember Kakaru, who had killed himself years earlier. In the present, in spite of Naho’s attempts to bring him out of himself, Kakaru tries to kill himsef by walking in front of a truck. The group is too late to prevent the attempt, but he steps back, out of harm’s way, at the last second. Naho and her friends have saved Kakaru.

    OK but. Takano-sensei draws several present times and future times for them on the covers of the omnibuses and on the first color pages. In the future Kakaru is sometimes there and sometimes not. Always Naho has married Kakaru’s best friend Suwa, even when Kakaru is present, and Naho and Suwa are carrying a small child with them. Sensei always shows Naho with a serious and regretful expression in these. One scene has Naho squatting in front of a toddler and saying, “But now I have my own little Kakaru to look after.” Probably the child is Naho’s and Suwa’s whom they’ve named after Kakaru. This occurs in text, late in the book for half a page.

    That Naho, who is very lovable and honest and brave, settles for second-best in all the time-lines, even those in which they have saved Kakaru, makes this story a tragedy about Naho. I’m still sad a week after reading it.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thanks for the review.

      • WMC says:

        I anticipated that Kakaru would be saved from himself for a happy ending, but those depictions of the group on the covers and the beginning, color pages of the two omnibuses are pretty unsettling. Following Naho leads the reader to fall in love with her, she is so attractive, thus when she turns away from Kakaru to follow Suwa and their child on the last two pages of the book, I became crestfallen. Very much like the ending of Shinkai’s “5cm per Second.” Some women do indeed settle for second best if it means they have a secure home to raise children. Practicality over love. I’ve always disliked that.

  3. WMC says:

    The only objects actually to travel in time in “Orange” are the letters. The teenagers don’t move from their perceived space-time, except in Takano-sensei’s panels, which can jump ahead or back to give the reader a heads up. Lots of fun.

    Poor Naho. From her expressions at the end she’s already regretting her early marriage to Suwa. As with many women, she’ll probably regret it even more when her little boy grows up, and she starts to see the similarities between him and her adored Kakaru. My only hope is that she divorces the gentle Suwa then with the usual excuse “I just want to have time for myself.” Girl code for “You’re not the one.” Kakaru’s been the one since their first year of high school.

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