UQ Holder Chapter 133 SPOILER Images (Update #1 – More Info)

Here is some SPOILER images for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 133, courtesy of 阳光下的咪西.  (My review of UQ Holder Chapter 133 should come out as soon as they appear on Crunchyroll, depending on when Crunchyroll publishes the chapter.)


The UQ Holder Chapter 133 goodness begins. These are the 133 spoiler images. ^_^

UQ Holder Chapter 133UQ Holder Chapter 133

UQ Holder Chapter 133 UQ Holder Chapter 133 UQ Holder Chapter 133 UQ Holder Chapter 133

It looks like our heroes are getting their arses handed to them and then some. Time for a Kirie reset, as indicated in the last page? 😉 Of course, that could fail.

Update #1: Here’s some additional information.

  • Yue and Nodoka show why they are an awesome tag team duo when they school Kuroumaru. Seriously, Akamatsu-sensei needs to do a spinoff manga for them, even if it is only a single volume.
  • Santa tries to possess Al, but  the horrors he sees cause his defeat.
  • Karen removes Jacks arm without a weapon. Jack simply puts it back on, then proceeds to apparently beat Karen down through a skyscraper.
  • Negi and Touta are beating each other, so Jack comes in with his giant blade to stab ME Touta. Al uses gravity magic to then slam Touta to the ground and pin him there for a finishing blow.
  • Kirie defends Touta. It appears that Negi, Yue, Nodoka, Al, and Jack tease Kirie about her feelings for Touta, allowing Touta to hear this. Now distracted, Cutlass stabs Kirie. Kirie attempts to kill herself, but Cutlass won’t allow her to break the cyanide capsule in her mouth. Cutlass yanks out a bunch of Kirie’s teeth, enraging Touta.
  • Kirie begins grinning as a magic mandala forms under them and it appears that we might be about to see Asuna.

Can’t wait for this to come out in English. ^_^

UQ Holder Chapter XXX

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29 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 133 SPOILER Images (Update #1 – More Info)”

  1. nt122 says:

    This kind of reminds me when negi and co first went to the magic world.. they got their asses kicked then too.

    Though we may get a reset, as the Tower is busted up now hahaha.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ha!ha! Yes. I had joked someplace about Kirie doing this very thing. We’ll see if she manages to pull it off.

  2. OverMaster says:

    No way the 37 seconds haven’t passed yet.

    Akamatsu really needs to let go of the ‘timed mission you must fulfill in THIS SHORT TIME’, it keeps getting more implausible and sillier each time.

    • OverMaster says:

      I see my stalker is acting up again.

      Stalker-san, if you are reading this, and you probably are, that’s not me writing at 4 chan. I can’t post at 4 chan because they banned my whole country long ago, even before I learned of its existence. Please try to understand more than a single person can dislike this series.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It appears that 37 seconds have passed by the chapter’s end.

  3. Mattcgw says:

    Another action chapter with no merit nor purpose, but Akamatsu-Sensei can show more grotesque Gore porn.

    Shrugs, once more.

    • Porky says:

      Almost as if this is an action series.

      • OverMaster says:

        False dychotomy. An action series doesn’t have to feature gratuitous brutality.

        And this is gratuitous, because the characters’ own immortal nature means all this rampant gore has no lasting consequences– the characters never have to worry about lasting damage even if they win. Naturally, in every shounen (although this is technically seinen now?) we know the leads will win, but they still can lose teammates or be permanently mutilated– UQ doesn’t have even that kind of tension because the characters are so hax (even though most of them STILL find ways to job anyway) we know they’ll survive everything and anything. It’s like expecting stakes from an ongoing Tom and Jerry cartoon, but played straight.

        • Yue Ayase says:

          Only Kirie is hax. The rest are clearly not hax at all. In fact most of them are very useless.

          • OverMaster says:

            They only seem useless because they job, but on their own they all, except maybe Kuromaru, are ridiculously broken. Hell, as long as you don’t have a very specific powerset to get her out of the way, Karin should basically win almost any fight by just outlasting whoever she’s fighting at the time, since she can’t receive any damage at all.

            And that’s without going into the members who haven’t bothered to do anything yet, which are likely to be even more powerful, contributing to the out of control power escalation (something that ended up hurting Negima as well, but the lessons weren’t learned at all) and will likely make it hard to explain why they haven’t done anything yet since they’ve been part of the organization from the start of the story, and Eva’s aware they have been dealing with a world threatening situation for a while now.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:


    • sanchi says:

      So far too – Tota’s group are not working as a team – but battling more as individuals one-on-one.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I disagree with the lack of purpose. The purpose is to buy time for Asuna. 😉

  4. Rob C. says:

    Looks like brutal finale.

  5. sanchi says:

    It seems another fight where our heroes are powerless against this overwhelming evil, and who are more powerful, professional, and experienced in fighting. I think that point is now overdone. Bach in Bleach, Zeref in FT, and they have their ‘team’ of bad guys too.

    With Kirie, I’m wondering if this is a repeat for her or not, where there is some way of changing the outcome of the battle. Nodoka and Yue appears to be free from Kuromaru’s bondage technique, they can easily prevent Kirie from a time reset.

    Cutlass appears to use time better than Kirie, to appear and disappear using time stop, and is effective using it in battle – she got Kirie, then again, a cowards sneaky way to stab from the back.

    Or…. all Tota has to say, is OK, you win, I’ll go with you… and thats it. Fight ends, everyone shakes hands, no hard feelings…

    Since Tota is hanging like on a sword like a kabob on a bbq stick, maybe now we will finally find out why and for what purpose Negi-MotB needs Tota, that Negi, Yue, and Nodoka seems to be skirting around the edges of the explanation.

    I have to reread what Negi was saying in the earlier chapter. Its odd that he seems fine where he is, and not really doing his best to defeat the MotB. Its as if he’s not even struggling.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I have to reread what Negi was saying in the earlier chapter. Its odd that he seems fine where he is, and not really doing his best to defeat the MotB. Its as if he’s not even struggling.

      That’s why I’ve wondered if he made a deal with MotB, especially if it saved Nagi’s life. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  6. OverMaster says:

    ” It appears that Negi, Yue, Nodoka, Al, and Jack tease Kirie about her feelings for Touta, allowing Touta to hear this”.

    Okay, I take my earlier theories back. These witches aren’t Nodoka and Yue. Even if we are generous and assume they’d be willing to work for the Lifemaker, they never stoop as low as to mock a girl’s feelings. Their whole character arc was about their feelings and supporting each other as girls in love, this is like doing a Captain America arc about Cap burning US flags.

    And if they’re just mind controlled to the extreme they’d do something like this (which is rather petty for a supposedly dignified villain like the Mage of the Beginning), well, you couldn’t say that’s actually *them* then, could you?

    Either way it’s disgusting to see Nodoka and Yue acting like that. I can accept them as antagonists, but not as jerkasses.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Either way it’s disgusting to see Nodoka and Yue acting like that. I can accept them as antagonists, but not as jerkasses.

      They are going all out for Negi. 😉

  7. Mattcgw says:

    Brought the chapter, shrug.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It still isn’t up on CR.

      • Mattcgw says:

        @AstroNerdBoy The time difference for the UK means that it is already the 8th of February, so I brought of Amazon for Kindle via comixolgy. So I’ll probably stop buying the volumes pertaining to the shift to monthly serialisation.
        So 3 more volumes, one; can however buy all the chapters released so far individually, as to circumvent waiting for the release of volumes.

        Good business move, depending if Akamatsu-Sensei gets his royalty cheques monthly, therefore he could hypothetically see an increase in his earnings comparative to when the chapters couldn’t be bought individually.
        But I assume Kodansha JP sees the increase via USA.

        I just hope, that the instant gratification of Gore Porn, is Akamatsu-Sensei’s way of maximising the time he has available to collaborate on the anime, because this is truly sink or spend his post 70’s years living in a much lower social economical standards of living him he is now.

        As I’ve emphasised previously the anime being a separate/divergent continuity ala Yugioh, is mandatory for its success, kazuki takahashi got canned from jump after 9 years, but he hasn’t had draw manga since because of the Canon anime sequels Yugioh got, and to push cards. It’s the most successful Japanese non-gaming franchise easily rivaling Dragon Ball, with Sailor Moon being a strong Second.

        Fullmetal Alchemist had an extensive amount of filler, that with out, would never of allowed people to get it as invested as they did. Consequently as popular in the West as it did.
        No one wants to put time into a 13 episode anime with no sequel or completed ending insight, 26 maybe, 37 episodes with a canon ending (death note) hell yeah.

        It’s far easier to world build in a far more visually intensive medium as animation is compared to manga, which depends on exposition taking up pages for it to be communicated properly.
        Theirs an absolute s*** ton, of stuff the anime could explore on earth or even just neo mahora before the lifemaker makes her entrance even between that to the martial arts tournament.

        Unless Akamatsu-Sensei gets f***** over again, by Kodansha. Because they put most of there free capital into attack on Titan season 2.
        Just look at the entire prequel crap for Ghost in the Shell, (Kodansha, BTW) and the new movie for IP shortfunding and mis-management. The OVA’s had terrible animation and bad writing across the board.

        This was not supposed to be an essay but a defence for the poor output of chapters buy Akamatsu-Sensei.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          This was not supposed to be an essay but a defence for the poor output of chapters buy Akamatsu-Sensei.

          Ha!ha! Understood.

  8. OverMaster says:

    Okay, looking at the raws…

    Dentist Cutlass’ scene– not as hideous as first imagined, but still in rather bad taste. Maybe it has a lot to do with the creepy imagery of it happening between two mostly naked underage girls, one of them mounting another while surrounded by blood. I can’t see this making it into anime form without heavy censorship, although it’s doutbful the anime will get that far anyway.

    Karin can get hurt after all. Okay. And she can stick to walls of a skyscraper because she’s the Amazing Spider-Man now. Okay.

    I kinda liked Albireo and Santa’s scene, perhaps the only good one in the whole chapter. Al’s mind is an… interesting place.

    Kirie is an idiot. Really. You don’t turn around on your enemies while in a battlefield just to scream at a boy like you’re in a bad romcom scene. No, just no!

    Oh, and by the end, the 37 seconds have ‘just’ ended, I reckon?

    Wow, I’m sure glad the villains were polite enough as to go along with the plan by delivering all those beatings and long as speeches at superspeed just so the 37-freaking-seconds deadline could be met. The five minutes until Namek’s explosion were fucking nothing compared to this.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Oh, and by the end, the 37 seconds have ‘just’ ended, I reckon?

      That’s how it appears to me.

    • minopop says:

      I haven’t read ch 133 yet but I think most of the fights in ch 132 were happening simultaneously + negi and touta were battling in lightning form. wouldn’t suprise me if over 37 seconds have passed and asuna apologizes for taking a little longer when she appears

      as for karin getting hurt; i’m pretty sure it was mentioned that she still feels the pain even if she phases out attacks made against her. wonder how much pain she can withstand before giving in even if she isn’t destroyed (not sure how that works really)

  9. sanchi says:

    ANB, please check the 1st spoiler image. Tried to click on it to enlarge it and it enlarged the 2nd image right below it. Or it may be my aging PC… but the rest of the spoilers are OK.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t you. Somehow, the first image became linked to the second. It should be fixed now.

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