Spotted Flower Chapter 20.5 #2 Manga Review (Going mainstream.)

Spotted Flower Chapter 20.5 #2 (Manga)
Spotted Flower manga chapter 20.5 #2 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

NOTE: For the purposes of this and future reviews, until the characters are given names, since these characters are obviously from Genshiken (or Genshiken Nidaime), I will call the “not-Saki” character !Saki, the “not Madarame” character !Madarame, and so forth for all other unnamed Genshiken characters.

!Yajima gets !Hato to consider the all ages manga. She suggests a normal BL life without the hentai. !Hato figures doing that along with a H-doujinshi might be fine. !Hato worries about not being able to go all ages due to a lack of widespread appeal, unlike Senpai (!Ogiue). !Yajima disagrees, citing where !Hato gets placed at Comifes. !Yajima suggests seeing Senpai for advice.

In the bath, !Hato has no ideas, but figures that !Sue would be at the next Comifes.


Spotted Flower chapter 20.5 #2 is more like the regular “.5” chapters in that it was only 2 pages. The 1st part was four pages. I know there are 16 total pages for all of 20.5, which pretty much makes full sized weekly chapter.

Spotted Flower Chapter 20.5 #2

!Hato’s Dilema

As before, we are told about !Hato’s problem doing anything that isn’t hentai BL. It is something !Hato has to overcome since getting offered a manga spot in a normal manga magazine is a big deal. I can understand !Hato feeling inadequate for the task. An artist is usually the harshest critic of their own works.

Still, I like the notion of !Hato and !Yajima talking to !Ogiue (I presume it is !Ogiue as the person is only referenced as “Senpai”) at the next Comifes about it and getting her advice. After all, she went mainstream despite her hentai beginnings.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

One last item of note – when !Hato considers !Sue being at the next Comifes, is it because !Hato sees it as a problem or no?

In the end, Spotted Flower chapter 20.5 #2  gives us another super short look at the adult !Hato and !Yajima as they are apparently looking to move mainstream. Should be fun seeing what happens next.

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2 Responses to “Spotted Flower Chapter 20.5 #2 Manga Review (Going mainstream.)”

  1. Of course normal males at this point in history cannot give
    birth. Not even transsexual post-Operative women can give
    birth *at this point in history*.
    However a popular genre of manga and regular fiction
    is Science Fiction i.e. *not at this point in history*. In SF
    male pregnancy is not totally unheard of as are complete
    true sex changes on little more than a whim. See the
    works of Samuel Delany.
    So if you want to to a male pregnancy story in
    a science fiction mode it is not impossible in that
    tentative future xxx years from this point in history.
    Of course it may never happen but manga and even
    regular science fiction are full of suppositions
    and wish-fulfillment fantasy.

    !Hato could write that story in a mainstream
    manga magazine.

    bliss – who started reading Science Fiction when
    manga in its present form had not been invented.

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