UQ Holder Chapter 145 Manga Review (Once More Into The Abyss)

ユーキューホルダー! 魔法先生 ネギま!2 Manga Review
UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima 2
UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi! 2 Chapter 145
UQ Holder Chapter 145

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 145After discovering her save point is destroyed, Kirie races back to her room to find Cutlass waiting for her. Meanwhile, Gengorou reports that there’s a nuke on the elevator train going to Earth, which could either kill a million on the ground, or a 1000 on the train. Touta and company, sans Gengorou, race to the shaft, then free fall to the train elevator. Jinbee’s ability cannot move the bomb far enough away to get them out of the ground zero blast radius.

Cutlass makes contact with Touta somehow, where she reveals she has Kirie captive. Cutlass revels in the trap she has set for Touta and company, taunting her “Nii-san” to make a choice of a 1000 or a million, or leave it to someone else.  Kirie tells the group not to worry as her save points aren’t required for her powers. Cutlass can’t believe it, but Yukihime telepathically confirms this to Touta through Karin. However, it is possible that Kirie will have to relive her whole life again, and that may make her relationship with Touta different.

Touta decides that he’s not going to sacrifice Kirie, angering Cutlass. As such, Cutlass decides to go ahead and kill Kirie. Yukihime attacks Cutlass, eventually freezing her and shattering her frozen body. Yukihime then apologizes to Touta about this.


Well, it is always nice when we get a taste of Eva’s power and why she was so feared. Thankfully, UQ Holder chapter 145 provided this for us, but does this mean that we are possibly nearing the end of the manga?

UQ Holder Chapter 145

Is Cutlass Really Dead?

When I saw Eva mow down Cutlass, then freeze her, then shatter her body, I was reminded of the Kyoto Arc in Negima! where Eva (in her true form) with Chachamaru as they made short work of the Ryomen Sukuna no Kami by shattering that monster’s body after a mass freeze. Afterward, it is revealed that Ryomen Sukuna no Kami was resealed, suggesting that Eva hadn’t actually killed the beast (wish I knew if it were merely mazoku or youkai in nature).

UQ Holder Chapter 145

While I don’t think that same element exists here for Cutlass, I do think there’s a possibility that she’s alive. For starters, there’s her mention of having a backup mind. While that was contained in her physical body, the fact that she has one at all suggests she may have “offsite storage” for her mind. And with a cyborg body and cloning, she could come back that way.

Kirie could die anyway, resetting time, and not go all the way back. That would bring Cutlass back as well.

Finally, Cutlass may have some other power that hasn’t been revealed that allows her to do this. After all, she apparently escaped from a cell that was supposed to be escape proof.

Of course if Cutlass is really dead, then there’s a part of me that thinks, “I bet the manga is winding down.”

Communication With Touta

It may be because I’ve had so much else on my mind of late, but I’m really confused about how everyone is “magically” communicating with Touta. For Eva, she’s relaying a telepathic message through Karin since Touta can’t use magic apps. So does this mean that the only way Eva communicated with Karin (and apparently the others) in a telepathic form was via a magic app of some sort? And then Karin becomes a simple telepathic relay to Touta? It all seems weird.

I also was confused on how Cutlass had two-way video communication with Touta. That seemed technological, not magical in nature. But I’m not seeing how that was accomplished.

UQ Holder Chapter 145

Kirie x Touta or Bust!

Once again, Akamatsu-sensei does a hard push for his preferred Kirie x Touta pairing. I can totally appreciate Touta not wanting Kirie go through her bad life again. But the other emphasis heavily pushed was that if Kirie did this, her relationship with Touta might be different. But I don’t care about that. If Kirie goes all the way back in time, then there’s also a chance that things don’t pan out they way they have thus far.

Ugh. Kirie’s ability is such a pain in the rear at times.

Still, if Akamatsu-sensei does do a full-on reset (which I don’t believe for a moment), maybe I could get my harem ending. ??? Yeah, I know, that’ll never happen. But once UQ Holder shifted into a harem title, I wanted a harem ending. And I think a story justification could be made for this. But as I said, this will never happen as Sensei is hell bent on making Kirie the girl. It makes me wonder why he even bothers with the harem stuff.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, I really liked UQ Holder chapter 145. We got to see Eva open a can of kick bottom. And we touched on Kirie’s rule breaker power. We’ll see how things play out and whether or not this is the beginning of the end.

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  1. Yue Ayase says:

    I hope Akamatsu doesn’t suffer the classic shonen “they’re not dead until you see a corpse” syndrome. If Cutlass really is dead, then… damn. That’s cold. …No pun intended. With her (hopefully) out of the picture, I’d be interested to see some other clones or perhaps a check-in with Negi’s party. Of course this little plotline needs a solution too. Hopefully Akamatsu doesn’t back out at the last second and BS some kinda rescue. I like the idea of “No solution” in this case, where a sacrifice is necessary. After all, reality often doesn’t offer the solutions we want.

    Also Ken, I gotta tip my hat. While you tend to follow a lot of generic girl archtypes (not necessarily a bad thing), I gotta say… You do crazy girls well. Was always a big fan of Tsukuyomi, and Cutlass is just as nutty as Tsuku was. Maybe the other clones are just as bad, if not worse.

    All in all I liked this chapter and depending on what happens next I might like it even more. I honestly won’t be surprised if a “perfect solution” presents itself because that’s just the kind of guy Ken is. But I hope that there isn’t one.

    Oh, and enough of the damn Kirie focus please. Just announce her and Touta as the official couple and move on with it.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I hope Akamatsu doesn’t suffer the classic shonen “they’re not dead until you see a corpse” syndrome.

      Actually, I think he foreshadowed this by having Cutlass remark that UQ Holder folks are going to have to become a lot more paranoid when dealing with her (and I presume the group she’s with).

      I like the idea of “No solution” in this case, where a sacrifice is necessary. After all, reality often doesn’t offer the solutions we want.

      Very true, and it would be a character moment for Touta as well.

      Oh, and enough of the damn Kirie focus please. Just announce her and Touta as the official couple and move on with it.

      Haha! Although I won’t get it, I want my battle harem.

  2. safind says:

    How are we reaching the end of the manga? I don’t see it.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      If Cutlass is actually dead, then it is possible that Akamatsu-sensei is clearing the table to wind down the manga. Considering how Cutlass has been dogging Touta for a while now, removing her in the way she was removed could suggest that Akamatsu-sensei wanted a way quickly clear the deck to get to an ending in the next year or so.

      But I’m probably being paranoid, based on how quickly Negima ended when it still had a ton of story to do.

  3. Falcon Driver says:

    Do you think the Negima and UQ Holder community is dying?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think it still has a hardcore center, but it has clearly shrunk in size and there’s not as much enthusiasm for UQ Holder like there was for Negima. Sadly, Akamatsu-sensei messed things up early in UQ Holder‘s run by making Touta such a Mary Sue character in order to get him to Negi’s level quickly, and thus take on Negi’s story with MotB and the like.

      During Negima‘s run, spoilers might not show up only because someone didn’t get them. For UQ Holder, spoiler don’t show up because the source for other spoilers in the same manga magazine don’t find the UQ Holder stuff all that compelling. So today, we only see spoilers if something causes the source of the spoilers to go, “OK, this is interesting.” That doesn’t happen much any more, so yeah, there’s certainly way less enthusiasm for UQ Holder.

    • NullApostle says:

      The anime did fairly well in Japan, so there probably was some increase in manga sales for a while. This might sustain UQH in the short term, but Holder is far from being a success story.

      I think the fandom has mostly moved on. I certainly have. I loved Negima while it ran, right until it turned to shit in the end. I dropped Holder maybe a year after it began and haven’t regretted it.

      Akamatsu isn’t really in demand anymore, I guess. The shonen story he wants to tell is just not very good. It has some interesting aspects for sure, but overall it’s pretty mediocre.
      Everything Akamatsu offers is done better elsewhere. You want shonen fighting, you read Hero Academia or even Black Clover; One Piece is still running, too. You want harem and/or fanservice, there sure is a whole lot of that around (DxD has a new season this year and Yuuragi Inn is getting one). For violence and blood, there’s Tokyo Ghoul and Golden Kamuy.
      With UQH Akamatsu has tried to create a Frankenstein creature (genre-wise) and – in my opinion – has failed in every aspect of it. It couldn’t hold my interest as an old Love Hina and Negima fan, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

      You hear nothing about UQ Holder anywhere. There are no forums or reddits I’m aware of. Batoto died, and there hasn’t been a single /a/ thread since the anime ended. It’s just not discussed. It might be semi-popular in Japan for all I know, but overseas it’s just a failure.

      I like Akamatsu’s drawing style, but his ambitions as an action shonen (or maybe even seinen?) mangaka have failed. Who knows if he’ll retire after UQH ends. I for one can’t imagine what his next project could possible be. Negima prequels? Just kidding. Leave the dead horse’s carcass alone.

      ^ Definitely wrote too much. I guess that shows how disappointed I am with UQH and Akamatsu. Well, that’s enough. Until next time.

      *JoJo outro theme*

      • Yue Ayase says:

        I wonder if it sold well due to fans simply wanting an actual Negima anime. I have no doubt a faithful adaptation would do incredibly well.

        I enjoy this series but looking back he really should’ve just made Negima 2 from the start and continued the story as he intended.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        With UQH Akamatsu has tried to create a Frankenstein creature (genre-wise) and – in my opinion – has failed in every aspect of it.

        I don’t think he meant to create that, but in a way, it has become that. I’m fairly certain he wanted to do his version of Fairy Tail when he started and not have to worry about some big arc tale like Negima. What he miscalculated is that fans of his work were used to a certain level of writing, and Fairy Tale type writing is way lower on the totem pole. Plus, it didn’t help that Touta was such a Mary Sue.

        UQ Holder became a Frankenstein out of a desperate attempt to fix things. The harem and fanservice stuff were brought in ’cause that’s always been Akamatsu-sensei’s thing.

        As an aside, looking for UQH spoilers really opened my eyes to how far fanservice has come in some shounen titles. I though softcore H stuff was limited to seinen titles, but man, there are a number of shounen titles that makes ones eyes spin. A part of me is surprised that Akamatsu-sensei hasn’t delved into the full on nudity (save for the “very naughty bits indeed”) like Fujishima-sensei did after Ah! My Goddess.

        There are no forums or reddits I’m aware of.


      • OverMaster says:

        The UQ Holder anime did NOT do well in Japan. The TV ratings were some of the lowest in that season according to Anime News Network, and the Blu Ray box, the only way to buy the series AFAIK, only sold 833 copies, while something like the Prisma Illya movie sold more than 10,000 only in its debut week.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I thought that 833 was just one week.

          • Mattcgw says:

            @AstroNerdBoy whilst both true, that hasn’t appeared on Oricon since, the units were Blu-Ray boxsets selling for about £200 each, which is, Akamatsu-Sensei understanding his hardcore audience quite well. Like with the LE OVA’s.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Thanks for the info.

  4. untamedstars says:

    Well, I’d comment on how pathetic a send-off that was, but then Akamatsu is no stranger to doing absolutely nothing with interesting characters. A shame, really.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Just out of curiousity, what interesting characters has Akamatsu-sensei done nothing with?

      • Dargor says:

        Master of the Grave, Arika, Graf Herrman, the Lifemaker, half the UQ Holder cast not named Kirie at this point, that werewolf at the start of the series, Ako, Sayo, so on and so forth.

        • Yue Ayase says:

          While I agree with the overall point (especially about UQ), a lot of those characters didn’t really need a whole lot more done with them. I’m interested in the whereabouts of Arika and what the deal with the Gravemaster, but the rest? Meh. Especially Ako. Her parts were easily the worst about Negima.

          • Dargor says:

            Depends on how you view Cutlass. Given that all she’s has been is a mustache twirling villain (a sob story isn’t going to fix the fact you murdered a mall full of people!), she hasn’t been much better then any other character Akamatsu hadn’t used. Killing her off at this point would be the equivalent of, I dunno, giving a character a gigantic scar on their back and not doing a thing with it.

            No character “needs” to have anything done with them after an introduction, but Akamatsu had lost any ability to consistently spread characterization around by the time the MM arc hit. I mean sure, we could actually do something interesting with Ako that isn’t “Nagi!”, but here, let’s revisit Setsuna’s angst for the fifth time instead. Or completely ignore a character whose entirely central to the main plot for 100+ chapters. That’s cool too.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Setsuna’s angst was about the only character exploration we got for her. Oddly enough, the only time Sensei broke away from Negi was to show Yue’s story, which I enjoyed a lot. I had hoped to see Setsuna’s crew doing their thing down in the ruins. AND, I had hoped that after the Magic World arc, we’d have a reason to explore Setsuna’s mazoku world (linking it to the main story), but alas, that was not to be.

            With Kuroumaru, I’d hoped we could again explore something like that, but Akamatsu-sensei has decided that no one gets any in depth exploration.

          • Yue Ayase says:

            Given how reluctant Akamatsu was at killing anyone I find it to a breath of fresh air, especially in wake of many shonens who are guilty of the same thing. Cutlass established herself as an irredeemable bitch who needed to be put down.

            As for Ako, I guess the scar had a story but she was never an intriguing enough character to want to learn more about. She was basically another flat (both physically and character-wise) insecure girl with almost no redeeming features.

          • Dargor says:

            To be fair, I don’t think the death will stick at all, and she’ll be back later. Frankly she’s only marginally interesting because of her fighting style (Minus the stupid transformations), but I wouldn’t care of the character stayed gone.

            The thing with Ako is, that’s a character hook. A competent writer wouldn’t dangle something like that out there and do nothing with it, but this is the same guy who did the exact same thing multiple times with half the cast, so at least its consistently disappointing.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Haha! Suddenly, I had a flash of “The Last Jedi” there.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Master of the Grave — I agree (and she (?) has been strangely absent here)
          Arika — Haha! Yeah, well, we are NEVER going to learn more about her, mainly ’cause I think she’s a retcon character. Any additional information would clash with stuff already established. (Watch Akamatsu-sensei give info now.)
          Graf Herrman — Yeah, I always thought he’d have a return role in Negima. But he was thrown in the closet and forgotten about.

          But yeah, good point on everyone you mentioned.

  5. Rob C. says:

    Well that was action packed chapter / Arch. It’s nice change of pace. I also read about the backup brain but i thought Cutless had said it was on her person when they initially froze her or stunned her. I don’t recall her mind having offsite back up. Again, Negi may NOT want have his granddaughter/daughter being completely dead. She would make nice last boss for Touta to fight should there be show down.

    It’s hard to say where manga is going. When it started up, i certainly wanted to be action genre book vs harem. Now it’s going back and forth, trying to be both. Personally i thought Akamatsu-sensei should have stuck it out and advertise UQ Holder as being scifi-genre manga. Negaima did have alot female fans i was aware of in the US. However, i don’t know about this manga. It’s not Love Hina, it’s scifi-fantasy-future action genre book series.

    Maybe if things change, light novel may come. I do think he may want find a successor to give his book different appeal while still keeping up the quality of writing.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t recall her mind having offsite back up.

      This is my speculation, based on the notion that if one can have a backup brain at all, then it stands to reason there should be an offsite storage one as well.

      It’s not Love Hina, it’s scifi-fantasy-future action genre book series.

      With a twist of harem. 😉

  6. Aaron says:

    Just caught up with the series recently and I’m loving it. It has surpassed negima for me by a long shot. I cant wait to see what comes next

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      If you don’t mind enlightening me, what specific parts of UQH surpass Negima? There’s no wrong answer, but I am curious to know. 🙂

      • missingkeys says:

        Well Negima mostly does everything better than UQ, but if there’s one part that UQ did better it’s mostly that it doesn’t drag things out…and that’s the only thing I think is better.

        Nearly 50% of Negima was about Negi in the school, and while there was a lot of relationship and character building, the real story itself didn’t kick in until much later. People who were reading it back then, probably just assumed that it was going to be like Love Hina where it was mostly slap stick love comedy until the author finally tied the knot with main character and his love interest. And even the climax of the series wouldn’t be as action pack or over the top like it turned out to be.

        UQ just goes full head on with the story, this unfortunately leads to the opposite problem that Negima never had, which is character and world building. So much missed opportunities, so many things and characters arc that were skipped over just for the sake of action, something Negima mostly avoided.

        It also doesn’t help that Negima handled the relationship building with the main character WAY WAY better than UQ. (I still feel both MC’s are Gary Sues but…)
        Every girl in Negima had way better development and nearly equal time to shine, but in UQ…not so much.

        The main problem with relationships now, is well…it’s a harem…for the sake of being a harem.
        It’s clear and also extremely painfully obvious that the author is trying to shove Kirie x Touta down our throats.
        The other girls are just extras and nothing more. There’s not enough building or development for them at all.
        If your going to forcefully shove a pairing down our throats, don’t make a harem. It’s incredibly pointless and really just hurts in the long run.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Gah. I fell asleep and lost all my previous comments. 🙁 Can’t remember all I was going to say, but I do agree with you.

          . (I still feel both MC’s are Gary Sues but…)

          Negi less so than Touta. Negi had a driven purpose to be good. As such, he finished tops at mage school, then continued to train hard. One of the reasons I believed Negi was Nagi in disguise is that it would explain how Negi mastered things so quickly. But at least Negi had to be given instructions first. Until the Dana arc, Touta just observed someone doing something and then he was immediately able to use it and be proficient in it. And in some cases, already master it.

          As to the harem stuff, while I admit to enjoying harem hijinks, you are correct in your points. Ai Yori Aoshi is one of the rare harem titles where the MC and lead girl have already established from the beginning that they are for each other, so there’s no question of how things will be resolved. But because of Japanese societal concerns, they have to keep their romantic relationship private and their official relationship as landlady and tenant. That allowed for the harem elements to be done and not feel totally pointless and such.

  7. RRRRRRRR says:

    I’ve avoided this manga but it piqued my interest since it seems to provide conclusion to Negima. But I’m not sure if I should read it, it doesn’t look any good from the looks of it but I want to know what happened after Negima

    • RRRRRRRR says:

      Can you @AstroNerdBoy tell if it is worth it? I don’t like manga Reviews in general sites since they are wierd, but I’d take from you since I used to read your Negima reviews all the time

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Is it worth it to me? Yes. But I fall into that category that has a higher threshold of tolerance for this kind of spinoff-sequel. I think your reading experience for the earlier volumes (where Touta is pretty much pure “Mary Sue”) will be somewhat better than mine was, mainly because you won’t have that delay between chapters.

        So on a review scale where “buy it” is the best and “avoid it” is the worst, I’d say UQ Holder was worth a “rent.” I would recommend reading it, but remembering that your mileage may vary from mine. Let me know what you decide.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      You are in the advantage as there are several volumes out. As such, the flaws of UQ Holder won’t be as terrible as they were for those of us going week to week (and then month to month). I think it is worth a read, just so you can make up your own mind.

  8. Sanchi says:

    I wonder if cutlass is really gone. If she is more robot like Iikyuu she can be rebuilt. If she is in the original promo she isn’t gone yet and there is more to her. Seems most of the UQ team can defeat her or hold their own against her. I kinda felt sorry for her. There is also the connection on how she’s Tota’s sister. I also wondering now that she was defeated if there is a way to restore her that she does join Tota somehow similar to Kuro and Santa.

    • Sanchi says:

      If the manga continues if Cutlass was a clone there is the possibility there are more of her or she could have the ability to put herself back together by some magical ability. The episode didn’t end showing the end of the battle just yet. I’m not considering her gone till the manga makes it that way. Look at Gengoro coming back after lethal hits by Cutlass. Too many times characters has ways of coming back by some method. But it was nice to see Eva flex her power.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      My thinking is that we will see Cutlass again unless the manga is ending.

      • RRRRRRRR says:

        Hey thanks for the reply. I was thinking of picking UQH after all this time because I was recently reading Love Hina in Japanese(I’m still learning) from the mangaz site. Looking at the end of Love Hina, I was reminded how Negima could be so much better if Akamatsu had written a good ending like Love Hina. It was the best manga ever for me, if you leave aside the ending. So I’m not interested much in UQH itself, but Negi. Hope that is treated fully in UQH, rather than a sidenote

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Love Hina has its flaws, but those weren’t Akamatsu-sensei’s fault. (The retconning in of Keiichi’s step-sister, done because Kodansha wanted the manga to continue.) But I know what you mean. That series got a proper resolution.

  9. Robert says:

    As a Negima fan, I have follow the series for ten years. There were a few problems with Negima. For the last chapter, Ken A. had simply left everyone figuring out for themselves which girl whom Negi had a crush on. When it comes to UQ Holder!, I just thought that the seiries will take time to develop. UQ Holder is much more darker. Its timeline takes place too close to the year of the birth of Chao.

    Some fans speculate that the timeline of UQ Holder! is taking before Chao’s trip to the past. Some fans have theorized that the series was taking place during the second timeline. I prefer the parallel universe. In the Negi-verse, Negi had gotten married in the future. Negi’s wife had turn out to be Chisame. Being Negi’s wife, Chisame will have say in who will care for her grandson Touta. Konoka Konoe is still alive in the series. She is Touta’s paternal grandmother.

    I had wanted Touta to literally to be one of Negi’s grandchildren. One of Negi’s daughters being married to one of Konoe’s sons makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Touta had turn out to be a clone of Negi’s. Of course, I do hate the ideal of Touta being a four year old clone. Ken A had rush the development of Touta’s powers.

    UQ Holder! does explore a lot of themes including the misunderstanding of a group of people by a lot of humans. A lot of humans do fear immortals.

    Ken A. did include time travel in the series. Kiriie and Dana are masters of time magic. For me, One ideal for UQ Holder! could have been Touta and rest of UQ Holder dealing with a dangerous grandfather paradox. The paradox could have been cause by some Negi’s enemies. Of course, the paradox is connected to Chao. Yukihime/Eva knows about the year of Chao’s birth.

    UQ Holder is still a sequel of Negima. From the start, everyone had known that Touta was destined to have a harem. Now, I wished that Ken A. had taken his time to allow the series to develop into a different series. It would have been a great ideal for UQ Holder to be set in a parallel universe. For the paradox ideal, it will be a good ideal for a dangerous grandfather paradox to happen. For the series is set close to the year of Chao’s birth.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, as others have stated, I wish Akamatsu-sensei would have just done Negima 2 from the start and been done with it. Of course, we wouldn’t get UQ Holder then, but at least that way, you could have just resolved all of the plot threads properly.

  10. the cap 145 is not bad with the death of cutlass at the hands of eva, but in each chapter that progresses I see that this manga tries to imitate several works like Negima! , another thing that does not convince me is the fact of the “harem” although now they have put Kirie and they are not going to remove it. as the last thing I want to add is that the death of cutlass is like a message to fans telling them that UQ is running out and that in a few caps we will see Negi fighting against Touta and the latter for the power of love and friendship will kill his “grandfather” who rescued two worlds from destruction

    Este mensaje me ha costado de redactar, saludos desde españa

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think the harem hijinks stuff will remain to some degree or other. Kirie may be pushed as “best girl,” but I think we’ll see the other girls around, as happened in Love Hina or Negima.

  11. Mattcgw says:

    Additionally, otoyomegatari debuted in the top 3!!! With 150K sold recovering it’s step sales drop, for a series that comes out every 10 months and had an understandable hitiuas. UQ got an anime and its sales somehow got worse, but at the 6 figure licensing MG should somewhat balance out, the pressumed average Anime cour cost.

    Sensei should try Light novel’s/VN, I think he could be good at it, as demonstrated in the first UQ chapter, with time he craft some solid narrative and pacing, EG Touta’s genitalia gag was well balanced.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      A Bride’s Story — I dropped that after it shifted from the adult woman and her male child husband to the foreigner that was living with their clan.

  12. RRRRRRRR says:

    I ended up spoiling myself and then reading the Negima chapters of UQ. IMO the ‘happy’ ending chapter in Negima, including Nagi returning, Asuna sealing and coming back, Negi confessing to Asuna etc is a more alternate ending(kinda like Negima?! series). This kind of happily ever after easily ending doesn’t suit Negima anyway. My theory is KA will do a proper end with Asuna by the end of UQ (subtitled Negima 2). Though I would have much preferred if he did this before without spinning it off into UQ and losing his touch. Maybe he intended to write such an end. His Love Hina ending shows that he could do much better in Negima.

    Also people are commenting that KA has chosen Naru again, but he split Naru into Chisame and Asuna- keeping caring, sacrifice, baka part more into Asuna, who was most dedicated to Negi in the whole Manga IMO. That split’s another reason I think there will be an Asuna end :<

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Negi confessing to Asuna

      I don’t think he did that, did he?

      Though I would have much preferred if he did this before without spinning it off into UQ and losing his touch. Maybe he intended to write such an end. His Love Hina ending shows that he could do much better in Negima.

      Even before UQ Holder launched (or maybe it was after), Akamatsu-sensei was asked whom Negi fancied, and he replied that it was Chisame. I think that up until the Magic World arc, Akamatsu-sensei did have Asuna in mind as the pairing partner for Negi. But then he shifted things, tossed Asuna aside, and brought Chisame to the forefront during the Magic World arc. I also think he shifted his story then and changed things from their original intent. Can’t prove any of that, but that’s how it feels to me.

      Also people are commenting that KA has chosen Naru again

      Naru didn’t always wear glasses, but yeah, megane girls seems to be Sensei’s thing.

      • RRRRRRRR says:

        >I don’t think he did that, did he?

        I meant to say about revealing his love interest to Asuna in one of the latter chapters.

        >Even before UQ Holder launched (or maybe it was after), Akamatsu-sensei was asked whom Negi fancied, and he replied that it was Chisame. I think that up until the Magic World arc, Akamatsu-sensei did have Asuna in mind as the pairing partner for Negi. But then he shifted things, tossed Asuna aside, and brought Chisame to the forefront during the Magic World arc. I also think he shifted his story then and changed things from their original intent. Can’t prove any of that, but that’s how it feels to me.

        I think KA always had Chisame for his happy-go-lucky and shitty ending. But I don’t think he wanted to do that ending in the first place, and would have gone with Asuna in a proper ending. Or maybe he always wanted to do this stupid spin-off.

        >Naru didn’t always wear glasses, but yeah, megane girls seems to be Sensei’s thing.

        Yes, I’m saying that Naru split into Chisame and Asuna. So Asuna should have similar chance. I don’t think megane is that important.

        • Robert says:

          Asuna had turn out to Negi’s aunt. During the last chapter of Negima, Ken A. had left the fans of Negima hanging. He did not disclose who was Negi’s crush. He did give a hint who was Negi’s crush. The hint was one of Ken A.’s little twists. Finally, we became aware of which of Negi’s class 3-A students who was Negi’s true crush and became his wife. The student was Chisame. Chisame had been more of a recluse early in the Negima seires. By the end of the series, Chisame was able to become a more sociable person. Yet, Chisame had like being a loner. She had turn out to be a very private person. Oddly, Chisame enjjoys being a recluse. Because of Negi and rest of Al Alba, Chisame had been able to enjoy having friends.

          Chisame had been able to take advantage of being a recluse. She has learn who she can trust to be one of her friends. UQ Holder did state that Chisame had only wanted Negi to continue to be one of her best friends. Sometime after Negi turn 18, Chisame was able to realized how much she love Negi.

          One of my main objections to UQ Holder! is focus on Touta being a four-year-old clone of Negi’s Touta’s stepparents had mixed Negi’s and Asuna’s DNA when they had created Touta. Negi and Chisame could have children due to a variation of cloning.

          Knowing how Ken A. is a master of the twist, he can be applying a twist in Ch. 145. While I don’t expect the twist to occurred, all Ken A. has to do was to place a specific surname on the list of passengers who on the train which has the nuclear bomb on it. If the surname is familiar, then Touta and rest of U.Q. Holder must save the lives of the train passengers. If they don’t, there is going to be a dangerous Grandfather type of paradox.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Negi and Chisame could have children due to a variation of cloning.

            Except Chisame wasn’t a mage, nor did she have any special powers (not counting her pactio card). The reason for the Touta homunculus was the defeat of the MotB. Combining Negi and Asuna is the logical choice, considering what they did to MotB at the end of the Magic World arc.

  13. Matcgw says:

    I’ve read the chapter, and I see what you mean about fast pacing, quite similar to Setsuna’s solo chapter, that answered everything but her arc.

  14. Matcgw says:

    Amongst the final 5.

  15. Mattcgw says:

    Chapter 146 out on amazon.

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