My Monster Secret Volume 08 Manga Review

My Monster Secret Volume 08 Manga Review
Jitsu wa Watashi wa/実は私は 08
My Monster Secret: “Actually, I am…” 08

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My Monster Secret Volume 08Though I’m insanely busy these days, I did make time to read My Monster Secret Volume 08 right away. Blogging about it has taken more time, but with the next volume on its way in, I decided to reread the volume and properly blog about it. Thankfully, Masuda-sensei continues to knock things out of the park.

NOTICE!!! In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I am the adapter for the official English translation of the True Tenchi Muyo! novels, which are also published by Seven Seas.

The Story In Brief

The group learns of the powers (the seven deadly sins) of Karen’s angel feathers, so Akane decides to use them on people. For Shiho, the lust feather actually makes her modest.

Next, the group decides to visit Koumoto-sensei, who’s depressed over her birthday. Naturally, Akane takes advantage of the situation to cause mischief.

In the next story, Shiho has lost her nympho mojo, thanks to the effects of Karen’s lust feather. As such, she goes to extremes to try to get it back.

Karen encounters Ryo in his female ghost unit and feels she must help this poor soul pass on. Ryo freaks out about another horned woman and has Nagisa and company thinking that Akane is on a rampage.

Mikan discovers Nagisa out of her unit and thinks someone has made a figure of their class president. Asahi sacrifices his pride to save Nagisa. Akane stirs the pot by temporarily making Nagisa human sized, trying to force her to confront her feelings honestly.

Shimada has a girlfriend, but it turns out to be Ryo, mooching off him. Eventually, Shimada pushes Ryo past the limits of what he can tolerate for a free meal.

Finally, Youko invites Asahi to an amusement part to emulate the date her parents had at the same park. Karen tails them from a distance and learns her date plan is filled with misunderstandings about Youko’s parent’s date. Though Youko denies this is a date, after the Ferris Wheel ride ends, Youko kisses Asashi.

Advancing the Romance Plot: Youko

While the harem elements remain in My Monster Secret Volume 08, I want to start with Youko because she’s clearly the girl Asahi will end up with. It may have taken eight volumes (out of twenty-two), but it seems like the relationship between Youko and Asahi is going to the next level. I for one am VERY happy to see that Youko kissed Asahi. Progress at last!

That said, will we enter a phase where Masuda-sensei is just teasing us and then finds a way to return to the status quo? Youko initiating the kiss is a big moment, but we could see Masuda-sensei have Youko deny anything happened, then avoid Asahi for a while. I really hope that doesn’t happen because that would be annoying and cliched. Considering that My Monster Secret has gotten rave recommendations from folks, I suspect we won’t get this.

Of course the other part of the equation is Asahi. The girl he’s head over heels for has just kissed him. The teen boy in me knows for a fact that if the girl I was mad about kissed me, I’d be over the moon. So it will be interesting to me to see how he reacts to all this.

Advancing the Romance Plot: Nagisa

I feel bad for Nagisa. Like all of the girls who aren’t Youko, yet who have some level of feelings for Asahi, Nagisa has no chance. It is clear that the story is set up to have Asahi and Youko be the lead couple. Further, it seems that their romance will somehow be tied to Youko’s parent’s romance, though how that will work, I’ve no clue. And then there’s the fact that Nagisa is actually tiny, so short of Akane making her large on a permanent basis, I don’t see how this romance could work.

Nevertheless, Nagisa’s romance plot does mirror Youko’s to an extent in that she attempts to state that her relationship with Asahi is just friendship and support, yet she really does wish it could be that she’s his girlfriend. And Akane (whom I will chat about in a bit) has once again forced Nagisa to face this element and the lie she tells herself. Akane made Nagisa to be human size, but she failed to grasp the opportunity. Kinda sad, really, but I can understand and appreciate it.

The question is, how will she react when she learns that Asahi and Youko kissed? I’m fairly certain she will learn about it because Akane is probably going to blab about it (to great hilarity I’m sure).

Akane: Still Comedy Gold

While I certainly enjoy the harem hijinks of My Monster Secret, the fun adventures, and the romance between Youko and Asahi, Akane is still the best character in this manga series. And for My Monster Secret Volume 08, this is no exception. Indeed, for this volume, Akane is at the heart of almost every chapter, either directly or indirectly. Her actions with Karen’s angel feathers were a laugh, especially since the lust feather made the “nympho” Shiho a prude. Making that funnier is how this had a fallout affect on her.

Of course any time Akane battles her descendant Akari, that’s always pure comedy gold. And whenever Akane stirs the pot for whatever reasons, again, comedy gold. I’m doing a poor job, but seriously, I love Akane as a character.

While Akane causes mischief left and right for selfish (and comedic) purposes, she really is helping to drive the plot from behind the scenes. With Akari’s birthday, Akane caused massive problems, but at the end of the day, she points out that Akari’s depression is misplaced as she’s had an impact on her students. For Nagisa, she’s helping her try to be honest with herself (and score desserts as a bonus). And with Youko, here too, Akane is forcing Youko to be honest with herself. I like that.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

As always, I’m behind, so let me wrap up my review of My Monster Secret Volume 08.

  • The story with Ryo and Shimada was so wrong, and so funny.
  • Karen trying to to get Ryo to pass on to the afterlife was hilarious, mainly because everyone thought it was Akane jacking with Ryo. Like I said, Akane is comedy gold, even when she’s not actually involved in causing problems. 😀

In the end, My Monster Secret Volume 08 was another hilariously funny excursion, topped by the fact that Youko kisses Asahi. I can’t wait to find out where this goes!


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2 Responses to “My Monster Secret Volume 08 Manga Review”

  1. NullApostle says:

    Shimada’s suffering has only just begun. He deserves everything he gets, though.

    Major steps in the relationships of the characters will be taken from here on out. Distributed across many volumes, mind you, but actual development – in a romcom manga! Yay!

    Next volume: The most terrifying visit to a maid cafe you’ll ever see. The class trip to a southern island (continued in vol.10). Confrontations (What kind? Find out, lol). Oh, my.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Shimada’s suffering has only just begun. He deserves everything he gets, though.

      Haha! True. And the same goes for Ryu as well.

      Major steps in the relationships of the characters will be taken from here on out. Distributed across many volumes, mind you, but actual development – in a romcom manga! Yay!

      I’m glad to hear that. A big problem with romcom manga, especially in a harem situation, is a lack of progress. Ai Yori Aoshi might be a rare exception to that rule.

      I just read volume 9. Not sure when I’ll get to review it, but I’ll reread it before hand. And it is awesome for sure.

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