UQ Holder Chapter 156 Manga Review (Pactiones Time)

ユーキューホルダー! 魔法先生 ネギま!2 Manga Review
UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima 2
UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi! 2 Chapter 156
UQ Holder Chapter 156

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 156Kirie, Kuroumaru, Mizore, and Shinobu all wonder where Touta is. When Touta and Karin return together, the girls become suspicious. Karin tries to downplay it, but Jinbee shows off Karin’s pactio card. Touta makes matters worse by using language that could be taken the wrong way. As such, Touta is dragged off by Gengorou. Chamo has a chat with Mizore and Shinobu, while Karin explains what happened to Kuroumaru and Kirie.

Elsewhere, Mizore and Shinobu have used age magic to appear to be young adults. They ask Touta to form a pactio with them. Touta’s abilities return them to their loli bodies. He tells them they are cute as they are and forms pactiones with both girls. Karin, Kirie, and Kuroumaru arrive where Chamo shows them a replay of the pactiones. Kirie sees that even Santa has a pactio card, meaning she’s the only one without one.

Karin is freaked out by this, so Karin decides that Kirie must make a formal contract with Touta. She gives Kirie one of the age-illusion candies to give her a busty body, but acknowledges that Touta doesn’t seem to have any carnal desires. Kirie flees from Karin and Kuroumaru, pausing only to kiss Touta in order to stop time. However, Touta is not affected by this, so he has a long talk with her. He tells her that there’s a way to form a pactio with her that doesn’t involve kissing.

Touta uses a scroll that causes magic circles to appear on both of their bellies. Kirie is all flustered and not happy that Touta seems unfazed by the prospect of having their stomachs in contact for three hours. Eventually Kirie completely freaks out about the situation. Touta explains that his training makes it natural to stay calm in any situation. In the end, Kirie realizes that Touta does care about her. He pats her on the head and she falls asleep. When she wakes up, she has a pactio card. She’s happy, but becomes frustrated at Touta’s cheerful, unfazed attitude.


Someone recently mentioned to me that in this modern age, Akamatsu-sensei’s ecchi work is rather tame. With UQ Holder chapter 156, Sensei decides to again push the pseudo-sexual elements without showing the goods. 🙄

The Thing I Wanted: Shinobu and Mizore Pactiones

When it came to Touta going on his pactio romp through the ranks of UQ Holder, I felt that both Mizore and Shinobu were prime candidates. Yeah, there’s the harem element, but there’s a practical element too. While Mizore has some good martial arts training, she’s not really useful in the battles that Touta and company are sure to face before Akamatsu-sensei ends the series. As such, she really needs a pactio to enhance her skills and be useful.

The same is true of Shinobu. Her skills are mechanical and racing. So she too needed a pactio to provide her with some ability to be more useful in the fight to come.

The Thing I Didn’t Expect: Santa and Ikku Pactiones

While impatiently waiting for comiXology to post UQ Holder chapter 156 (Crunchyroll has apparently decided they can’t be bothered with UQ Holder, so up yours Jobu), I checked out the Chinese scanlation. I laughed out loud at Kirie’s reaction to the knowledge that Santa scored a pactio.

UQ Holder Chapter 156

Ikku appeared to have one as well, though his was played down the most.

Still, from a battle perspective, it means that Santa and Ikku will have more stuff at their disposal to use in combat.

The Thing I Should Have Expected: Kirie’s Pactio

Although I should have expected Kirie to get a pactio, I had actually felt that things would go on fine without this happening. Touta could have his battle harem of Karin, Kuroumaru, Mizore, Shinobu, and possibly Isana and Honoka thrown in as well. But, since Mizore is the girl Akamatsu-sensei is bound and determined to ram down our throats as Touta’s main squeeze, it figures he’d come up with a way to have Touta form a pactio with Kirie.

UQ Holder Chapter 156

To be fair, back in Negima!, Chamo did state that there are non-kissing ways to form pactiones, but that they are a pain to do. So UQ Holder chapter 156 allowed Akamatsu-sensei to show us how this happens.

Unfortunately, nearly half of the bloody chapter was dedicated to Kirie’s pactio. Since Akamatsu-sensei wasted lots of pages showing full on naked pseudo sex in the previous chapter, he decided to go the clothed pseudo sex route in UQ Holder chapter 156. I really could have done without both.

I get that Sensei is also trying to pump Kirie’s character and have her deal with her own self-esteem issues. But to me, this could have been done in more efficient way that didn’t involve pseudo sex. After all, the manga is ending in 2-3 years.

Touta and the Harem

Karin may still be protesting that she doesn’t “like” Touta, but it is clear that she does. I do want her to fall more and more for Touta as the manga proceeds to its end.

UQ Holder Chapter 156

Although I’m not a Kirie fan, I did find it interesting that although Akamatsu-sensei keeps forcing her on us, he had Kirie actually decide to be an oneesan to Touta until the end. Of course, that doesn’t mean she isn’t in love with Touta romantically. That will remain, if for no other reasons, harem hijinks. (Not that we have a lot of time for that.)

Still, I don’t want Touta to have the single girl. I want him to have a bloody harem and form formal pactiones with Karin, Kuroumaru (as a lovely girl, of course), Kirie, Mizore, Shinobu, and hopefully Isana and Honoka. No Eva or any other girl.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Time to wrap up my review of UQ Holder chapter 156.

  • Akamatsu-sensei did a flashback, then a flashback within a flashback, howbeit via a video recording. I find myself not really keen on this, but I suppose it worked.
  • I still shake my head and laugh at how in a time freeze, Kirie can take a shower and Touta can activate a scroll. Yeah, I know Akamatsu-sensei set up very loose rules on this so he could get away with…well, anything.
  • Also, the chapter heavily implies that a formal pactio is made via intercourse. I’m guessing there are other ways to form a formal pactio, but as with the provisional pactio, those ways are more of a pain in the arse.

In the end, UQ Holder chapter 156 rapidly pushed forward five pactiones, but wasted a ton of time on Kirie’s pactio. And I really could have done without yet another chapter featuring pseudo sex.

So what did you all think? Let me know in the comments.
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17 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 156 Manga Review (Pactiones Time)”

  1. akamatsu has successfully portrayed touta as a playboy,really makes me feel nauseous¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, he’s a playboy with zero sex drive. 😅

      • OverMaster says:

        And there are five billion playboys with zero sex drive in manga and anime already.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Really? I’m not that versed. I always thought they had a sex drive, but were too embarrassed to actually do anything. Whereas Touta seems abnormal in that, “Naked chick? Who cares! Simulated sex? My loins don’t even stir.” 😅

  2. LoneWolfx03 -]===- says:

    Honestly my friend… this is the worst chapter ever. I really hate it. My opinion.

    BeoWolfx03 -]===-

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’d love to hear specifics on what makes you hate it. I’m curious to see if they match the elements I disliked.

      • LoneWolfx03 -]===- says:

        I don’t know if you know…but I’m a girl.
        My full reaction while reading this chapter is that I really REALLY want to punch Touta because he’s acting like a playboy and his MAJOR cluelessness at the same time (it got worse compared to the previous chapter). Heck, even my girl friends hated it too. I’ve seen this cliché over and over again as if the publishers just wanted it for FULL fanservice. I just want to go on to a next Major arc (praying to get to know Touta’s real parents more).

        And then there’s Kirie. I don’t hate her to be honest but I don’t like the premise of giving her screentime (plus, she looks like a loli regardless of age putting up with Touta in a ‘sexual’ position). I get it, she’s sad because she can’t have a pactio because of their power but their Time Stop power is already OP and she can kiss him whenever she wants. What’s there to be jealous about? She can just go for other people than Touta to get the card so that she can at least bond with other characters (what even happened to Santa or Ikku x Kirie bonding time? I missed that).

        This whole chapter is actually a loop from all of her previous main chapters making this a useless information. I really don’t mind Kirie being the star but just for once, I want it to be sweet. I mean we just came from a ‘full blown’ Karin chapter and KA did again on the next. Eventhough I am a Touta x Kuroumaru fan, that doesn’t mean I don’t support them. Remember the chapter when Kuroumaru had a pactio with Touta? They were bonding together, sharing his/her secrets and dreams of going to the stars. It was really sweet and I love it.

        Relationship grows through getting to know one another by talking or hanging out like a date, not like this. At least Negima got it right but UQH made it worse for every upcoming chapter and it’s not funny anymore.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I don’t know if you know…but I’m a girl.

          No, I did not. 😅 But then everyone who comments here could be girls and I wouldn’t have a clue. 😁

          I’ve seen this cliché over and over again as if the publishers just wanted it for FULL fanservice.

          I’m not as versed as I could be on manga stuff. As such, I was unaware of the clueless harem MC being so popular. I guess I’m used to the beta male MCs who are all flustered and can’t do anything. 😅

          What’s there to be jealous about?

          She’s supposed to be madly in love with Touta, meaning she wants him exclusively. So Touta snogging other girls doesn’t sit well for her, more so since until Touta arrived on the scene, Kirie pretty much kept to herself.

          what even happened to Santa or Ikku x Kirie bonding time?

          Yeah, the Ikku-oniichan element of the story in regards to his relationship with Kirie was dropped. When Kirie was introduced, Ikku and Kirie seemed pretty tight. But I guess that got in the way of Akamatsu-sensei wanting the megane girl to be Touta’s girl.

          I really don’t mind Kirie being the star but just for once, I want it to be sweet.

          What I would have rather seen is how Kirie came to the attention of Eva and UQ Holder. Why did she decide to join the organization in the first place, especially with her trust issues?

          Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts on why you disliked the chapter. 🙂

  3. Kx says:

    Interestingly, unlike Karin and Kuroumaru, Akamatsu-sensei uses Kirie’s blu-ray card design instead of the bonus card from the manga special edition

    How did Nagi form pactio with Rakan and Albireo?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      How did Nagi form pactio with Rakan and Albireo?

      Officially, we don’t know. Unofficially, most fans believe Nagi just gave them a smack. I don’t believe any of Nagi’s pactiones were formal.

  4. Yue Ayase says:

    I really wish Akamatsu would pump the brakes on Kirie, especially the ecchi stuff. I dislike yaoi and I would’ve preferred seeing Touta pactio with Santa (who still is criminally underused) over that act with Kirie. Also kinda made the previous failed pactio with Kirie pointless.

    Kuromaru and Karin pactios were fine, this one just… ehh. Even the ones with Shinobu and Mizore (who I don’t feel add much to the story) were okay.

    I assume this is the end of the pactio sub-arc and we will be hitting endgame before too long.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I assume this is the end of the pactio sub-arc and we will be hitting endgame before too long.

      Outside of Isana and Honoka getting pactiones, I think you are correct.

  5. Dave says:

    Kind of a silly chapter to be quite honest. Honestly Kirie and Touta have bathed and slept together before. Her getting all flustered about laying belly to belly while fully basically dressed is just odd.. BTW Crunchyroll has the chapter up now if anyone cares.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Whoa! They actually got chapters 155 up as well. Only took over a month. 😑

      As to your point on Kirie and Touta, I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been (slowly) rereading Love Hina. In order for the relationship between Naru and Keitaro to not really progress forward, Akamatsu-sensei would often have Naru become flustered and wishy-washy. It is somewhat the same with Kirie. She’s constantly back and forth ’cause “reasons.”

  6. Missingmoney says:

    I hate how they gloss over everyone but Kirie.
    Once again Akamatsu’s overwhelming favourism is on sight for everyone to see.

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