Today’s Menu for Emiya Family 02 (Comedy Lancer!) #衛宮ごはん

Today’s Menu for Emiya Family 02
Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan 02
衛宮さんちの今日のごはん 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Shirou is in the market district when the fish display catches his eye. He finds the red sea bream a bit too much. To his astonishment, Lancer is running the fish market. He recommends salmon for those on a budget. Shirou orders three salmon steaks, but Lancer gives him four. In addition, Lancer invites himself to dinner since he paid for his own fish piece.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Shirou comes home and starts preparing dinner. Saber senses something and discovers Lancer at the door. She’s stunned that Lancer is over for dinner. He comes bearing a large quantity of sake and beer. Lancer makes himself at home, under Saber’s watchful gaze. Shirou recalls Fionn mac Cumhaill, who was the Salmon of Knowledge in Ireland, where Lancer (Cú Chulainn) originates.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Shirou makes his baked salmon meal. Meanwhile, when Saber learns that Lancer came to dinner because he’d heard of how good Shirou’s cooking was, she happily allows him to stay. Taiga comes home, leading to her and Lancer having a happy greeting. When they start eating, Lancer is impressed by how good it is. He’s also amused at how Saber’s demeanor changes upon eating.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Afterward, Lancer states he’ll come again for more food. He helps with the washing up, under the watchful eyes of Saber. Then he breaks out the adult beverages for Taiga and himself.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02


Lancer from Fate/stay night is so awesome in a comedic role. Thus Today’s Menu for Emiya Family 02 was awesome as well.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Cú Chulainn Lancer Awesomeness

Lancer is a pretty decent guy in Fate/stay night. In Carnival Phantasm, he was an absolute riot. As such, ufotable decide to get some comedy mileage out of the character. And it works brilliantly. Lancer just brazenly inviting himself over to the Emiya residence for a meal Shirou prepares made me laugh out loud.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Then when at the Emiya residence, Lancer’s shamelessness at telling the shocked Saber of his dinner plans just kept things hilarious for me. I loved how Saber changed her attitude after learning why Lancer was so determined to eat with them. But even after the meal, she had her eyes on Lancer while he helped Shirou do the dishes and clean the kitchen. 😂

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Still, Lancer did pay for his meal, and he brought over a lot of expensive booze. So while he may have been impudent for inviting himself over, he wasn’t a leech. And that’s why Lancer is awesome.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Some bullet point final thoughts for Today’s Menu for Emiya Family 02.

  • I liked seeing Rider with Sakura in Lancer’s flashback sequence.
  • I’ve never had wasabi mayo before. I’m not big on mayo or wasabi, so it isn’t on my list of things to try. But IF I went to a Japanese home and they had some, I’d try a bit, especially with baked salmon, which is something I love.
  • It was funny seeing Shirou think about Fionn mac Cumhaill, who’s a three-star Lancer Servant in Fate/Grand Order.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

In the end, Today’s Menu for Emiya Family 02 was surprisingly funny, thanks to Lancer from Fate/stay night getting to exercise his comedy chops.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family 02

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4 Responses to “Today’s Menu for Emiya Family 02 (Comedy Lancer!) #衛宮ごはん”

  1. Dinadan says:

    One of the great things about this series is that the manga includes the recipes for what was prepared. The anime does a fairly good job of showing the appropriate cooking techniques as well (Shirou is faster than I am).

    You can make these dishes at home, they’re delicious, and you should try it.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I really do need to look into the manga. Funny how I never seek out cooking titles, but end up finding them via other means, in this case, looking for another “Fate” series to watch. 😂 Thanks for writing!

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