Fate/Grand Order: My 2020 Servant Wishlist

Fate/Grand Order: My 2020 Servant Wishlist

Hey gang. Since my YouTube channel is growing due primarily to Fate/Grand Order content, I figured I’d make another video on that topic. This time, I’m going over the five Servants I want to pull in the game during 2020.


Its a shame that this game isn’t a proper, hero collector game. Basically, the only real way to collect the best of the best Servants in Fate/Grand Order is to be a whale or kraken. šŸ˜… I only listed five Servants in my video. However, if truth be known, there are a lot more Servants that I’d like to get, or to get to NP2+. However, I don’t have $100K to blow on the game to get what I want.

That aside, don’t forget that Iā€™m looking to hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube, so click this link to help me reach my goal. šŸ˜Ā  And if you are on Twitch, you can follow me there as well. Thanks to everyone who has already done so. I really do appreciate it!

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