A Certain Scientific Railgun T 06 (Time for the B-team!)

A Certain Scientific Railgun T 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Maaya uses her Float Dial power to make Mitsuko lighter. Saten takes Mitsuko and the kitten away, covered by Wannai’s Hydro Hand power. Baba gets a call from his comrade. He assures her he has the situation in hand. Baba then analyzes Wannai’s and Maaya’s powers. After losing a number of his Great Dane robots, Baba offers a deal to the girls to save Mitsuko from his mosquito robot. They reject the deal.

Baba has one of the Great Dane robots take off with a possible cure while he retains the other. Maaya pursues the robot while Wannai goes after Baba. He continues to analyze her Hydro Hand powers, coming up with a plan to defeat her. Meanwhile, Mikoto and some of Misaki’s girls are at a bus stop near a hospital. Mikoto notices Saten get out with the injured Mitsuko.

Mikoto discovers the robot mosquito and fries it. She then warns her “guards” to get out of her way. Elsewhere, Maaya catches the Great Dane robot and retrieves the case. Back with Wannai, Baba thinks he has her after she uses up her water. However, she had a reserve in the drainage pipes under the park. Baba attempts to use a mosquito on her, but Maaya’s return prevents that.

Baba flees after getting a slap and a lecture. He gets to his truck and activates his Preying Mantis robot. However, Mikoto arrives and destroys the large robot insect. She fries Baba’s electrics. Mikoto allows Baba to live, in case he’s being controlled by Misaki. Nevertheless, she warns him that if she finds another mosquito bot near her friends, he’ll pay for it.


And so chapters 52 and 52 of the source manga were adapted into A Certain Scientific Railgun T 06. And a good episode it was.

Changes From the Source Manga

For the most part, A Certain Scientific Railgun T 06 was fairly accurate to the source manga material. The biggest modification was adding a filler scene with Uiharu and Kuroko. The thing that bothered me about the scene is that Kuroko’s talk makes it seem like her affection for Mikoto is somewhat overcoming Misaki’s Mental Out ability. And that’s simply not the case.

But otherwise, kudos to J.C. Staff for a fairly accurate adaptation.

The B-Team Shines

The really nice thing about A Certain Scientific Railgun T 06 is how Wannai and Maaya got a chance to shine and be the stars for a time. As I noted in my review of volume 8 of the source manga, “I love it when the B-team gets to do stuff like this.” Despite not being trained fighters, they did quite well. They were enraged, which game them courage to do what needed to be done. However, that rage didn’t cause them to make mistakes. And that was key.

I think what was most fun was Wannai slapping Baba after they’d defeated him. And, she gave him a lecture too. Naturally, this had no effect on him ’cause once he was away, he was readying his revenge. I’ve never been big on one-loss repentance stuff. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but considering the kind of character Baba was, repenting at this juncture doesn’t seem in the cards.

But this is where your literal “big gun” comes in and ends his involvement for good. I can’t remember if Mikoto meets up with Wannai and Maaya afterward or not. But I’m hoping she does.


And speaking of the “big gun”, her silent rage was awesome. She’d been going along with Misaki’s click, but after seeing what happened to Mitsuko, that was it. I loved it!

I also loved how she tracked Baba via his communication channel to the mosquito robot. And I liked that she presumed Baba was being controlled, which is why she didn’t fry him. But he did get the message with that final threat, which I also loved.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, A Certain Scientific Railgun T 06 was an enjoyable episode, allowing small, supporting characters Wannai and Maaya get a chance to kick arse and take names.

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    I heard this show will be delayed for a while.

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