Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 99

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 99
Tonikaku Kawaii Fly Me to the Moon 99
トニカクカワイイ 99

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Kyuuma has gone missing at the campsite. Aurora informs them that fences and cameras secure the campground. As such, Kyuuma is still onsite somewhere. Therefore, Nasa proposes that they go and find her. However, Nasa ends up getting lost. After walking a bit, Nasa decides to take a break to rest his sore legs. He lies back on a large rock and falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa hears Nasa is missing. Kyuuma shows up. She was never lost, merely using the toilet. Back at the rock, Nasa again has a memory dream about his first encounter with Tsukasa. He wakes to find her standing over him. Nasa gets up to follow her and is reminded of when she departed in their first encounter. As such, he asks his wife told him she’d go out with him if he married her.

Tsukasa teases Nasa a bit for not knowing the answer. She then responds that most people would be confused by her weird response to Nasa. But he just readily agreed to it. That showed her he believed her. Nasa states that his answer was impulsive, but to Tsukasa, it was a truthful response. And thus she fell in love with Nasa.


And so we get an insight into Tsukasa with Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 99. So though we didn’t get any Aya x Ginga action, it was still an enjoyable chapter.

From Gag to Meaningful

There’s one consistent thing you can say about Hata-sensei. One never knows what he is going to do. As such, Kyuuma is used as a gag element to set up the meaningful conversation between Tsukasa and Nasa.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 99

When Nasa asked Tsukasa out on a date, her response that she’d go out with him IF he married her was always a strange response. The fact that Nasa readily agreed to this was something I didn’t find strange. After all, when it comes to a hot babe, guys will do quite a lot.

But for Tsukasa, it was a test of Nasa. She knew her statement was weird. But the fact that Nasa quickly agreed to her condition, he passed her test. It meant he trusted her. And even though it was an impulsive response on his part, the trust was still shown by Nasa. And because Nasa believed in Tsukasa, she knew she could trust and believe in Nasa.

So what seemed like it could be a gag chapter became a touching, sweet, and meaningful chapter.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 99

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 99 was a lovely chapter. I’m glad we have an answer as to why Tsukasa said what she said at her first encounter with Nasa.


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