Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113 (Sensei and Kaguya-hime)

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113
Tonikaku Kawaii Fly Me to the Moon 113
トニカクカワイイ 113

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Nasa is summoned to a school meeting with Headmaster Azumamiya, Yanagi-sensei, and one other teacher. He reports that in addition to students not understanding programing, teachers don’t either. As such, Nasa has devised a system to help students identify weaknesses in any subject.

Headmaster Azumamiya pulls Yanagi-sensei aside to ask about Nasa. Azumamiya believes he can make their school a top-ranked one. Since Nasa is only a volunteer teacher, Azumamiya officially puts him on the paid staff as a temporary teacher.

Nasa and Yanagi leave the meeting. They pass a classroom where Nasa sees a massive, complicated formula on the board. He deduces it is a formula to get to the moon. Further, the person who wrote it is not only a genius, but wants to go somewhere not of this earth. As such, Nasa adds a bit to the formula to allow the person to return from the moon if they wanted.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113

The student Kaguya enters the now empty  classroom and observes what Nasa did.

Later, Nasa comes home. He tells Tsukasa about the smart person at the school. As the two flirt in the bathhouse lobby, Kurenai shows up. She tosses a garbaged up paper at Nasa and delivers a message from Kaguya.


Things continue to go in unexpected directions with Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113. But I’m OK with that.

A New Job

Since Azumamiya officially declared Nasa a temp teacher in Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113, I guess that means he’ll be getting a paycheck now. So that means that after Nasa and Tsukasa return to their new apartment, Nasa will have an actual job to go to rather than just do whatever freelance work he has been doing to date. And I’m OK with this.

Hata-sensei can now do a further exploration of married life. When both Nasa and Tsukasa are just hanging out at home, they aren’t really apart. Sure, Tsukasa was working voluntarily at the bathhouse as a means of repaying Arisugawa family hospitality. But that’s not but a few feet from their guest house residence, where Nasa did his freelance work.

Now, Nasa will be heading to an actual job every school day. Further to that, it is a girl’s school and since Nasa is only 18, the whole student-teacher “ick” factor is removed. And Tsukasa has already shown a bit of jealousy regarding this.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113

Basically, Hata-sensei now has more things to explore by separating Nasa and Tsukasa for a period of time every day.


I have no idea if the formula to get one to travel from Earth to the Moon would take up an entire blackboard wall or not. However, that’s what we got in Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113. I’m going to guess that it isn’t that complicated. However, Hata-sensei wanted to further show Nasa’s genius. Not only that, but he wanted Nasa to be able to read the formula as if it were an actual coded message.

Further to this end, I’m guessing Kaguya wrote it on the board ’cause “plot”. There’s really no reason for her to write some massive formula on the blackboard. But plot-wise, it serves to let Nasa know there’s a genius at the school. And it furthers the whole Kaguya-hime plot element that has been in the manga from day one.

As to the actual Kaguya, we’ll see what Hata-sensei does with her. Hata-sensei is difficult to predict, so I’m not even going to try.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Time to wrap up my review of Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113 with some final thoughts.

  • The name “Azumamiya” has a connection to Hayate the Combat Butler. It was Koutarou’s family name. Further, if I recall correctly, it was mentioned that he had a sister. So it is possible that this Azumamiya is Koutarou’s sister.
  • I guess we are never going to get that Aya x Ginga thing. Sure seems like Hata-sensei just did a massive fake-out on all of us.

In the end, Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 113 was a fun chapter that pushed the plot elements a bit more.

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