UQ Holder Chapter 172 SPOILER Info

Here is some SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 172, courtesy of the official French publication, Pika Edition.

sSuite à un rituel mené par les chasseurs d’immortels, Kurômaru a été transformé en un sabre sacré. Tôta, qui s’est éveillé à une nouvelle transformation, arrive pour le sauver… trop tard ! Fou de rage, il s’en prend aux chasseurs d’immortels les uns après les autres… jusqu’au moment où Kurômaru s’échappe de l’épée, dans un état second !

And in English, this says (roughly),

Following a ritual led by the hunters of immortals, Kurômaru was transformed into a sacred saber. Tôta, who has awakened to a new transformation, arrives to save him … too late! Mad with rage, he goes after the immortal hunters one after the other … until Kurômaru escapes from the sword, in a second state!

Interesting. Makes me wonder if Kuroumaru will be an enemy for a bit. Akamatsu-sensei loves doing that kind of thing, as witnessed in UQ Holder.

I’m keeping an eye open for spoiler images. In the meantime, my review of UQ Holder Chapter 172 should come out as soon as they appear on comiXology, depending on when they publish the chapter.

Thanks to blog reader Kiba for the tip!

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5 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 172 SPOILER Info”

  1. Kiboujin says:

    I’m excited to see Touta give the much deserved whooping the immortal hunters deserve. I cant imagine Kuroumaru being too happy about it though. She specifically stated last chapter that she didn’t want to he the seed of contention between them.
    I can see Kuroumaru being on the opposing team for a bit. Give my OTP a little drama.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m excited to see Touta give the much deserved whooping the immortal hunters deserve.

      Yeah, that’ll be fun. 😁

  2. OverMaster says:

    All in all, nothing too shocking or unexpected. Of course Kuromaru wouldn’t remain a sword forever, and a new form to try and keep the pretenses of her keeping up with the power escalation (as if!) isn’t anything unreasonable either.

    The only mildly unexpected thing is she’d come back so soon. I figured they’d milk the suspense for a chapter more or so, but then, the manga already was in a rush for the ending, and coronavirus hasn’t helped things any.

  3. Rob C. says:

    It almost feels like they skipped a chapter or something.

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