My Wife is an Oni 3 Review

My Wife is an Oni 3
Oniyome to Kekkon Shite Shimatta Kekka
What I Get for Marrying an Oni Bride

With all of the insanity in the world these days, I tend to seek out manga titles that make me smile or laugh. While My Wife is an Oni 3 may not have made me laugh, it did make me smile a whole lot.

The Story

My Wife is an Oni 3 For the 28-page (including covers) My Wife is an Oni 3, things get started with Mitsuki feeling annoyed about Tomoyuki coming home late from work. But she’s cheered when she finds a love note from him. However, she’s unhappy when Tomoyuki has to work a holiday. She decides to have some fun pestering him to see if he’s done with his work.

However, she doesn’t want to overdo pestering him. So in order to be close to him, she decides to pretend to be cleaning. She gets flustered and tsundere when he catches her faking it. Nevertheless, she brings him a hot beverage and gets permission to sit and watch him until he’s done.

That night as they watch TV, Tomoyuki nods off and leans over onto his oni wife. She decides to kiss him, but when he awakens, she gets flustered and slaps him. She encourages him to go to bed, so he kisses her, giving her a thrill.

Days pass and one morning, Tomoyuki thrills Mitsuki by thanking her for marrying him. She feels the same toward him, but doesn’t say it. Tomoyuki gives Mitsuki a present of fancy soap that looks like candy. Mitsuki finds such soap weird, but when Tomoyuki says he wants to take a bath with her, she decides his job can wait so they can do this immediately.

Finally, Tomoyuki gets Mitsuki to take a photo to mark six months of marriage.

More Tsundere Oni Wife Fun

I know that in Japan, the tsundere character is a trope and fetish. And there have been plenty of tsundere characters I’ve liked over the years. Though it may be weird for a married woman to still have tsundere tendencies, I still can’t help but like Mitsuki in My Wife is an Oni 3. Oni are supposed to be tough, warrior like people. As such, I can understand her possibly viewing outward displays of affection as a weakness.

At the same time, she very much has very deep, passionate feelings for her human husband. She gets lonely when Tomoyuki is busy. She becomes genuinely happy when Tomoyuki does little things for her, whether a kiss, a present, or a love note. As such, this peek into Mitsuki and Tomoyuki’s marriage is a fun one.

My Wife is an Oni 3

Irodori Comics Release

I gather that recently, Irodori Comics has changed things so that they no longer have 3rd party vendors sell their products. As such, the only place to buy My Wife is an Oni 3 (or the first two volumes) is on their website. So no Amazon purchases or the like.😅 However, the trade-off is that (1) you get a DMR-free, PDF copy and (2) the price of these volumes drops by $1.50 each. Considering there are only 28 total pages (including covers), it is still an expensive purchase, just not quite as bad.

Its still a bit weird reading Mitsuki’s words in Scottish. But it is better than the bad Southern that is so frequently used for her Japanese dialect. So I’m not going to complain here. To date, no honorifics are in the original Japanese, so none are in the English. We’ll see how Irodori handles them down the road when they do appear. But they do leave “oni” untranslated, which is a GOOD thing.

My Wife is an Oni 3

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, My Wife is an Oni 3 is another fun outing into the world of a female oni and her short, human husband. And though this short doujinshi work, it is worth it for me to support Nadeshiko-sensei for creating this and Irodori Comics for publishing this.

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