Fate/Extella Link: Trying Out Tamamo

Fate/Extella Link: Trying Out Tamamo

Hey gang! I’m still really overrun of late. And I’m still not getting enough sleep. 😴 But enough with the whinging. 😅 Because I have paying subscribers to my Twitch channel, I continue make my twice a week Twitch streaming a priority. And though it only shows up briefly in my videos (thanks to in-stream editing), we often talk about anime and such in my streams.

Though I have quit Fate/Grand Order, I still love the Fate franchise. And Fate/Extella Link has become quite enjoyable to me. I find it to be a really fun, stress reliever. While Dishonored (click here for YouTube playlist) is fun to me, it doesn’t relieve stress. But in Fate/Extella Link, the arcade combat style of the game leaves me with a really satisfied feeling when I finish a mission.

So without further ado, here’s my recent fun in the game.


Game Thoughts

The first attempt where Tamamo was defeated appears to be a bug caused when I defended her territory successfully JUST as enemy forces were rolling in. As such, there was no way to clear it by defeating Aggressors. If I could have build up a Nobel Phantasm, I would if that would have cleared the territory. I’m thinking not since it is Aggressors, Shadow Servants, and enemy Servants that have to be defeated to clear the area. The “fodder” troops just die without leadership.

Second, using Tamamo in combat is more difficult than using Nero. I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising since Tamamo is a Caster and Nero is a Saber. In my second run, I was surprised at how much more difficult the mission was with Tamamo. But to test my theory, my third attempt was with Nero. And she smoked through fights.

Anyway, if you are a veteran of this game, I appreciate any tips. Also, my controller abilities are improving slightly.

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  1. X_M_X says:

    A 2 episode FGO OVA was announced. Fate/Grand Carnival is being made by the Carnival Phantasm team.

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