Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137 (A Date Opportunity?)

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137
Tonikaku Kawaii Fly Me to the Moon 137
トニカクカワイイ 137

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Kaname gives Nasa a ¥3000 meal coupon she won. In return, she wants Nasa to take Tsukasa someplace nice, not a gyudon place. Her reasoning is that because Nasa skipped the normal romance between a boy and girl and went straight to marriage, he needs to treat Tsukasa to an expensive meal.

After listening to Kaname’s diatribe, Nasa returns home to show Tsukasa the coupon. He offers to take her to an expensive restaurant. Tsukasa immediately thinks of a sushi place, but realizes Kaname has been working on Nasa. Tsukasa informs Nasa that she’s fine with gyudon places because she likes watching Nasa enjoy his food. That said, Tsukasa does suggest they go for some yakiniku.


We have a short chapter with Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137, but lets see what there is to say about it.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137

Food and Dates

I know Hata-sensei is having some fun in Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137. As such, Kaname does her normal pot-stirring to get Nasa to take Tsukasa to an expensive restaurant. But that’s Kaname’s mindset for ya.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137

In my experience, super expensive meals don’t mean that much to most girls. Sure, it is a nice experience, but many girls I’ve dated had a more fiscally responsible mindset. And trust me, many super expensive meals And that is reflected in Tsukasa’s response.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Since this chapter is a short one, let me wrap up my blathering on Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 137 by saying that I enjoyed it for what it is. Fluff chapters are fine though. 😊

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