Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06 (It’s a Fake! #Lupin6)

Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06
Lupin III Part 6 06
ルパン三世 PART6

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Lupin survives the attack from Goemon, noting the samurai does not have Zantetsuken. Col. Daidoji and Major Hongou (Jigen) arrive to nab Sarantuya, but are thwarted by Ruriko, then Goemon. Kuro (Fujiko) arrives to end her partnership with Daidoji. Inspector Namikoshi (Zenigata) shows up to arrest Lupin. This gives Kuro and Lupin a chance to escape. In the confusion, Goemon gets Ruriko and Sarantuya to Ruriko’s car to have them driven to safety.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

Back at the store, Detective Akechi shows up as Namikoshi’s police finish cleaning up. Akechi reports that Ruriko’s driver was replaced by someone else, who’ve kidnapped her and Sarantuya. Outside the store, Goemon confronts Major Hongou. The resulting fight is a draw. Meanwhile, Ruriko and Sarantuya are held captive by Daidoji. He wants to make a deal with them. However, Akechi shows up. He reveals that Sarantuya is actually royalty, not simply the clock key master.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

After locking Daidoji in the cell, the real Akechi shows up and unmasks Lupin. The group escape, where Kuro lands her gyrocopter. However, giant, rectangular mirror panes drop from the sky, encircling the group. Lupin uses a control panel to open a door, which has them back at the department store. Goemon shows up and attacks, but stops short when he realizes Lupin is his Lupin. Lupin explains that the pair are from another world.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

Daidoji and Hongou show up, leading Sarantuya to attack Daidoji. In the process, Sarantuya accidentally reveals his manhood. Major Hongou reveals himself to be a military inspector and takes Daidoji into custody. The world they are in is revealed to be a virtual world. Lupin recalls things before he and Goemon return to the present. Meanwhile, in current day Tokyo, construction workers unearth a brick containing Lupin’s message in the 1930s.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06


After having a somewhat interesting story with Lupin in the 1930s, Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06 becomes a confusing, jumbled mess.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

What the…?!

So apparently, some folks with a VR machine wanted access to Lupin’s treasures and put Lupin and Goemon into it. Thus the world Lupin and Goemon experiences in the 1930’s wasn’t real. However, Ruriko was real, as was Sarantuya. Thus, many of the events Lupin and Goemon experienced apparently came from Ruriko’s own memories. Why? Because she was the one who had the VR machine made in the first place.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

Maybe the elderly Ruriko’s consciousness was in the VR machine. I don’t know. That was not clear to me. All I thought of was how much Ruriko’s appearances post World War II reminded me of Tokiko’s post World War II appearances in Tonikaku Cawaii.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

Regardless, everything was just a jumbled mess in Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06. Further confusing things is how in present day Tokyo, the place where Lupin had been imprisoned in episode 5 was found, as was the note he scratched into the wall. I guess this confirms that Gold Mask, who was “related” to Lupin, was not only real, but Lupin III relived his life for this one adventure. Not that anything that happened in this 2-part episode will matter.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

No Yuri For You!

When I was a teenager, the cliched porn joke was that if you put two women together in a room, whether strangers, best friends, enemies, or even sisters, said women IMMEDIATELY go full lesbian and cannot engage in scissor-scissor action fast enough. 🙄😑 Sadly today, that concept is no longer a joke. Put two women together in a room by themselves, despite the lack of evidence or despite any evidence to the contrary, said women MUST be lesbians. They can’t be friends or partners.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

Thus is was that certain fans had their underwear catapult across the room as they “ikkuu’d” all over the place in episode 5 over Ruriko and Sarantuya being alone in a hotel room together. Clearly, these two MUST be down for some hot, yuri action!  However, Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06 crushed that by revealing Sarantuya was a man. Further to that, they had Ruriko blushing heavily as she realized she spent a lot of time alone with a man. I guess she had just seen Sarantuya as a close friend, not a scissor partner.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I’m way behind thanks to the nuttiness at work and with the recent issues with this blog’s performance (server and software-wise). As such, I’ll wrap up my review of Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06 by saying that I get it was a nod to Japanese pulp fiction. However, the convoluted, nonsensical elements thrown into the episode made it rubbish.

Lupin the Third Part 6 - 06

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4 Responses to “Lupin the Third Part 6 – 06 (It’s a Fake! #Lupin6)”

  1. Tony-Tony-Tony says:

    I laughed at your little yuri rant, tho these days, that could get you burned at the stake.

  2. Ricardo C Cantoral says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this review. There seemed to be a greater ambition to needlessly screw with the audience instead of a dedication to telling a coherent story.

    So far, I have been interested enough to keep up with the series but I think there are a few too many parties involved in with the main storyline. Some streamlining would really help the pacing of these episodes which often get bogged down in exposition.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I begin to suspect that in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lupin III, TMS has decided that the main story isn’t so important. Bringing in guest writers to pay tribute does.

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