School Rumble “Hello Again”

School Rumble “Hello Again”

The forth and final of the School Rumble extra chapters is โ€œHello Againโ€, which was published November 8, 2017. Other than Kobayashi-sensei briefly doing some additional School Rumble art on Twitter. (He apparently got bored with the platform and left.)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

At a karaoke place, Eri enters the booth with Tenma, Suou, and Akira. For this reunion, they have all decided to wear their old school uniforms. They sing and play out romance rubbish before getting a photo taken to commemorate the event. In another booth, Togo, Harima, Hanai, and Imadori are doing the same thing, only with more booze.

Eri steps out to go to the bathroom, but since she’s drunk, she can’t remember which booth she came from. She runs into Harima, who’s exiting the guy’s booth. Both are shocked and embarrassed to be caught in their school uniforms. Eri rushes back into the girl’s booth, where Tenma comments on the blushing Eri. Harima returns to his booth, having a flashback to when Eri made him bald.

School Rumble "Hello Again"


At only nine pages, School Rumble “Hello Again” isn’t much. If anything, it is a tease, showing us the adult characters dressed in their high school uniforms. I think Kobayashi-sensei knows folks want to see more of the Harima x Eri romance and how it finally came to be. But other than tease it, there’s nothing else for it.

It really is a shame Kobayashi-sensei won’t ever give us a proper resolution to the plot threads left in School Rumble. One can tell that he has a love of the characters he created, but doesn’t seem to know what to do with them any more.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, School Rumble “Hello Again” was just a final look at some of the central characters of School Rumble.

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